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Sunday, May 19, 2013


All over the world there are emerging powers who will use brute force and military power to make a point. Project their hidden agenda - to adversely impact saner and better choices - of living.

More and more emerging powers - are looking at the pattern of the Super Powers the preceded them - to exploit and foster the worse type of corruption.

Stealing, robbing, thieving -  targeting resources - be it water, food, oil, fishing in deep waters, near an island or atoll, trading with standards that are inferior; unworthy of trust - all to make a point - as to who is in control.

China recently used trade to stop importing anything from a country that needs help; the Philippines.

China it is pompousness - chose to target an island close to the Luzon island; in the Philippines saying that it belongs to China.

Went so far as to surround the waters around the atoll with barriers.

Unheard of before - but a reality for the weakening economy of the Philippines - while the entire world has been - passive.

This case has been repeated all over the world - again and again with the Main Media - staying out of the fray.

The United States using its might - many times to favor the one that is the bully - with our State Department - failing again and again to stand for fairness and justice. Stand for the indigenous people both here in the United States and abroad.

The United States is a beacon of hope; or so the world thinks - we stand for justice and fairness.

The world looks at us for HOPE - but recent events at home and abroad - have tarnished our name.

We must rise and do what we are known for - fairness - and we must do it - with forthrightness and urgency.

We see this more and more in the Pacific Rim - with China trying to impose - and impress its strength - with submarines closer to the shore of India.

If things get out of hand - it is not the matter who will win - but who will use a missile - carrying a Nuclear Head?

In the North Pole - Russia is seeking the vital resources it needs and is staking its claim - over resources known to be in plenty - gold, oil, other rare minerals one of a kind.

Never mind Russia sold Alaska to the United States; for some little gold .

Now by remote control - if one has  the technology - one can tap into fossil fuels - and in course of times - drill ,tap - analyze and suck out rich minerals - with little or no fun fare.

The examples above are but the tip of iceberg when it comes to using brute force.

Using technology, bringing large carriers with powerful weapons - to challenge any Nation that is flexing its muscles.

Forcing one into the corner - and using economic power - to take over the production of say coffee, cotton, gold, platinum, or any source the richer countries - need or simply - desire.

This bullying goes on each and ever day - and those greedy - more those responsible for 2008 downfall of our Nation's and world economies - continues to exercise devious methods - to steal, cheat, rob, and none of these entities - have learned anything from the past - fiasco - and downward spiraling of our economy.

Coffee and tea does not grow in the United States or England - yet these countries - using their economic might - have controlled these commodities and adversely impacted countries like Ethiopia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Columbia and more.

One factor leads to another and soon we see the blatant intrusion into a smaller country - where a large; more devious country - will intrude, shoot and kill - murder - innocent people to make a point.

We saw this in Timor a former Portuguese colony, we saw this on the Easter Islands, we saw this as I said off the coast of Luzon in the Philippines - in happens every day - the bully approaching - testing the waters - then one day - occupying what it has targeted - with remorse - tarnishing humanity - and bringing disgrace to the human race.

This has been the history of human beings - for example - why would the Native Americans - who I call the "First People" - be second class citizens in their own land? Why do we have to put the "First People" or reservations.

The reason is simple - the Whites came - they used the might of their guns and dynamite - used diseases to wipe out the "First People".

Then in all their wickedness - added to that stealing, raping, moving a large segment of the population to reservations.

Anyone with some sense - can figure out the rest.

They did that to Black using Blacks and other as indentured slaves first - then making them Slaves using the Bible as a means to further their wickedness. We seem to have forgotten to do to the source - if we go to the source - you will see - history  - repeats itself.

Today our prisons are Slave Plantations - with indigenous people making the vast populations - incarcerated - their work, sweat, and blood - exploited. Large Corporations linked to incarceration - and the prison system are found on the Stock Market - making gain  - little know that is BLOOD - money.

All indigenous people for thousands of years - lived a simple and better life - than what the White folks - that I like to call the "strangers" - knew or can ever envisage - knowing.

In their own way - most indigenous people - were civilized - when Whites were barbarians.

Whites were mostly unkempt for thousands of years, did not know about the use of spices, that no access to diamonds, gold, and many other resources. No access to herbs, medicine, and for the matter mathematics, algebra, the building of large monument such as the pyramids, even the latter times the Taj Mahal - the temples built by the Mayans - and the many ancient civilizations.

