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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Our Labor Unions in the City and County of San Francisco must play an important role - with all sorts of programs - starting with apprenticeship programs - leading to Career Jobs.

San Franciscans need Career Jobs - the other jobs that do not fit that category - are jobs that some take because nothing else is available.

Those that are not given an opportunity - more in the poor areas of San Francisco - then resort to other nefarious, activities.

San Francisco is a Union City - however, in the past 20 years - gradually some vested interests - have slowly demolished the foundation - laid by stellar Union Members - in this great City.

The great deeds of the Longshoremen come to mind. The legacy left by Harry Bridges and admired all over the world.

So, recently when some of us heard that SF Recreation and Park was NOT supporting the apprenticeship program - initiated by the Laborers' Union, Local 261 - it was nothing new. 

The SF Recreation and Park Director - Phil Ginsburg and his ilk - are slowly privatizing our Parks, its facilities - pandering to such entities like the Fishers' and other devious entities.

Raking in the millions on the backs of people that live pay check to pay check - and thinking they can fool - all the people - all the time.

Think again - your time has come - and this time - you will feel the wrath of the people.

Slowly, circumventing the UNIONS with the blessings of San Francisco's past Mayors and heads of  SF City departments.

Allowing non-Union entities - entities like City Build - encouraging other rogue entities - who in the name of being a Community Based Organization - purport to offer some drab training.

This hog wash must STOP and can be stopped with enforcement and compliance.

No 16 week training - can create opportunities to lead our young women and men - into sound Career Jobs. The City and County of San Francisco knows this - but has done nothing about it.

More; those spineless, inept, shallow legislators that spew diatribe every opportunity they get. Their only salvation their tongue that has no bone - and they can wag it all they can - to thy kingdom come.

The City's Human Rights Commission - has been taken over by the City Administrator - and no one knows exactly what is happening - to sound compliance and certification.

Some Management Contracting Division (MCD) and its annointed Committee that I attended once - was aghast that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - was by passing the MCD.

Daring to go directly with changes and amendments linked to Work Force issues; other amendments - with no one monitoring the SFPUC and less the persons - who were negating law and order. In this case one person - Juliet Ellis.

The community does not want her - and as long as she hover around - there is this bad omen - and she must be sent away - anywhere to the East Bay, Jamaica - any place must San Francisco where she has caused - confusion, commotion - pandemonium.

It is the same with Phil Ginsburg - with that smirk on his face - always thinking he is beyond reproach - and his day is coming.

It does not help - that the Commissioners on the SF Recreation and Park Commission - have NO clue about standards - when it comes to gardeners and other vital personnel - that manage - our Recreation and Park facilities in San Francisco.

A great void has been created with NO - State Certified programs - and less State Certified Compliance Officers from Sacramento.

The many Managers who pander with the SF Recreation and Park - and its General Manager - in this case Phil Ginsburg - having a field day.

Once our SF Park and facilities were well maintained no more.
Once we had track and field and other high standard competition in games and in all kinds of sports - no more.

Once the youth, young adults, others came together in sisterhood and brotherhood - all communities from every nook and corner in San Francisco - and put their best on the line - to excel - show case San Francisco - and we as a City were the best.

It does not help when Ramon Hernandez and Vince Courtney from Local 261 - try to impress upon the SF Recreation and Park General Manager - that some standards must be attained. Only to be told that there will be no cooperation - from the Recreation and Park. This nonsense has been going on since before - 2004.

We need the cooperation - more - so that our Recreation and Park facilities, our open spaces, our playing fields, our world renowned gardens and more botanical gardens - can be cared for - as they well should be.

Phil Ginsburg has taken to Power Point Presentations - taking one into cyber space - with all sorts of - "feel good" - presentations and showings of sorts.

It is like those perennial conceptual plans - they look good - they are like a nice dream. You wake up and you face your worst - night mare.

When the empirical data is  evaluated and analyzed - it falls short - is shallow - full of fluff - despicable.

 More Phil Ginsburg's poor leadership - inept, and most importantly - worthless - divides and brings about disgrace where once reigned - grace and standards.

Local Union 261 - the Laborers' Union has been trying to put its best foot forward - again and again - first within its own ranks - there has been some - division.

Right now Oscar, Ramon, and Vince have been trying their best - but it does not help - when the City itself has turned its back on the Union and has a track record of slowly - doing away with the UNION and the benefits - UNIONS bring to the Sisters and Brothers.

