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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


A select committee had a hearing on the various issues that have recently - plagued - the new Bridge - linking San Francisco with the East Bay - costing  Billions - $6.7 billion plus and growing.

Some professors and engineers all associated with the evaluation and inspecting of the New Bridge - were at hand - and all of them were avoiding the - "Truth".

In Engineering it is not about telling stories - or referring to someone else's experience - or simply thinking your pompous ass is the best - around.

It is about facts and more numbers - empirical data. Empirical data - never lies.

The panel before the Select Committee was just that - a bunch of pompous folks - who make a lot of money; have made a lot of mistakes - and are poor - engineers.

They all thought -they would not be caught - and their sad deeds, fake evaluations, and shoddy work has been revealed - for all the world to see.

A huge Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is available for those who care to read - thousands of pages - the EIR itself weighing several pounds.

Only those educated on issues, astute, with an eye to catch the mistakes - have sound comprehension - that comes from superior education - can fathom the fake reporting, lack luster evaluation - and skipping the right information - that has revealed the Achilles Heel.

Paradoxically in this seven thousand page document - only one page - refers to how the present new design - would stand up - to a larger than normal QUAKE - a 9 on the Richter Scale.

The "Richter Scale" developed at the California Institute of Technology in the year 1935 - right here in our own back yard.

A now retired CalTrans seismic expert wrote a twenty pages report - but some one with intent - did not include it as part of the EIR report.

A one page pertinent mention of a fact on which lies the safety of the new bridge - conveying the right message.

A salient report shedding the proper light - only for the "crooks" - to get their "senior moment" and leave the 20 pages out. Eureka!

At the end of the long session - there were just two folks - both engineers - who spoke to the point. One was an elderly French man - who had his facts right - but no one wanted to listen to him.

The other pointed to the committee what I clearly saw - when I read the EIR report -  the vital facts.

Everyone wants to celebrate when the new East Bay Span is opened - no one really want ton study and more to comprehend t the facts.

Engineering is about facts - numbers in your face - that reveal the "truth".

We have had problems - problems with the concrete, problems with welding, problems with the inspections, problems with the inferior steel - from the U.S.A. and China - problems with lying - and no one is paying attention - to the "truth".

You can have your bridge - but is it safe?