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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The corruption at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and more with the Assistant General Manager, Juliet Ellis knows no bounds.

Juliet Ellis for all her pandering, the fake smiles - must go - simply put she is incompetent. The more she and her team lingers - the worse - when it comes to anything - plausible. 

Yesterday, May 28th, 2013 with great difficulty - I attended the SF Public Utilities Commission meeting at San Francisco City Hall in Room 400 at 1:30 pm.

One thing - I cannot and will not stand for - is blatant corruption - and with Juliet Ellis still around - pandering and dividing the community - something must be put in place - to keep this - "corrupt woman" out of bounds - and out of the community in San Francisco. 

The meeting was long - with the SF Public Utilities Commission staff - presenting topic after topic - that was full of fluff.

Thank God we have one or two Commissioners at the SF Public Utilities Commission - who have the experience and wisdom to ask the right questions.

The SF Public Utilities Commission when it comes to outreach - does not have the ability - to first understand the community - secondly the history of each District - and finally the ability to communicate with time-line and viable goals and objectives - for the good to the tax payers.

Juliet Harris has hired some six women - not a single man - and these women - think they can handle the chores of the day - by whiling away their time - backed by some cronies - but - in this City we believe in standards and the law.

Coming forth with shenanigans like charrettes, pretending to educate young children without any substantial benefits - having painting contexts and other such machinations - that make you feel good for a moment - but, then you have to deal with the reality - of the on going madness.

Paying consultants huge sums of money - to come out with programs and projects that benefit the consultants - leaving the tax payer - holding an empty bag - forking out large sums of money - with little of no viable - returns. 

So called Green Projects - when no one fully comprehends the Carbon Foot Print. We have over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas - spewing in the air from the many land fills in our fair City.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - go figure! We talk the talk - but when will we learn to walk the walk. 

Anyone can come out with programs that are implemented as experiments - more when it comes to hydrology models, some unplanned and not fully though out in detail - watershed management - and so on and so forth.

We have serious problems with our watershed - which is very large - that is large - underground lakes - that have been polluted by our sordid actions - for the last 250 years - plus.

On of them an underground huge Lake - from Lobos Creek all the way to Lake Merced. From the Presidio by 25th Avenue all the way to Lake Merced. We think we know about such issues - but, most of us do not.

No one is paying attention to the "Mather Ordinance" - the "Precautionary Principle" other viable and sustainable ordinances, laws, and practices - that are pertinent and critical to have in place and executed.

These and other projects must be - linked with the Sewer System Improvement Project - SSIP - with the above Ordinances and laws in mind. 

This is our only opportunity to do right - but, we cannot with shallow, inept, spineless, and very corrupt folks liked Juliet Ellis and her minions. Who is protecting her? And if so - why?

Again and again; thousands of units are planned mostly in the Southeast Sector - with little or no planning when it comes to
"grey water" - the use of recycled water - sustainable actions - linked to "energy conservation".

Plans are not afoot to curtail contaminants from daily uses - tons of contaminants and pollutants - adversely impacting our bay.

We have more dogs in San Francisco then children - the dog pooh, the cat pooh, the contaminants from the daily uses in homes.

Tons of thousands of contaminants from the many industrial businesses, the run off - from the many old Mercury mines - the particulates from the millions of vehicles that spew contaminants into our environment - these have not been - addressed.

On three sides we are blessed to be surrounded by the Bay - but is the Bay clean?

Who are the main culprits polluting the Bay?

Why must be tolerate the rascals  and why must these culprits be put on trial? This nonsense has been going on for ages.

In general terms we talk about the Carbon Foot Print - while all the time the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been the leading culprit - polluting our Bay waters with discharges that are dubious in nature.

The secondary effluents are so harmful that our fish and other life are imperiled and no one cares.

Added; the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard for years - has been leeching radioactive elements in high doses, the crushing of Serpetine Rock - releases Asbestos - Asbestos in the air, in our water, Asbestos everywhere - including the manholes - has been known to SFPUC - but these fools - just pretend that all is well.

Juliet Ellis team of mostly inexperienced women - who want to tackle our problems - using power-point presentations - experienced garnered; working in the corrupt non-profit world.

Where whoring and pandering is accepted. These methods do not work - when it comes to practical and " meaningful outreach".

Juliet Ellis and her team has failed - and those responsible for hiring these new hires - must think again and again.

As things stand - sordid and contaminated these hires - will cause more problems and we must figure out a way to - deal with this dark cloud hanging over our head.

This - as if - we need another problem - worse than the Sewage Treatment Plant - situated at 1800 Oakdale.

I am not comfortable dealing with crooks - and made myself very clear to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commissioners - the Chair, Art Torres - Vince Courtney, Ann Moller Caen, Francesca Vietor, and Anson Moran.

We must collectively deal with the corrupt Juliet Ellis - or the SF Public Utilities Commission in toto - will be brought down and fall on its face.

This is a critical time to go to a better place - not a place that is the "devil's workshop".

Thousands of dollars are spent this Summer to help our youth get jobs. More, we must train our youth - so that they can find Career Jobs - Career Jobs make human beings feel good - walk up straight and move forward with fortitude and determination.

Contribute to our City, our Nation and the world. We must not be into fluff - into stale bread crumbs - thrown to our youth - to build fake statistics - that the Mayor can hold up before dubious entities.

Crime in on the increase - and this Summer - more shooting and killings will take place - because , no one worth the salt - really knows how to tackle the issues, the problems, in a holistic manner.

Juliet Ellis and her team are into fluff - fluff that works with innocent children, folks that are not educated with issues - and buffoons that we have less of in San Francisco.

In San Francisco - the astute constituents are fed up with the gimmicks coming from Juliet Ellis - linked to the Community Choice Aggregation survey, moving thousands of dollars to Green For All - lying and cheating and having her way. 

Juliet Ellis is setting a bad example and she must go - or forever hold her peace.

Juliet Ellis - was told a long time ago to behave herself - but she kept on laughing and kept on pandering.

Today she joins the ranks of those that wallow in the cesspool of their own creation - the scum of the Earth - and Juliet Ellis - is NO environmentalist.

Some photographs from the SF Public Utilities Commission meeting: