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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors continue to play the BLUFFING game - failing miserably; to address Quality of Life issues. Failing the constituents - they are supposed to - represent.

Advocates; who once went to City Hall to address issues - to participate in a meaningful dialog - have given up on the SF Board of Supervisors - the buffoonery has reached - saturation point. The Supervisors are busy with side bar conversations - thumping their dirty noses - to those that are decent - and look at these buffoons with utter - dismay.

Leading the chorus David Chiu, Scott Weiner, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, David Campos, Norman Yee,  John Avalos and London Breed - one worse than the other. 

There are hot spots in the Bayview Hunters Point, the Western Addition, in other parts of our fair City - where decent constituents have to work - three and four temporary jobs - to survive. Outsiders bribe their way to get contracts - fill campaign coffers - and deprive San Franciscans - from getting career and good UNION paying - jobs.

At City Hall those in authority are playing with fire.

Our roads are clogged and the Mayor keeps bragging about the 26 plus cranes in the air - but, what is happening on the ground.

People are fed up with the congested traffic - resembling the traffic on the high ways during peak times - throughout the day - in down town San Francisco. This has been happening for a long time - now nearing - two years.

The many City employees continue to be embroiled in corruption.

One leading culprit Juliet Ellis - from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - an Assistant General Manager of External Affair - not qualified for the jobs - and causing unending turmoil and divisiveness - in the work place.

Juliet Ellis' dubious inter action with Green For All - funneling thousands of dollars - and breaking the laws of the land, lacking morals and ethics. Juliet Ellis must go - stop tolerating this cancer - that must NOT - spread.

The Contracting Management Division is still tweaking itself.

Thousands of outsiders come and get good jobs on the many jobs - linked to the on going - booming construction.

However, hundreds of journey men and women workers - carpenters, masons, plumbers, laborers - are still looking for UNION jobs. Shoddy deal, minimum wages - workers flooding San Francisco - just to make a meager living - and adversely impacting San Francisco and San Franciscans - in general.

An audit has to be done by State Certified Compliance Officers - since Contracting Management Division - refuses to hire qualified people - who can do a good job and provide sound - reporting.

Those occupying the current job find that it is very stressful.

Burning them out - the good people - on whom - hundreds of tasks are dumped - within the newly created - Contracting Management Division.

No one is paying attention to accountability and transparency. Less morals, standards, ethics - fostering corruption on the worst order - on the many construction jobs - all over this City and County of San Francisco.

Vultures like the Turner Group once debarred - now slowly being introduced into the fray. The Tabernacle Group with Ron Batiste linked to the infamous EEC also debarred from doing business in San Francisco. These are other groups from the East Bay - try to vie with those decent construction groups - trying to hoodwink, steal, and defraud.

Most of the crooks are into greed and blood money.

It looks as if this plan - was created with intent.

Someone, very wicked wants to kill off the good Compliance Officers and Officers that Certify in San Francisco - linked to companies that are good and contribute to our fair City. 

The same SF Compliance Officer - ridding the chaff those companies - constantly trying to defraud - now coming back in circulation  - through the back door.

The few good SF Compliance Officers - now working for the Contracting Management Division - one the Human Rights Commission from which they were - separated.

Today, trying their level best - trying to attend to compliance issues - within the newly created Contracting Management Division - thinly spread out - but, doing their best and getting stressed out in the bargain.

Politics and undue influence prodding those that have to their work cut out - but now - constant interference and stress. This has been going on for the last six months and more.

Who is really is in charge of this on going mess? Who with intent brought this about?

Plans are in the pipeline to build homes on contaminated soil. on Parcel A by Hunters Point.

Willie L.Brown the former "Thug" Mayor of San Francisco - has formed a group with a band of thugs - much like Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

 Chinese and other citizens - can for a fee enter our Nation - live and work and further corrupt our Nation's values.

A model has been created to collect the money - and use it to prop Lennar and other dubious developers - to carry on the devil's work.

" No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

Those of us - who have spoken to the issue of contamination and pollution - the Precautionary Principle, the Mather Act.

The maps the Department of Building Inspection and the SF Planning have - clearly demarcating the areas - large areas along the Southeast shores - infill - more, poor infill and contaminated - require certain - stringent actions and permits.

SF Planning suddenly in recent weeks wants to consolidate this map - with other hot spots - pretending to bring some healthy consolidation - but; playing with fire - once again. Try to make way for the crooked developers - to get permits - and do the City and County of San Francisco - in.

Infringing on California Environmental Quality Act and other standards and ordinances.

More dealing with dust contamination and pollution - and health standards that keep on being compromised. No one truly is paying attention to Quality of Life issues.

