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Friday, May 17, 2013


The Southeast Sector once boasted the best advocates - who worked hard, fought hard and brought about many holistic - changes. 

Then came the crooks - we call them sell outs - others, call them outsiders - who do not have the best interests of the community at large. More during the tenure of Mayors Willie L. Brown Jr and Gavin Newsom.

These thugs have been having a gala time - making hay while the sun in shining. But, all that will come to a STOP.

After years of dividing the community - acting like dictators - pretending to know everything but doing, nothing. Agencies that control the Community Response Network - have adversely impacted those - who have been working very hard - at great sacrifice to their health and persons - to stem crime, violence, killings and shootings. 

The Mayor's Office has had an awakening. In the interim many lives were lost - and we need to have some accountability - from those that were responsible - for their poor judgement, less leadership - and utter failure when it came to transparency and accountability.

This Thomas Tapperr guy is a joke. I witnessed his remarks when it received a commendation from the District 10 Supervisor - for doing nothing - what so ever in the community. While the  Community Response Network - employees looked on - in utter amazement - at the comments made by this man.

This man spoke about the SF Redevelopment Agency has is no more, spoke about certain issues in our City which he could not articulate on - this man has single handed destroyed what we once planned to be good - and now it is time - he goes away.

The Community Response Network is undergoing a lot of changes. An audit has to be done - as to how this operation - failed miserably - and why so many had to die in vain.

Let us not move one operation; from one entity to another without detail accountability. We want to know how these sell outs came into our community and placed their relatives besides themselves - in organizations inside our community. Who endorsed this corruption.

We know these folks do not belong in our community - so who is it - that is encouraging these outsiders - from Vallejo and the East Coast to come into our living rooms - rearranging our furniture - without our permission.

Seeking monies from all sources - spewing lies - your time has come we want you out of our community. You may dress smart but you lies - lie through your teeth. Look in the eye and lie - I know what I am talking about.

We have been watching you folks - waste millions - pretending you know something - pandering - corrupt outsiders.

Being bold and saying to our face that you lived in such and such neighborhood - when you did not. Who are you? And for whom do you work? Why are you dividing the community - while pretending to help some - while all the time filling your pockets.

It is time the Bayview Hunters Point Foundation have an through  audit - millions of dollars - have been given to this organization - all these, many years - it has been in operation - people, have been taken for a ride.

Our young adults who work for these organization are treated with disdain.

All the while some "crooks" who purport to know our community from the East Coast - are favored - and our young adults - told to shut their mouth - and listen to the higher command.

Well all this nonsense will stop - sooner than the June deadline.
You are put on notice and we want you all out of our community.
Do not force us to protest outside your offices - we will do that.

You can go begging to the authorities that once supported you - but, as I said - your time has come - and you must find a job - outside our community.

Go carry on your thug operations in some White Community and see how long you all - last. Again and again these folks from the East Bay with connections to Dwayne Jones - come into our community to lie, steal, and divide the community.

We will ask an audit from the highest quarters - and you will be exposed because we have the documentation. For the longest time ever - you persecuted people - bluffing your way to the top - but now you must step down - and go away.

Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

We once gathered a long time ago - much before these unwanted folks came into our community. The Community Response Network was formed to help our community - not to divide our community.

We created a sustainable and viable plan. We had the funding and we thought the funding would be used well - but, someone came in and destroyed it all.

The many killings and shootings - this Summer will be a test - and judging from what is happening at "ground zero" - it does not look to be good - we try - we give it our best - but, these outsiders are bent on destroying our community.

Some one brought it these "thugs" - who fabricate invoices - pretend that their paperwork in all in place - when we have documentation - that it is NOT in place.

Whoever thought of giving these folks grants - and salaries at tax payers expense. All the while; when these folks are not doing their jobs.

You telephone them and no one is there. You leave a message and it takes - months for them to get back to you.

You try to communicate and make arrangements to find out the truth and they try to act pompous.

All these shenanigans must come to a halt - and it will - the people united can make that happen.

We see that the Community Response Network will come under the San Francisco Health Department.

We the people - want to meet with Barbara Gracia to explain to her from the onset - about the previous adverse impacts. We the people want to meet the Mayor and we want a Town Hall meeting - as soon as it can be arranged.

We know the crooks, have monitored them for a long time, have documentation on them - and can expose them and will expose them at the highest levels. More at the Federal level.

Diana Aroche must keep in touch with us - we did have one meeting and that was the end of the show.

That is not how it is done. There must be a plan, some serious continuity, short term goals and long term goals. We must have accountability - and quarterly reports.

The thugs that operated the Community Response Network at the top - much like the Housing Authority Commission - had no accountability and less transparency.

This attitude and mentality that they speak and others keep quiet is from the era when Stalin was in charge.

You outsiders must listen to us the community - but, now that you have not - we want you out of our community. You are put on notice. You know who you are.

I commend Mayor Edwin Lee for cleaning house - at the San Francisco Housing Authority. Now it is time you clean house - with those Community Based Organization - that are spreading fungi. Time to eradicate these devious - entities.

Now,  is time to clean house with the Bayview Foundation and its many linked organizations. We want a detail audit - and we want to know - who gets paid how much and what the hell are they doing - with their time and grants - even to serve the people. 

We have had the patience - but, now we are ready to go to the next step - of change and adjudication - and we will. You are put on notice.

Millions of dollars from the Federal Government and the State government - wasted.

Fake statistics produced - and even as I speak they are doing it. 

We have the documentation.

It is shocking how these Community Based Organization have used City Grants, Federal Grants, State Grants to make a living - fill their pockets - with BLOOD on their hands. Aho.