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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Richard Carranza has a way, when it comes to hiding the truth and pretending all is well - when it is NOT.

He is the San Francisco Unified School District's - drab, shallow, inept - Superintendent. Our children have been bluffed and our San Francisco Public Schools are a disgrace - when compared to any school - worth the salt - within San Francisco and the Bay Area.

When Arne Duncan the United States Education Secretary was told that our schools in San Francisco - and more, those schools in poorer neighborhoods - were doing well.

All, because the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) - had pumped some $45 million dollars - and had results to show - that statement was a Big Lie.

Ten schools were chosen and given extra funding - George Washington, Carver Elementary, Paul Revere, Willie Brown Jr. Elementary, Bryant Elementary, Cesar Chavez Elementary, John Muir Elementary, Everett Middle, Horace Mann Middle, Mission High, and John O'Connell High - each received part of the $45 million School Improvement Grants program.

One of the schools Willie Brown Jr. Elementary has been torn down - and before it was torn down - the schools had nothing much to show - accept - pandemonium and utter confusion.

The teachers were let go - the last Principal taken to task - and the children transferred here, there and everywhere - and no one - took any responsibility.

So, how does this school factor in the results, where did the money go that was supposedly spent on this school.

It is such drab reporting - that irks those that keep tab of the corrupt and the blatant - crooks. People taking credit for nonsense - utter nonsense - and shaming the people that want good - work hard - and contribute well to our Fair City and County of San Francisco.

Arne Duncan, the United States Education Secretary - has nothing to show - stellar - when it comes to all our elementary and high schools in the Nation.

We, the great United States of America - we stand around 38th among the Nations in the world - when it comes to elementary, middle and high schools.

We claim we are a Super Power - but NOT when it comes to education - for sure.

The San Francisco Unified School District is a JOKE.

Always - waiting for the last moment - each and every year - for the last 10 years - to cry poor - and tap into our City's - "Rainy Day Fund".

For the last 6 years - each and every year - our City's Rainy Day Fund - has saved the teachers - from being laid off.

It cost over $80,000 to train our teachers in the Public School system - and many good teachers have been laid off - over the years - when it comes to lack of fund and the pinks slips are doled out.

The reason why the younger, better educated teachers in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) - are told to leave and given pink slips - is because the SF Unified School District - has a failed policy to keep the older teacher having Seniority even if they have no skills to teach well and even if they are burnt out.

Teachers must be tested - and if they pass - kept. High scores - much like we have in the civilized Nations of the world.

Younger better skilled and educated teachers, that should be protected the the SFUSD sees to it  - that they quickly got rid off .

In is a shame that even though these teachers -  though younger and full of vitality; better educated, having the ability to work harder - are talented but just because they happen to be young - the SFUSD policy makers - deem they have to let them go.

What a crying shame!

I would challenge the San Francisco Unified School District to fund Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary and El Dorado Elementary schools in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Unified School District - would not do this - just because these good for nothing jerks - think they know - better.

We have over 10,000 truants - that are linked with the SFUSD - and nothing much is done about this on going - issue - that is adversely affecting - quality of life - issues.

I have not heard the Superintendent of the SFUSD - say anything much about this on going situation and truancy.

When neighbor residents spoke against the Principal at Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary school - and how this Principal abused a young child - the SFUSD protected this ill mannered and poorly educated Principal - that should have been fired.

Arne Duncan, the U. S. Education Secretary - should look into this matter - and then let us the public know - how the matter - has been adjudicated.

President Barack Hussein Obama must be kept abreast of this situation in San Francisco. We celebrated Dr Martin Luther King Jr. - but in a school named after him - blatant injustice and rampant racism - of the worst order.

We just discovered hundreds of high school students who cannot to to College - because they do not have the needed requirements - the needed A-G requirements.

The curricula that is mandatory to go to College. I would like Arne Duncan; the U.S. Secretary of Education - to look into this on going malaise fostering in the SFUSD.

All the while the SF Unified School District Board - spews diatribe at their many Board Meeting - that go on for hours on end.

When parents and advocates from the community speak out - at the SFUSD meetings - the President of the SF Unified School Board - cuts them off.

Some times even walking away from the meeting - shutting the meeting down. Many a time - forcing parents and astute advocates - to watch the shenanigans - well known - to all San Franciscans.

More of the money - that supposedly had to go to pay teachers and offer better amenities -  but,are used for Administrators - who do nothing - but while away their time.

Arne Duncan who the U.S. Education Secretary has been taken for a ride - on a shaky, broken carriage - ridden by Superintendent Richard Carranza of the SF Unified School District - a good for nothing - charlatan of sorts.

Going back to the requirement - the A-G requirement - the students require a "B" in English, a "C" in Mathematics, a "D" in Science, an "A" in Social Science, in a language other than English - an "E", in Visual and Performing Arts an "F" requirement - and two years of Physical Education - equal to 20 credits.

You can call the Principals of the many High Schools that belong to the San Francisco - Unified School District and request to get -  the detail information on the A-G requirements.

The number of credits - the number of years - for example 4 years of college preparatory English. All mind boggling - but yet the SF Unified School District - all these many years - continue to fail our students.

Just recently I read - that it does not pay to send our students to college - more if all the students just prefer getting a Bachelor's in Arts - the world is changing.

That hold true of most U.S. students - taking huge loans - not getting into the right classes - taking 6 years to pass a 4 year course. You ask them to write a paragraph on a topic that may not have been taught in college - and they get stumped.

Here is San Francisco over 40,000 families - that is mother, father, and children - have left San Francisco. All their contributions to this City and County of San Francisco - down the drain.

The public schools have let down the parents - so after reaching saturation point - the parents have left - and with them their children - the future of this great City of San Francisco.

It is common knowledge - today singles - most queer folks - have a gay time in our City - some of them have children - the call it "family" - and slowly in schools openly - young children children are taught about - "life styles" - that were not taught before. The say the times are changing - but it for good or what?

We must audit these prevailing shenanigans linked to the Policy makers and the San Francisco Unified School District - more the Superintendent - of the San Francisco Unified School District - today.