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Friday, May 10, 2013


On the very spot ;that Willie L. Brown Jr.  elementary school, has been demolished on - by Revere and Silver Avenue - in District 10 - plans are afoot by devious folks - to build housing for teachers, city workers - and others. No one really knows if there is Blue Print - but the vague news is -there is the plan.

The clandestine deconstruction was done in a hurry - and when some local contractors found out and protested - all sorts of excuses were given. 

It is NOT uncommon for folks from far off places to come into District 10 and be given jobs on a platter. The local contractors and the many who, want to work - given NO - opportunities.

In other parts a large deconstruction project is vetted - in District 10 without legal permits - people come in and do as they - please.

This matter about the demolished Willie L. Brown Jr. Elementary School - went before the San Francisco Unified School District  Board - meeting at 555 Franklin Street in San Francisco.

The community gathered in large numbers and  protested - vehemently.

The SF School Unified School District Board - did not pay any attention - to the public. Excuses were made and those that protested - were treated like a piece of dirty rag.

So, recently when the United States, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan - was in town and the San Francisco Unified School District Board and its Superintendent Richard Carranza - was beaming with delight - at some $45 million to revamp some elementary and high schools - and Willie L. Brown Elementary School was included in the list of 10  - many of us that monitor the crooks - were surprised.

It has been over a year now that Willie L. Brown Jr. Elementary school has been demolished. The area cleared - by Silver Avenue and Revere - over looking the City - you get a beautiful view of the Financial District. The site itself is in a neighborhood where you have many home owners.

The school is not standing - yet the report purports that money was spent on it - and the standard of the students - improved. Willie L. Brown Jr. Elementary was noted as one of the ten schools where this $45 million grant was spent and standards enhanced. 

Most of the home owners in and around the Willie L. Brown Jr. Elementary school - have no clue what is happening. No clue what is happening in their neighborhood.

The neighbors; first found out something was amiss - when some Blacks from the neighborhood - protested by the demolished school - fenced out - and kept out - while the school was being demolished. 

This happens all the time in District 10 - it happened when the former Black Supervisor Sophie Maxwell was in power and raked in millions.

It happens all the more today - with Malia Cohen - also Black and corrupt; who has been pussy footing around - doing nothing much for the residents.

Just yesterday she was at some fund raiser sponsored by Swinerton, Yerba Buena, Turner, San Francisco Builders' Association, Skidmore, Owings and Merril LLP, Avant Housing, and Omega Pacific Electrical Supply Incorporated - in Oakland.

An event held in Oakland to honor the Commission on Investment and Infrastructure - linked to the Succor Agency to the now dead SF Redevelopment Agency.

An agency that even after its demise - still is being investigated at all levels. Millions of dollars used for unsavory purposes - no accountability and less - transparency. 

Some fund raiser put together by Merriwether and Williams Insurance Services - Oakland.

There was airhead Malia Cohen - talking about District 10 - inviting all to come join in the prospects of District 10 - but stating no viable options.

She does this all the time - pretending to be some one - while selling out the community and raking in money on projects - taking bribes.

Can the District 10 Supervisor find out why we have no many truants from District 10 that do not go to school - more San Francisco Public Schools - that are part of the San Francisco Unified School district?

Can we have a hearing at City Hall on the above topic - with sound Out Reach - so that we get a good turn out - and people can witness first hand - our well educated that can attend and contribute - on issues - that Malia Cohen the airhead - cannot?

Can we have a hearing and report why we have so many pedophiles and perverts  in District 10?

Why do we have so many young adults suffering from Sexually Transmitted Diseases in District 10?

Why do we have such a high percentage of jobless folks in District 10?

Why do we have the worst public transportation in District 10?

Why do we have inferior health services in District 10?

Why do we have the highest percentage of cancer, heart issues, and respiratory diseases in District 10?

And I could mention a hundred more - but it would not help.

We need more sound elementary schools in District 10 - and some good High Schools.

The demographics are changing and Blacks are out - the policy makers - call it Out Migration - the likes of Amos Brown and his minions put that document together.

Few of them; on the committee linked with the Out Migration document - failed to read the previous, better articulated document - The Unfinished Agenda.

A sound and worthwhile, more astute, viable, and sustainable document on Blacks and adverse impacts in their lives in San Francisco.

The Unfinished Agenda was a better defined, analyzed, and solution driven document.

Of course Malia Cohen - has not read either document - but - invite her for an event be it in Oakland or Timbatu and she will be there - grinning, and spewing diatribe - shallow, inept, spineless and of course - worthless.

There is plenty of Open Space in District 10 - but most of it is contaminated.

Malia Cohen knows little about mitigation, abatement, hazardous materials, clean up and issues like that. She has no idea about the Hunters Point Shipyard.

She does want tainted money - pussyfooting - taking paid junkets to Isreal, Ireland, China - as most political whores do.

She and another Black Jamaican Doctor Nadine Burke - want to build - a Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street.

This one abject fact gives one an idea - what triggers Malia Cohen to do things - greed and money.

Folks like Malia Cohen and Nadine Burke think nothing much and less anything - holistic, about our children and their parents.

Instead of providing our children the best - these two; enticed with the  millions - some grant money worth $4 million - want to use our children to pocket some tainted money - given to them by the California Pacific Medical Center.

Another $300,000 by the San Francisco 49ers - who I suppose did not run a check on the panderers. 

Back to Willie L. Brown Jr. Elementary School  which has been demolished.

So, why not build another elementary school - the demographics have changed dramatically - with Asians, Latinos, Whites increasing - Black diminishing by the week - and soon there will be NO - Blacks left.

Folks like Sophie Maxwell and Malia Cohen - with a hidden agenda - made that happen.

The San Francisco Unified School District has been pandering to everyone - pretending to help District 10 - shouting at the top of its voice - that in this neighborhood - District 10 - the SFUSD is doing something.

But that could not be further then the truth.

The SFUSD says that Willie L. Brown Jr. elementary school did well - with the money spent - when all the time - we know for the last one year - it could not operate - since it was demolished. No school standing, no students to attend, no teachers, no principal, no nothing.  So, who pocketed the money?

Why the report and the inclusion of Willie L. Brown Jr. - when all the time some devious folks - are going to use the site on which Willie L. Brown Jr. sat - some prime property - to make money - building condominiums - and raking in millions.

The constituents of San Francisco - taken for a ride one more time.

Aided and abetted by sly, evil folks like Malia Cohen.