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Saturday, June 1, 2013


The respect for the wide ocean is universal - as far as all indigenous people are concerned. More the Pacific Ocean - that this article is all about - the waters and its people - one of a kind - the Pacific Islanders.

The Moana Nui Conference is bringing together Pacific Islanders - to address the vital issues that mean so much to all Pacific Islanders.

This wide Ocean some 64 million square miles - once was ruled by those that traversed the wild oceans -  had an intimate knowledge - of the waters, the skies, and invocations - before any minor or major journey, was undertaken.

Invocations that to this day are known by only the spiritual leaders of the ocean - and passed on to future generations with utmost - care.

The world of the White men has interfered with the Sacred - and Greed and Money has destroyed - what was once - the best - admired, treasured, honored - and reserved for those that knew about Sacred customs and passed the legacy - for thousands of years.

It is not often that the Pacific Islanders gather - but, when they do it is with a focused purpose.

It is as if Nations gather - and there is much to talk about - and decisions to be made quickly - and therein - lies the Achilles heel. 

San Francisco and more the Bay Area is the home to many advocates - and so when Pastor Williams and Francisco Da Costa - were asked to participate in a forum - at the Friday event -  on Education the Pastor tackled the topic with great - finesse. 

Francisco Da Costa brought to the attention of the many gathered - this modern day slavery - we know as incarceration.

Others; gave presentations on health, the adverse impacts in their home nations, the dire impacts on trade that is one sided and benefits the larger nations.

The smaller nations pitted against the large materialistic nations - that use their military power and equipment to bully.

This nations - with no conscience are "taboo" and continue to exert undue pressure, divide the people, steal and rape - and continue to cause untold - harm.

The many long continued cultural manifestation - by the many Pacific Islander representatives were performed.

Recognition and praise given to the local Native Americans - who paradoxically - are not Federal Recognized - the Ohlone - represented by Corrina Gould.

The Pacific Islander speakers want us all to support them - and many of us do.

We have to be educated on issues - and spiritually strong - to take up any cause and do one's best.

We did that some years ago - when it was brought to our attention the - discrimination, abuse, and sordid behavior of the Argentinian government - against the constituents of Easter Island - better know us as Rapa Nui.

We protested in front of the Argentinian Council and did well well - right on Market Street at very short notice. Some of us - who were at the protest met - and there was a bonding - a unique kind that when I mentioned this incident - I saw clenched fists go up - and understood  the significance - of this instantaneous action.

The many Pacific islands with their  varied populations - are facing contemporary problems - many of them can be solved by dialog - but the indigenous people have to be at the table - and given an opportunity - without conditions.

We cannot have the "devil" lead the discussions.

That is what has been happening for years. Then you have some leaders - pretending to represent the people - and selling ancient and well maintained cultural morass - again and again - tarnished by those that do not have a "soul".

As often happens with these gatherings we all want to vent.

We all want to say much - and that is natural - because we cannot do it often - and so we mean well - and meetings and events of this nature - are long.

Only those with fortitude and tenacity - those that can endure - stick and prod on -  try their best to pay, attention and all that is good.

It is the best when we all build consensus, use the tools more digital tools - to educate the world that is in the dark. We must learn to shed light - in the final analysis - our actions speak volumes. Aho.

A Tongan Chef laid out a bountiful array of dishes - and that was in keeping with tradition.

There is no event worth the salt - in all of the Pacific Islands - where "food" and "drink" is low on the totem pole - it must be there - center piece - the pride of those that are the host.

The Moana Nui events go on for another two days - at the Berkeley University - today Saturday June 1 and tomorrow June 2, 2013 - attend them and learn from the Pacific Islanders - and others - " it is all good". Aho.

Here are some photographs taken from Friday's event held at 1701 San Pablo Avenue, the Berkeley Adult School - thank you for hosting us - and "Talofa" to the many organizers and supporters :

Please click on this URL to learn more about today and tomorrow's events - happening in Berkeley:

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