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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


A Nation that governs itself by laws that are well thought out - laws exercised for the well being of everything living - favors Quality of Life issues - is a Nation well respected.

In recent years - very corrupt folks - more large companies  - like Shell and Chevron are using devious ploys - pretending they can help with pertinent factors - related to Climate Change.

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) is a pretentious machination to favor the corrupt and crooks.

Corrupt and crooked - whose bottom line is money - tainted money - more so when the ploys adversely impact the innocent - as do the large oil companies, the coal companies - and rake in millions in dollars - blood money.

Hundreds of environmentalists all over the world do not favor the tactics employed by those that favor REDD.

The Precautionary Principle which we have on our books in San Francisco - is rarely used - and our San Francisco Board of Supervisor will pretend to challenge - dubious plans linked to some drab shadow law - while permitting Big Developers to build on Treasure Island and Hunters Point - on land that is contaminated - more with radio active elements.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors for example have no clue about what a Superfund Site is.

If they had a clue - one inept, spineless, and shallow SF Supervisor from District 10 - named Malia Cohen - would not be going along with the flow.

 But, Malia Cohen does and with her those that have no soul, no compassion and most importantly no education and clarity -  these so called representatives; with intent  -they harm our children and those that need help.

Malia Cohen wants to build a Wellness Centers with one who purports to be a Doctor - Nadine Burke - both - one worse than the other. 3450 Third Street by Cargo Way is contaminated - and our children should NOT be exposed to the contaminants.

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) should help those astute - those educated on issues - to use CEQA and the Environmental Impact Reports and Studies (EIR) and (EIS) to better address Quality of Life issues.

You would think our San Francisco Planning Department and our SF Board of Supervisors - would exercise better judgement and do - due justice to those they represent - but they do not. 

Again and again the so called representatives permit - large projects to go ahead without doing - due justice.

Case in point the Park Merced rental homes - hundreds of them will be demolished.

Once demolished those living in these rental homes - which come under the governing and legal ordinances - our rent control laws - will no longer be able to live there and more will not be able to find - similar rental housing units.

The many Seniors and others with disabilities will be thrown on the streets.

The Seniors and others - will be forced - to face inclement - weather. Four SF Supervisors were caught in a web of corruption - going against - the Brown Act - Eric Mar, Malia Cohen, Scott Weiner, David Chiu. Got in the act - break the law - and censored by the San Francisco Ethics Commission. Shame on them.

It does not help when our Mayor Ed Lee does not open his eyes and see - what is happening in China.

There are many cities in China - where no decent human beings should live. The air is polluted -  a million times worse than the smog anyone experiences in Southern California. Worse than the cities we think are polluted - in other parts of the world.

We do not want - too many market price units - built with tainted Chinese money.

We are watching the charade and we know that is no the way to go. 

We can produce American made and we must build with American man and women power and with our own money - not tainted money - from the Communist Regime - that is China.

No one seems to care to build homes and more rental units - for our Seniors.

To build decent rental units and homes for  those that need help - the mentally and physically challenged. 

We once took care of the needy - that is until we fell prey to blatantly greedy - the One Percent - who only care about - themselves.

Our SF Board of Supervisors, our Mayor Ed Lee and his minions - are playing with fire - trying to build and reduce the Open Space we have. 

It is not for you to build - not when the land is not yours. 

You stole it from the Ohlone the First People - and you have no shame what so ever - that instead of doing good - you wallow in rubbish of the worst kind. You know not what you are doing - no one will remember you all for your evil - actions.