The first Whites that landed in Japan - stunk. These Whites - learned the customs of bathing, keeping themselves clean, and more. History has recorded such customs and the first meetings with the strangers - and it was NOT -  very pleasant.

The perfume, scents, one of a kind. Other carpets, artifacts stunned the Whites - who slowly learned to steal, copy, imitate and such has been their ways - to contemporary - times.

The reason was simple; the Whites - were far away from such goods, things, and artifacts - and only came into contact with them - when they met the traders.

Chanced to travel by boat or large ships - some overland - to see what they did not have in their own - countries.

So; when Queen Isabella sent her minions - including Christoper Columbus - it was to find and get her some spices. But - he landed in America - called the Native Americans - Indians - think he had landed in India.

The other Colonists - for Pope, King, and Queen - saw land and purported to take control what was not theirs - but they thought - was their - because they had the might.

Countries - Portugal, Spain, Holland, Britain, Germany, Belgium, and others did that - followed by other countries - most robbing, thieving, and taking control of what was not theirs.

Today - what matters on many levels linked to power - is economic power, military power, exerting force to bring about change for the one who is in control - and mostly is a - bully.

China for years build walls - and refused to have anything to do with the outside world. It was better off - but not as afar as the strangers - were concerned.

Others invaded China - stole their artifacts, their pottery, worked hard to penetrate China - and brought China into their fold - and today - China is worse off.

The Chinese today have ruined their environment. Again - just like the west - materialism is ruining China. The younger Chinese are despondent - and the older ones confused.

China has no soul - it is a despot - seeking to do harm - a millions time worse - than the so called Super Powers that we know off - who pretend to abide by the Geneva Convention - and are half way decent, at best.

The Polynesian Islands - all of time - have had their leaders - bought - lock, stock, and barrel by those that have power.

Take American Samoa, Western Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, New Zealand , Hawaii, Cook Islands - in each case - the rulers, the authorities - have been bought - lock, stock and barrel.

Some two hundred years ago - the indigenous people - the Polynesian; had a culture, a system of governance, traditional and local and home grown. There was balance - now, there is utter - turmoil and the leaders - far removed - more uneducated on issues. Pandemonium.

Mats and other precious artifacts meant an lot to the Polynesians. Today, it is materialism, the Christian Faith that favors those that are the leaders - the others contributing; more the congregation - and getting nothing much in return - steeped in debt.

In 1990s I had my own website - and now and then would write an article complete with photographs - linked to the Polynesian community.

Sometimes I would search the Internet to learn more about the Polynesian. Only to read by earliest articles. I was surprised a woman from New Zealand - used many of my article to earn her thesis. She did not know I was visiting New Zealand - but, when she met me in person - she was shocked - to meet me.

Today we have many Polynesian who have graduated - but are afraid to speak the TRUTH -  to analyze what is good - and speak about that which adversely impacts the rich culture of the many Polynesian. Talofa!

We started the Aloha Festival - but no one knows - how that started. No one truly keeps tabs of the early start of any important event - that leads to other events - that leads to change - some for good and at other time - adversely impacting and creating - confusion and pandemonium.

The original folks with links to Hawaii approached the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and were told that it would cost them - an exorbitant price - more like $10,000 to rent Crissy Field. That simply was not possible in 2001.

So; they came to me and using a Federal Law where we could conduct a Native American ritual - without any hurdles - on Federal land - we negotiated with the,  then - Superintendent - now deceased - Brian O'Neill - to have this Aloha Festival. And we did.

Some years later - as it got popular - the Aloha Festival was moved to the Main Post - and now it became so commercialized - the Presido Trust getting a huge rent - and PICA - the Pacific Islanders Cultural Association - also raking in thousands.

The first Aloha Festival brought so many Polynesian together - the dances were authentic. We had a ceremonies that the indigenous people participated - even the Muwekma Ohlone.

Boat races were held and with great enthusiasm. The every environment transported you to the islands.

An important factor to note - as I principally did the negotiation was - unity. Now, no more.

Money brings in corruption - and corruption bring in misery. The Aloha Festival today - is a far cry - from what was ever conceived - what it would be - initially a holistic idea - that the now has the devious tarnishing - what was once - holistic.

It is the same with  Samoan Flag Day - and the organizers - ripping off the innocent Polynesian. Today, it is DEAD. The Samoan Flag Day - held in San Francisco.

I travel and I meet these so called authorities - all over the world.

I was trained well by the military - and know how to negotiate.

It helps some to be educated by the Jesuits who have settled all over the world - using their astuteness to negotiate, bargain, contribute - lose some and win more - for hundreds of years all over the world.

You must be educated on issues, understand the laws - International, National, Local, Federal, State, the ones in place - put in place by the United Nations, the International Treaties, the Tribal Treaties, and a host of other pertinent and relevant - tribal holdings.

Locally we protested at Glen Cove, Vallejo - others went behind our back and compromised. The remains of our ancestors were desecrated.
We now have a park, some parking, and some change - but for the  worse. The problems  - those the negotiated - the deal - did not have their heart in the right - place. Compacts and Gambling Interests are tainted - anyone way - you look at it.

The Great Spirit see it all - and the TRUTH - always will WIN - stand tall and upright for all to see - and witness.

We had a similar situation on Crissy Field - single handed and bringing the pertinent people in play - we won - we mandated to follow the Native American Graves Protection Act (NAGPRA) - and today we have a Shellmound at Crissy Field - acknowledged by the Strangers - for all the world to see.

American Samoa has a Congressman in the House - but, he does not care much - for his people.

We have dealt with him - and he will deal and speak in generalities.

That is how the current leaders in the Bay Area are - they speak in general terms - and no one will stand tall and fight for justice.

Why do we have so much incarceration among the Samoans?
Why do we NOT have so much among the Tongans?

Why do we NOT have a Polynesian Center in San Francisco - or for that matter any where in the Bay Area?

Thousands of women and men who are Polynesian are incarcerated and no one has formulated a plan to address - how are we going to support a model - to first reduce incarceration - and second to address rehabilitation - also known as "realignment" a fake and fancy - name.

Among Polynesian - the Restorative Justice Model works perfectly.

Yet, at the many forums - people will bark at the present system of incarceration - the White system - doomed to failure.

The system has no rehabilitation - just, people barking that word.

It simply - does not work - for all populations - and more for the Polynesian. For that matter the Native Americans. For that matter - any entity that is decent - there are those that speak to the TRUTH - are beholden to the TRUTH - and what is important know - the TRUTH.

This wisdom is given to few - not to those that are sell outs.

That is why you see a bond among the Native American and the Polynesian there is more than DNA to that - there is a spirituality. I have been to the jails - seen and witnessed things for myself.

Major powers like China, America, Australia, Indonesia, Russia - cannot mess with any Nation - however small - if there is unity at home - at the grass level and there is - spirituality.

We here in the United States can and must share our experience and knowledge - using the digital technology - to the best of our ability - to aid, help, and support our indigenous - sisters and brothers.

Videos and photographs - the written word, the songs of our ancestors and the lyrics (translated) - can stun and hold down the monsters that have NO spirituality - and are doomed by their own actions.

These demons will drown in the cesspool of their own - making.

Mother Earth has a balance - and its resources must not be used for monetary gain. Pollution and contamination and using of natural resources for sustainability - cannot not go hand in hand.

Where there is sustainability - there is no contamination and pollution. Where there are accesses - there is waste - and with waste comes - pollution and contamination of the worst - order.

Indigenous people comprehend this and have it in their DNA.
The Whites are always greedy - they want it all - they want to have it all - they do not care when they destroyed the Redwood Forest, fished until there was no more; killed the Buffalo for the skin and left thousands of skinned Buffalo and disgraced themselves and shocked Mother Earth - and there is more.

For thousands of years the indigenous - used little and what was necessary.

They kept this Earth and most of it pristine - then came the stranger - with his lack of spirituality, his blatant greed, his lack of morals, ethics, and standards - and destroyed all that was - pristine and viable.

The powers that be who think their have power - can be challenged and defeated.

We have done it again and again - we must use our spirituality, our intelligence, and be steadfast by our hard work.

You cannot be lazy and dare think of defeating those that plot against you - more when they have resources to defeat you.

We can talk the talk - but what is better is to walk the walk.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. Aho.