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Thursday, May 16, 2013


There was a time when a diverse community lived in Public Housing - where Blacks, Whites, Polynesian, Asians, Native Americans, others - all lived in peace.

There were many activities - that brought together - folks from other Public Housing sites - few remember those days - but those were great and did a lot when it came to Quality of Life - issues.

Then came the consultants, vipers, and those seeking to make their fortunes - dividing the people and raking in thousands - who have been busy doing the devil's work - creating divisiveness.

When Amos Brown and his minions were removed from the San Francisco Housing Authority - that was the best move ever made by Mayor Edwin Lee.

When Joaquin was named Chair of the SF Housing Authority - that appointment was perfect - for a decent man, hard working, to clean up -house.

The son of Art Torres who served well in Sacramento, Chair of the California Democratic Party - and also a dedicated, fair, and decent individual. Art instilled stellar qualities in his son - and it show in the many sound actions - Joaquin exercises and delivers.

When people live in Public Housing; it does not mean that these constituents - should be treated like dirt.

Poor people - taken advantage of - this is exactly what Dwayne Jones and Linda Richardson did - by faking their bids - these two must be debarred from holding any office in San Francisco.

For years we have heard Linda Richardson openly say that she has done this and that - when, she has done nothing decent - to win the respect of the people that matter.

She has sought office, lost her run to be the District 10 Supervisor, has gone to Sacramento and other places with minions - to rake in money - for herself.

It is the same with Dwayne Jones wasting millions after forming an organization Communities of Opportunity (COO) the shenanigans reported in the Main Media.

Dwayne is bad news - and AECOM must be very careful - about the various activities this man is involved with - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

Dwayne Jones used Angelo King at Alice Griffith - and today we see the destruction brought about - in that community reeling with crime, killings and shooting and more.

The killings and shooting will increase this summer - all this happened because Dwayne Jones - always pitied one community against the other.

Dwayne Jones is NOT respected by the community - and Law Enforcement - more the Federal Bureau of Investigation must take note - of  Dwayne Jones and others that the San Francisco Police Department - is not exercising its power - to distance themselves when they do not live in Public Housing, do not understand the salient factors - and act as if they know it all.

In San Francisco we have all these "thugs" - with connections to another "Thug" who has access to the leaders in San Francisco - to favor these devious thugs - minions of the devil - to get jobs acting as consultants.

Who are these consultants?

We San Franciscans - must have access to the amounts - given to these consultants - and for what?

Our tax payers money - must be spent - well and whatever the amount - San Franciscans must benefit - in a practical manner.

Not be played by thugs, corrupt people - who have NO morals, no ethics, no standards, and are plain EVIL - minting money -more BLOOD money. This behavior is a disgrace to San Francisco, anything decent - and Mayor Edwin Lee must address these concerns - in a forthright, manner.

Mayor Edwin Lee, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the other heads of our City Departments - Dennis Herrera the City Attorney, the Controller Ben Rosenfield.

The District Attorney, George Gascon, others like Harvey Rose - must work diligently to create a list of "thugs" - a fancy name "consultants" that they called; who have violated standards and broken the law.

These "thugs" -  must be debarred from adversely impacting - innocent hard working, others who are poor - but need help in San Francisco. Now.

We must not use our tax payers money to help these "thugs" - many of them do not live in San Francisco - I will name them the next time - it becomes necessary to do so. Aho.

It pays to have "thugs" with connection who call themselves - consultants - they might as well call themselves - exploiters: