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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Some of us decent advocates way back in the year 2001 - sat down to discuss on a Regional Level - how best to address the Energy Consumption and linked to that - pollution issues - to San Francisco and the extended - Bay Area.

We had some high powered meetings downtown - and the good thing was we set the tone - to first understand, then study, and finally implement. We called ourselves - Stakeholders.

Stakeholder who with the best minds on Energy Issues - came together to best address all energy issues - and in particular Clean Energy issues.

These meetings were held at 77 Beale and even though the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) was present then - we did not see anything forthcoming -  by those from  the SFPUC present. Shadow talk - and nothing up front - always groping in the dark. It is time some one worth the salt - shed some bright light where they now exists - abject - darkness.

The SFPUC under Susan Leal who was the General Manager - at that time - chose to hire consultants.

Consultants who were paid well - and did her bidding. Much as she is paid well now - working for some Prime and still having her dirty finger - in the current affairs of SF Public Utilities Commission and the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

Such ploys never cease to amaze those that care, watch, and are concerned - about our City and County of San Francisco.

The SFPUC always has a way of doing things - much like the cloak and dagger ploys - you see in the movies. The policy makers are convoluted - blurry - confused - back and forth - no sound leadership - groping in the dark - always look to the consultants to provide guidance.

We see it with Park Merced - the stakeholders created a plan but SFPUC could NOT read it. The SFPUC keeps making promises - and the stakeholders are fed up - instead of building trust with the community - the SFPUC with intent - creates divisiveness - this nonsense must stop.

Calavares - we now have to spend over $200 million of tax payers money. When I told someone something - she told me - she knew it all. Ask her to pronounce - Environmental!

Perhaps the only employee I met from SFPUC - in the many years - I have been following the ploys and machinations -  worth the salt; who could sit with you and discuss Energy Issues - in a forthright manner - was Edward Smeloff.

However those that could not match his talents - and knew that he could upset the apple cart - as often happens - when you tell the truth.

The crooks and the corrupt - tried to gang up on Ed Smeloff - and he went to Southern California and he is doing very well - there.

Energy issues are not easy to understand - and ever since Barbara Hale whose major is Philosophy and once worked for the sordid - California Public Utilities Commission; was hired by Susan Leal - we have had a dark cloud sitting right on top of the SF Public Utilities Commission in San Francisco - on all Energy Issues.

We saw this clearly with Barbara Hale - prodded by Susan Leal the then General Manager of SFPUC - trying to place 3 Combustion Turbines - fueled by fossil fuel - that would pollute the environment - in our community in District 10 and beyond.

The community was trying to get rid of fossil fuel. But here was Barbara Hale lying through her teeth, helped by Susan Leal, trying to use fossil fuel - with intent to contaminate our environment in the Southeast Sector by the Mirant Power Plant.

Never mind our children and elders and others were slowly dying from respiratory diseases - never mind SFPUC was spewing Methane Gas from its aged SF Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - that is situated a few feet - in a residential area.

Barbara Hale and her side kicks - did all in their power to have their way. Prodding against odds to figure out and have some contraception using secondary effluents; to cool the turbines - and a host of other mind boggling - shenanigans, ploys and machinations - to the detriment of the community at large.

A few of us had to fight them - attend meeting that stressed us out - while those that pay thousands of dollars at tax payers money - think this is a joke - not taking their jobs seriously - screwing the community - each and every opportunity they get.

Where do these people find such crooks and inept folks - who are paid thousands - over $200,000 and waste millions of tax payers money. Where do these sordid people come from? The community wants to know?

One stellar SF Public Utilities Commissioner Richard Sklar stood his ground - and backed the community. Espanola Jackson and myself - and we won with others; who joined in the fight. We fought against this plan - to place 3 dirty Combustion Turbines - and won hands down.

Others have short memories but we do not.

At that time we did not see nor hear of those that now are voicing their opinions - like some prophets doomed in some desert - thirsty for water - dying slowly - but purporting to know something - when they know - nothing much - about Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

CCA that is moving target - some entity wants millions - tax payers money - to execute a plan - that has no sound business plan - and NO time lines - where a sound product can be deliver - green and clean.

When SFPUC wants to delay something - as it does with most if not all of its projects - wasting money - millions of dollars - it hires consultants to buy time and keep the issue - hanging in the air.

SFPUC does what it does best - procrastinate.

Endless meetings by those who know less - talk, talk, talk, talk, talk - but no action.