No one cares for our Seniors, our children - others, that Lennar compromised their health the first time around - and are now ready for - round number - two. 

You lost the first time around - and we will win this time too - leaving you and your kind - face down - biting the dust - and is dire shame - you and your kind who wallow in greed and are - corrupt.

Every trick in the bag - is being used to permit devious entities such as Lennar - to abuse the current processes in place.

More so by watering down standards and ordinances linked to, and ordinances and laws - dealing with contamination, pollution  and the many unique standards on the books linked to capping and other dubious ploys and shenanigans -  compromising standards - adversely affecting - Quality of Life issues.

All this in areas prone to flood and liquefaction - but the bigger and major issues hovering above the City - the Big One - the impending - Earth Quake.

Just like Mission Bay - waivers will have to be signed - to live on contaminated land.

One cannot plant directly in the back yard - the dirt is contaminated.

One cannot go by the Bay waters - one is prohibited from entering the shores and dipping one's feet.

The water polluted. More contaminated by radioactive elements in very high doses.

Who wants to live in the middle of Chernobyl? Why build thousands of units - surrounding by the worst type of pollution?
That is what is planned on Parcel A - right by the newer buildings by the John Stewart Company - and the older building - near Mariner's Circle.

Who will monitor the dust -  is the 66 million dollar question?

What has the Department of Building Inspection done so far - to protect the people - who live near by? Nothing.

Elsewhere; Richard Blum has his eyes on City College - the students for now have kept that institution open.

 Student Trustee Shannel Williams and others - leading the charge - and doing the right thing. I trained her well and will support her to the end.

Some evil people are clear cutting thousands of trees in San Francisco - by UC San Francisco in the Avenues, by McClaren Park - here, there - everywhere. We have NOT forgotten when over 400 mature trees - were cut at Parcel A by Lennar without a permit. The then City Administrator and the Director of the Department of Public Works - look away from the situation at hand. Here comes round number - TWO.

Looming; the dust Lennar will create - we have not forgotten Lennar was fined $505,000 plus by the Bay Air Quality Management District.

None of that money - collected in 2006 has been holistically used - to mitigate, abate - and bring any solution to the thousands that were - adversely impacted. Succor to our Elders and children.

Such are the devious ways of those that favor the Big Developers - the worse one - LENNAR.

The SF Board of Supervisor continue to pussy foot around - the worse one - Malia Cohen - the grinning, pretending to be smart, alley cat smart - good for nothing - a political whore.

Malia Cohen has failed humanity - and is a disgrace to the human race.

Malia still wants to place here Wellness Center on the most contaminated site - 3450 Third Street. Time will tell.

In the meantime the Community Response Network is in disarray - Jacob Moody must hand over the reins and for good measure.

 His side kick - Thomas Tapper has taken leave - he has favored Workers' Compensation - to rake in more money - after putting his worst foot forward and dividing the community. He and his ilk.

The Community Response Network will come under the San Francisco Health Department - soon.

The Mayor's Office must be careful who leads and makes the right decisions - this Summer - there will be shooting and killings. In the interim Jacob Moody and Thomas Tapper are no where to be found.

Never mind they were not available before - for any meaningful discussion. They were busy - doing their thing - and laughing all the way to the bank - at tax payers - expense.

Where does this City go to find such charlatans - waiting for grants - getting money from the City - and doing harm with intent to the our community. 

It is the same with other Community Based Organizations in the Bayview - Young Community Developers - has been audited before and the results have not been good. That was when Dwayne Jones and his minions ran the show. Dwayne Jones still does - bird of a feather flock together.

 In recent times - outsiders - I repeat outsiders - not accepted by the community - snitches - are trying to destroy the community. Faking training sessions, working with Dwayne Jones and his dubious, contacts - and dividing the community.

When the truth is told - some take it personal - but they do not take it personal - when they fail to comprehend and are used by the politics of this City to divide the community.

You belong to the community when you tirelessly serve the community - not when you snitch and work against it - more when tax payers' money is involved.

Do you really want the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be involved - we have the required documentation to initiate and exercise the RICO Act.

These sell outs each of them have NO morals, no standards - yet they will try to tell you - that they are serving the community.

We know who tells on the community - because we have connections - when you have the proof and the documentation - that is all that matters - to adjudicate the issues at hand. We can TRACE anything - if it is warranted.

It does not matter if you are close to the PO PO  - selling out the community.

Much like Malia Cohen does in the open - and then pretends  - because you do it close doors - thinking all is well - when it is not.

You are to be trusted - you think?. We know who you are - and have been knowing who you are. You are a sell out. Aho.