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Monday, May 13, 2013


San Francisco City College has served thousands of San Franciscans - who after graduating from San Francisco City College - have gone places to contribute their - best.

This, from the once many Public High School, the private schools - charter schools - from all over San Francisco. 

These students were accepted by San Francisco City College - and went on to contribute their talents to this great City, the Nation, and to the world.

All this is public knowledge and all these many years - SF City College has proved to have put its best foot - forward.

In recent years that has been some disinformation - and misinformation in the Main Media and the source comes from some devious folks.

Devious folks - who have planted moles within the SF City College - to demean City College, initiate unnecessary charges against the students.

Faking all sorts of incredible nonsense about the accreditation conveyed by SF City College - and an attack to generally tarnish the good name of SF City College. This must stop - at once.

Some Zionists sources linked to Real Estate - have been known to envy the SF City College Campus.

It has all the factors that favor a Real Estate deal that can make millions - to those in position who have the money - and do not want - the COMMONS - to get a sound and creditable education.

Transportation; more sound public transportation - is excellent in and around SF City College.

A nearby reservoir that can accommodate the clean drinking water needs.

The surface of this reservoir can provide Solar Power. 

The nearby Balboa Light rail system favors SF City College - and is a hub that can bring - students and others from places far and wide to its immediate - door.

San Francisco City College - has in the past put is best foot forward. In recent years; it has upgraded its track field, its playing fields - and most recently a State of Art - gym. 

It has spent millions to upgrade some of its facilities - and all the new classrooms - are well ventilated and provides the best amenities. 

The many teachers and head of Departments at SF City Hall are puzzled why there has been so much bad publicity.

No one has done any quality investigation - the reason is simple - no one wants to go near the many Zionists - who behind the scene; are eager to purchase SF City College - and develop it as a Real Estate - asset.

Our City and County of San Francisco does not have a strong Mayor and an even less - the spineless, inept, shallow San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

These good for nothing - so called Representatives - all of them are puppets of the Zionists and are on the take.

All of San Francisco's SF Board of Supervisors can be bought, have been bought, and are worthless - to say the least.

They all pay lip service to the pleas of the students and some teachers who came to San Francisco City Hall - in Room 250 the August Chamber where these so called Representative must represent but have not.

This hearing at SF City Hall fell on deaf ears - the hearing on the many issues that SF City College in dealing - all these many months.

Bottom line our City and County of San Francisco purports NOT to have money - even though it has a $7.9 Billion budget. Yes, $7.9 BILLION - budget.

In San Francisco we have a population of about 805,000.
Over 30,000 decent families have left San Francisco - because decent families are targeted - no sound housing for families, no good schools, no sound public transportation, safety issues - in short lack of Quality of Life issues.

A recent report in one of local newspapers clearly shows that many of the SF City College facilities all over the City and County in San Francisco - be it the Mission facility, the China Town facility, the Evans facility in the Bayview - are doing well.

However, this is not what you hear - when you go to the many meetings.

At these meetings - where the SF City College Trustees - are silent when it comes to defending the record of SF City College.

We saw this too at the hearing held at SF City Hall - called by one of the SF Board of Supervisors Eric L. Mar.

At this one of kind hearing on the "woes" of SF City College - there was NOT one single SF City College Board member present - present.

This fact made some wonder - but not those that know - how close these Trustees are to those that have money - and how money corrupts - anyone.

Bottom line a revolt is what took place at San Francisco City College - when many students and some teachers realized - that even though - some one at SF City College - knew what was happening - most, everything was done to keep - those that needed to know - in the dark.

So, when Shannel Williams an ardent student - and others got together to "rock the boat".

Shannel Williams recent stood for Student Representative elections - winning a position as the President of the SF City College - Student Trustee - the forces at stake - the devious ones - were put on notice.

Earlier, the authorities at SF City College approved to "impeach"  Shannel Williams.

When all she did - was bring the students and the public together - to bring to their attention that something was - "stinking" at SF City College.

Prior to her participating and heading the protest - there was NO accountability and very less transparency.

Now, in recent weeks - we have seen some.

This report in the local newspaper - that many of the SF City College facilities situated in the Mission, China Town, Bayview, elsewhere - are doing well - speaks well for the students, those teachers concerned - who protested.

It gives pause, a deep concern, about what really is happening at San Francisco City College?

In prior years - officials have stolen money when they were NOT suppose to do so. No, drastic charges were brought against these high officials.

We have some SF City College Board of Trustees - who have been there for ages - "Smithsonian" - rubber stamping - policies that are antiquated.

No one is paying attention to the Students' Union.

No one is paying attention to the "Employees' Union".

No one is paying attention to - the "Teachers Union".

There are heads of Departments at SF City College - one of a kind - and there are the "devious" entities - that want to destroy these departments.

The accreditation issue is NOT been fully revealed in all its details - after all this is a Facility that educates - and the maximum amount of  - "light" - must be shone on this issue and subject.

So far - the only segment of the population that have stood their ground, spoken well and stood by SF City College are the majority of the students, some teachers, and the public at large - that does not want San Francisco City College - closed.

Here is the article about the many SF City College facilities that make money for SF City College: