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Friday, May 24, 2013


The Chinese are coming in droves - left, right, and center - the United States are issuing Employment Based visas - for a million dollars - the Chinese get a "Green Card" - a place to stay and more.

What is wrong with this picture? 

We, in the United States have not recovered fully from the 2008 Economic Spiraling of our economy.

Most of us have not clear understanding - why this debacle happened.

Some have a faint idea of the involvement of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and other fiscal, large establishment - controlled by ardent Zionists - who do not have the best interests of the United States - but are out and about to destroy the United States and our Unity.

Our infrastructure is failing - our roads, bridges, our rails, our public facilities, the GRID linked to our energy and more.  We have let these vital resources and facilities go unattended - and we have reached a stage - where as we saw - with Hurricane Sandy - we were caught off guard; and suffered severe loss of people and more.

All over San Francisco Webcor, Swinerton, Cahill, Nibbi, Turner and Turner, others are having a gala time - the stacks of money from China - is fueling all these developments. 

People are saying the economy is booming - but we do not see the real progress - unemployment is up  - people simple have left the rolls - fed up - they cannot find career and Union jobs.

You can find - temporary jobs - you work two, three jobs - and you get NO benefits. No health benefit, no pension, no insurance - so what is the point of living - in a Nation where once we treasured - Quality of Life issues.

The Mayor of San Francisco, Mayor Edwin Lee - is happy - he loves to stare in the sky - twitch his moustache and brag - about the 26 cranes - at the many such development sites.

Our roads are congested, there are no affordable housing units.

Thousands of Rental Units - have been taken over  by the Academy of Art University over the last 20 years - and converted to dormitories - with our San Francisco Planning Department - looking the other way.

More; when Larry Badner was the Zoning Czar from the SF Planning Department - that is when some years ago - and he was fired for distributing - pornographic material during working hours. Larry and some senior planners got in the pornographic distribution scandal - were fired. 

Our City and the City Attorney has done little to remedy this situation.  The loss of thousands of rental units.

The SF Board of Supervisors- more political whores and pimps - are busy trying to address International issues - and other trivial and mundane issues - that does not come under their purview and jurisdiction.

You go to City Hall in Room 250 and here you see the SF Board of Supervisors - having side-bars, texting, looking at the Ipad and Iphone - and simply acting like Buffoons. 

There was a time when as a American you contributed your best to this Nation. 

More those that severed the Nation in the Department of Defense as I did. We call other civilians - and right so - spineless, shallow, and always depending on others - to do the job for them.

We can never, ever trust the Chinese from Communist China. We have created this monster - trading with them - and the trade has been one sided.

For over 30 years the Chinese dumped - inferior goods - and we bought them.

Now, they have all those millions if not trillions of dollars - from the one sided trade. 

We  have nothing but the useless goods - materialistic to the core - and vain when it comes to the choice of our priorities.

The Chinese at least those that have money - want the best - and they have been investing all over the world. Always with an eye to get the best of their investment - New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Sudan - here, there - everywhere.

In Africa in most of the countries there - the Chinese start with building a stadium.

Building a stadium brings the people together - and if you give them a "soccer ball"  that is all you need to pacify and keep the populace happy - most of the Africans - have fallen for this - ploy. We have seen this work again and again.

Once in a country the Chinese seek out resources - minerals, fossil fuel, food - anything that the Chinese at home can consume - and consume they do.

On the open seas and oceans we see the Chinese use the might of their navy - there is this general concept  and law- called the - "law of seas" - the United States adheres to this International Law - but not the Chinese.

Recently the Chinese took over an Atoll - very near the Philippines.

An Atoll that attracted many fishermen from the Philippines - and area that had rich catches of fish - mackral, shrimp, lobster, bass, shark, and so on and so forth - that the Philippine fishermen depended upon - no more.

The Chinese navy - surrounded the Atoll and blocked it - then they trained their huge guns on the Atoll .

Scaring the Philippine fishermen - and this type of bullying has been going on - near Japan, Indonesia, Korea, and a host of other places.

The Chinese are flexing their muscles and want the Americans navy to confront the Chinese.

Challenging our U.S. Navy and on the seas - while all the time pandering to come to the States - buying their way - with the tainted dollars - that some of us American who have no values - adore.

That is what happen when you become materialistic - that is what happens - when you listen the politicians - empty, shallow, spineless, not educated on issues - and pathetic to say the least.

We have them in San Francisco - leading the charge Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and on the lower level - trying to make a come back of sorts - Scott Weiner, Mark Leno, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed, Norman Yee, David Campos and John Avalos. Shallow and spineless.

At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - which has been declared a Superfund Site - the United States NAVY has FAILED to clean the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

It now wants to cap the land - which means putting some plastic - and covering it with dirt - a method that has proven in the past - not to be worthy of any standards. 

The plastic breaks when there is a flood, earthquake - the liquefaction tears the plastic to - smithereens. Contaminants and toxic goo spews all over the place - and our City does not care - because it has no heart.

In the past - it has looked the other way - when Lennar, a Rogue Developer spewed contaminants into the air - and adversely impacted thousands of children, our Seniors, young adults - and others.

Our City engineers would not comprehend - such issues. It is all about money - and when you are deep into the love of money - you will suffer the consequences.

The Chinese are coming - they are coming in droves - this time they have the money.

They can buy anyone and anything - but will they contribute to the great Nation - the United States of America?.

The paradox is this - this Nation - the United States of America - known as Turtle Island - by the First People  - all of it belongs to the Native Americans - who I prefer to call the "First People".

Now, here are the first people  - placed on Reservations - and kept down without sound infrastructure, housing,  schools, hospitals, fire houses, police stations, childcare facilities, elder care facilities - other amenities and facilities.

This Nation; the United States of America - has failed the First People. Better known as the Native Americans.

Now, this Nation has chosen to invite the Chinese to come to the United States.

Not so much for what they can offer positive - but for the sordid, tainted, blood money - that happens to be - dollars. Go figure!