I mean you give them a plan - complete with everything - and they cannot execute. They will have a lot of excuses for their procrastination. They simply do not care.

It does not help; that it has some very corrupt folks like Juliet Ellis that must be fired - for corruption - now.

This ploy that Human Resources is looking into her corrupt activities - when there is clear proof linked to emails and documents; of corruption, unethical practices, lies, and more - is all that is needed - to send this corrupt woman packing.

Too many people that have dealings with Juliet Ellis have told me - that she must go - she has an attitude that may fit well, those - where she came from - the East Bay.

Here is San Francisco we will NOT tolerate anyone - being corrupt and still hovering around. Having the audacity to grin and smile and think all is fine. Still, making waves, haughty - and thinking that all is well. No way. You must go - now.

While our City and County shouts out that there is a freeze in our City and County - four people from the inner circle and from the East Bay; all close to Juliet Ellis - all lacking qualifications and sound information - were hired by Juliet Ellis.

Her -  business card reads - Assistant General Manager - External Affairs - but anyone will tell you she is NOT qualified.

Something stinks in Denmark.

This woman does not have the qualification to do the job - you could ask Michael Housh; who works for the SFPUC and we too have in our past careers; done a lot - and performed well - performing the duties - that come with that job - External Affair.

Juliet Ellis is shallow, inept, corrupt - and lacks morals and ethics.

Recently two SFPUC employees were fired - for using the Internet and watching some pornographic material - however; when the corruption linked to Juliet Ellis was exposed by the Main Media - some one is trying to hide the rubbish - under the rug.

Juliet Ellis used thousands of dollars - to conduct some drab survey. Lying that it was to be done by the consultant - but the consultant had nothing to do with it.

Juliet Ellis conduct the survey which was flawed - and no one seems to get to the bottom of that survey - linked to the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) and the constituents of San Francisco - and how people in only some Districts in San Francisco - were surveyed - the richer Districts.

Well what does Juliet Ellis know? For sure she has no clue - about the many years - over 60 years of daily pollution and contamination - suffered by those in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - where the survey - lacked any focus of those that needed - to be focused on.

Outsiders like Juliet Ellis and the minions she has hired - all of them - have NO history of San Francisco and more about the Southeast Sector.

This deal with the Shell Company - any way you look at it - is presumptuous and pretentious.

The Shell Company has a bad track record - with intent contaminating and killing people - in many parts of the world.

If you get to the bottom of the Energy Production - Shell cannot and could not provide - Clean Green Energy.

The energy Shell will try to procure - is tainted - and therefore cannot meet the standards - that Community Choice Aggregation advocates and customers - embrace.

It does not make it easy that our San Francisco LAFCO - is also dragging its legs - trying to hoodwink San Franciscans. Pretending that all is well on the Western Front.

It is not. Now, they have hired a woman - who speaks some technical language that is devoid of the truth. Time will tell.

Barbara Hale; is the the Assistant General Manager of Energy issues at the SFPUC. When Hale was tasked to place the ill fated 3 Combustion Turbines - she teamed with Karen Kubick a decent person - until that deal fell - through.

Now on the Shell deal and SFPUC providing CCA with supposedly clean energy - Barbara Hale - plotted with Juliet Ellis - this time - her partner in crime - is sordid and corrupt.

What does this say about Barbara Hale? Can someone connect the dots?

Right now decent, hardworking people - are hurting at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

They are hurting because of divisions and divisiveness brought about by the daily actions of Juliet Ellis. Do not allow this cancer to linger - get rid of it.

Mayor Edwin Lee must step up and so must Dennis Herrera and do the right thing.

Do not force us to take this matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In fact the RICO act must be enforced in this case. Thousands of dollars sent to the East Bay - tax payers money - we need it here in San Francisco.

We do not need these outsiders - coming into our living room without permission - rearranging our furniture - and telling us what to do.

Pompous and with an attitude that stinks to high heaven. We must get rid of all of them. That entire putrid circle of friends from the East Bay - must go - they are all - tainted.

We do not want decent workers at SF Public Utilities Commission affected by corrupt folks from the East Bay - who were hired by using corrupt and undue - influence.

They all must go - we do not want them - dividing San Francisco and more the Southeast Sector - where a very dark cloud hangs - and we are watching the deliberations - like a hawk.

San Francisco's tryst with fake - so called Clean Energy - using Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

Making a sordid deal with the Shell Company - that has adversely impacted many - all over the world.