Of course come election time - those of us in the know - know who takes money from Local 261 and the many sordid promises made - are never, ever - kept. 

In this City our UNIONS must take the lead - and lead by example.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

San Franciscans are fed up with SF Recreation and Park - on projects that defy logic and less consideration - of the public at large - when drastic changes are proposed at Beach Chalet fields.
With no meaningful dialog - openly defying those that are experienced and sane - and trying to hoodwink the public at large.

We are watching you all like a hawk.

Destroying the ambiance of Land's End - infusing artificial light - and preventing those that like to enjoy and gaze at the sky - when it is pitch dark - and experience that feeling that is spiritual, uplifting and very empowering.

Where a human being is in awe - and Mother Earth - displays her best - and heaven reigns supreme in all its majesty - and we beings - little specks - are put in our place.

Phil Ginsburg and his ilk would not know that - they are into raking the millions - any which way they can. The same ilk that destroyed our economy - occupying high places and doing as they please. Nothing much has changed - and we need the despondent, the corrupt, those that do not want to serve decent San Franciscans - out of the way. Now.

Greedy folks like Phil Ginsburg will destroy the ambiance, fill the environment with artificial light, confuse the birds - more the migratory birds - bluff the animals into thinking that it is day - when it should be night - faking all - rearranging all that matters - more that nature has known and maintained for thousands of years.

What is wrong with natural grass and all things natural?

Phil Ginsburg and his thugs of greed - will favor artificial turf - most laden with lead and other chemicals.

Difficult to clean when dogs and other animals - defecate - these corrupt folks - truly have no consideration for children - who hurt easily with open wounds - and are prone;  not only injuring themselves - but falling prey to the contamination.

Our City gardeners were once revered - but, then came the modern General Managers - who themselves are politicians - they can rake in the millions - for ulterior motives.

Burden our once much respected gardeners with added work - less pay - and constant changing of the plans. Being rude to those that served well - and changing the rules - and bring in those that are not trained well. This nonsense has reached its climax - and the once well respected gardener - himself and herself - have throw their hands up - in utter despair.

Phil Ginsburg knows little about gardening - he knows a lot about the political pimping and making money off people -  bringing more distrust. Pitting once against the other. Pitying the poor - demanding fees - he did that in the South of Market area - listening to some folks from the near by condominium who moved near a gym - were aware of children playing - but dare call the SF Police Department - on young children - for just being what children are when they play - a little noisy.

Using our long known facilities -  that once served the people - enticing vendors to prey on those that visit our Recreational facilities and Park - to spend more to receive less - be it food, soft drinks, any type of hospitality worth the salt.

Phil Ginsburg  favors more the drab commercialization of our Parks and Facilities. He is in for the money - and less to represent and serve the people of San Francisco.

This nonsense must stop.

Our Mayor Ed Lee must step in and ask Phil Ginsburg and his ilk to stop - prostituting our Open Space and Facilities.

San Franciscans have patience - but that patience is running out.

Flood lights at our Parks - till the wee hours of the morning.

 In neighborhoods of color - with artificial turf - palefaces playing - and that is not the complete story.

Those who live in the neighborhood cannot use their own Open Space and playing fields and amenities paid by their own taxes.

In those neighborhood where minorities live and are in the majority - they are made silent, docile spectators by those; who are not like them - and are forced to watch ghostly folks - screaming and shouting - to their hearts content - until the wee hours of the morning.

Making merry past 10 pm - for sure 11 pm - and stopping short of midnight. All this in our neighborhoods - where people of color in District 10, 9, and 11 are touted - by money paying for the use of facilities - where once most everything was free. 

Tax payers pay taxes for amenities - then must get shafted again for using the very facilities and amenities they must pay - for.

The General Manager of the Recreation and Park - once an adviser of that Metrosexual Mayor Gavin Newsom - who favors such characters - and now a despot - roaming and roving as the General Manager of  the SF - Recreation and Park.

As to Local 261 - you need to rally the necessary support and get rid of the General Manager - the old fashioned way - protest in numbers - more when his ilk show up - and find themselves facing reality - they are NOT accustomed to.

It is the most efficacious - in your face tactics - and will put the many shenanigans, ploys and machinations - to rest. Aho.

Here is what is happening with Recreation and Park and the Beach Chalet - fiasco: