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Sunday, May 12, 2013


April 28, 2013 the San Francisco Port Authority celebrated its 150th Anniversary.

A few weeks earlier - I was at a SF Port Authority Commission meeting at the Ferry Building - and witnessed NO mention of the contribution of the minorities - who helped build San Francisco and contributed - so much - in the celebration of sorts for that day - in any significant way.

As often happens- someone steps up and educates the ignorant - and when one does so - the ignorant challenge the educated - to take the lead - and shed some light - all the time thinking - that what will be done - will not be up to par.

Some one was in for a surprise.

Thanks to those who stood up, more together to put our best foot - forward. The Buffalo Soldiers' Exhibit - brought in the crowds in large measure - and did justice - where there was abject - darkness.

While most of us - who have studied and have read know well about the Native Americans - who I prefer to call then First People - and their stellar contribution to this area we call home - San Francisco and the extended Bay Area.

Again and again we fail to give the First People - the recognition and respect - they, deserve. Whose fault is this?

The First People helped keep this land we all call home - all of it pristine; for over 15,000 years. 

The strangers have been here for 300 years and ruined most of what was pristine - creating a concrete jungle.

Ruining the Bay with inferior infill - and contributing to Climate Change and the worst type of pollution and contamination.

Once again - the Ohlone were here for over 15,000 years. 

The many Blacks on the water front who Harry Briggs; the leader  of the Longshoremen, spoke openly about - but even before that - Blacks operated and owned their own newspapers, churches, libraries, washrooms, a school, a bank and more; from the early 1800s until today. 

You may read about Leidesdorff, Mary Ellen Pleasant, James More Whitfield, Jonas H. Townsend, at the Presidio Henry Wager Halleck who built the 100 Series brick buildings on the Main Post in the Presidio - and more.

Unlike most other cities in the Nation - here in San Francisco - the Blacks contributed to the making of San Francisco - from the early days of the creation and building of San Francisco.

You would NOT know that when some Ken was hired as a consultant - to represent the SF Port Authority - Public Trust Land - where all Californians have a stake.

This true history has NOT been taught in the elementary, middle and high schools - and this pertinent history must be incorporated in the curriculum - to better empower and help our youth - from all walks of life and constituents who make up the diversity of San Francisco and the surrounding area.

The Chinese Americans too on the water front; more when it was conducive to fish and sell dry fish and fresh fish - were stellar fishermen.

Bringing in shrimp and other fish - and vied by the others for their hard work and productivity.

Again and again - then shacks built by the Chinese fishermen were torched. Again the again - for NO reason they were taunted - we think we know our past history well - but, we are ignorant.

The Chinese built their own ships - with unique Chinese features - and had the best wood to work with - redwood.

The Shipwrights of the day - looked at the Fishing Boats of the Chinese - and admired them. The Shipwrights - many of them Black - from Haiti and elsewhere.

The Chinese helped build the railway, dynamite tunnels and many lost their lives. This work is well documented but many have failed to do justice to this - vital history of California.

The starting point of the railway on the West Coast was right in front of the Ferry Building. Both Chinese and the Black contributed to the success of the railway, commerce, development and great wealth - that the White Robber Barons gained - from.

The Chinese too had their own laundry shops, restaurants, herbal stores and so on. We know this but when it suits us - those that make policies - fail to mention and honor this contribution. All this must change - for the better. 

We must shed light where there is darkness - inform the ignorant and bring them to understand the finer aspects of California's development and progress.

History must record right - and not wrong. History must NOT shove facts - pertinent facts - under the rug of prejudice. 

There is history - and there is HIS Story - if can can choose - but, we must be educated on issues. We must not be biased - and for sure - not pander and turn our back - on those who stood tall and contributed - from all walks of life.

On April 28, 2013 from 10 am to 4 pm - some of us with the great help of Historian Anthony Powell put on a mid-size exhibit - that many saw and admired.

We did this on our own dime - in record time - and proved once again - where there is a will there is a way.

Which leads us to what will take place at City Hall in the year 2015 - the 100th anniversary?

Who will be in charge - I hope not the charlatans that we have seen before - the likes of Dwayne Jones and Al William? We will be watching like a hawk.

Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco played an important role - in the making of San Francisco - from the early days and the operation of the Presidio of San Francisco.

There were - one of a kind Memorandum of Understanding with Sixth United States Army - I am privy to these documents. Just in case -those that are ignorant - need some understanding of some - sort.

The wood panels inside Room 250 at City Hall - are all of Manchurian Oak - from China - the ceiling looks like wood but is plastic. 

Manchurian Oak - all of it extinct. Our trade with China from the early 1800s is well recorded. Today, the circle is complete - and China, the Chinese - and Made in China - is everywhere.

European workmen mostly French - help built San Francisco - City Hall - from 1913 to 1915. I said mostly - other historians can spell out the details.

After the 1906 Earth Quake the new City Hall was built in time for the opening on the Pacific International Exposition in 1915.

So was the now famous Bill Graham Auditorium, the main buildings at Treasure Island and Treasure Island itself - that is man made from Earth removed from Potrero Hill for those that do not know this fact.

The buildings by the Marina Gate by the Presidio - where once was the Exploratorium; which is now moved and operates at the  the Water Front - Piers 15 and 16.

This article is just to send a salvo - some low level clarion call to the pompous, ignorant, the uneducated on issues, the buffoons the many - that we have at City Hall.

Supervisors - the likes of Jane Kim, David Chiu, Malia Cohen, David Campos, London Breed, Norman Yee, Scott Weiner - who will make sure they are there in 2015 - with their vain self and dubious grins.

Some 4 to 5 million dollars will be collected - the "thugs" are all lined up - the usual suspects that get grants.

Thugs - who live off the tax payers' generosity - to help the 100th Years that SF City Hall has been around and about. Unsavory characters - whose clandestine activities are well known.

City Hall must step up and honor the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone and the other tribes.

Native American Tribes - unlike the strangers - are always taught to honor the home tribe - pay homage to the ancestors.

The strangers fake everything - and fail most - when it comes to - respect. Greed is most paramount to the strangers.

So; do the Zionists who purport to know some - but lack spirituality and have adversely impacted - anything they touch.

We have the Zionists in San Francisco - dime a dozen - always wanting to make money - and they will sell their mothers - for a nickel. We must be mindful of these folks - the likes of Scott Weiner.

We have a year and a half to witness the preparations - and it will be interesting to witness the celebrations - we look forward to the reporting - as I may not be here.

Much is made about our City's diversity at San Francisco's City Hall in Room 200; where the Mayor, Ed Lee parlays - and in Room 250 where the devious SF Board of Boards - exercise their - buffoonery.

 2015 in round the corner.

 I may not be here - planning a trip to a nice, far away place - but I can always read the recordings of the celebrations, as I said - and find out - how most everything - took place - the ins and outs - and more. Aho.