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Saturday, May 11, 2013


The Bay is not for the faint of heart - and those pompous who think that they can tame the Bay and it treacherous cold waters are mistaken.

Once the Ohone traversed the islands with their Tule Boats - make from Tule Reeds - always humble and always respecting the waters - Mother Earth.

There is nothing humble about Larry Ellison and his minions.

The organizers promised our City of San Francisco the world - but in every department - we are falling short.

Twice the catamarans - on two separate occasions - toppled and in those incidents we had no deaths.

But; the latest one involving the ARTEMIS named after a Greek Goddess - it toppled and killed an Olympian - Andrew Simpson.

May his soul rest in peace - our condolences to his wife and children.

We pray that all may be well - and our City must support his family - and bring some succor - to this very sad - proposed, event.

This practice race on a day that was sunny and with winds about 24 knots average - on the surface may seem nothing much - but; when you have to deal with 70 foot sails - and computerized operations that propose quick action - one mistake; one wrong move - can bring about death and abject - calamity.

No one want to witness or read about death - sudden death - brought about in any fair sport.

This sport is not for the faint of heart.

Andrew Simpson:

The America's Cup has been a boondoggle in Spain, and in New Zealand.

We here in San Francisco - are experiencing all kinds of charades - the America's Cup challenger - Larry Ellison with his billions - has not been forthcoming.

The Mayor of San Francisco; Edwin Lee has managed to raise $20 million from his sordid connections.

This City has given Larry Ellison a deal - at Pier 80 - no one knows why we are NOT charging the billionaire rent - giving him perks and free bees - while he continues to insult us - with his abject - arrogance.

Where is Gavin Newsom the metrosexual Mayor; the thug Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. the others that I will not mention - who with great fun fare - promised the world - but all we have seen today - are calamities?

Vain promises and more lies - disrespecting our UNION workers - and failing to respect our City's values - linked to decency, trust, and cooperation.

Larry Ellison wanted to build a tall building at Pier 30/32 that was NOT given to him by San Franciscans and rightly so.

Larry Ellison the owner of  ORACLE has tarnished his reputation and with the death - of Andrew Simpson - a large, very dark cloud - sits over the Bay - the venue to this tarnished event - the America's Cup.

In the 162 year history - never ever have we witnessed such calamities and mockery. Ellison and his team were even caught spying on some other team - and fined. That was not long ago.

Missing in the equation the lack of facilities given to the foreign competitors - they were promised the world - and given bread crumbs.

Much is made of the America's Cup - a sport favored on the East Coast - where it should remain.

San Diego does not favor the shenanigans of the America's Cup either. But, here in San Francisco - we have hired trained guns, the Media to spew all sorts of diatribe.

This death must force us to stop -ponder - reflect - discern and adjudicate with - the wisdom of the seas.

In the mean time our UNION workers are not respected by the management of the America's Cup.

No one should come into our living rooms without our permission - rearrange the furniture - and for moment think - we will accept their nonsense and uncalled behavior.

It is not too late to cease and decease - take this ungodly sport out of the waters. ARTEMIS has spoken and to defy is ungodly.

The winds have turned against the organizers of the America Cup. Pay heed now and do not jeopardize the lives of others - this sport is not what is it is purported to be.

Too many aspects of technology - untested - has been infused into this sport. Tall masts as high as 70 feet - where did that come from?

Catamarans that fly above the water - where did that come from?

Computers that send signals - so quickly - and those anchoring and at the ropes - are amazed at the power of these sleek machines of the water - with no guarantee that all will be well - in these uncharted - waters of doom.

Mother Earth the waters prevail - man, frail and pompous - fails.

We must pay heed or forever hold our - P E A C  E.

May the soul of  Andrew Simpson rest in peace. Aho.

Andrew Simpson: