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Saturday, May 25, 2013


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has failed miserably to do meaningful outreach all over San Francisco - in the last 12 years - more in the last 5 years..

In particular it has shunned the Southeast Sector and more particularly the Bayview Hunters Point area - when it comes to spewing Methane gas in the air, the weirs that are in disrepair, fouling the air and triggering diseases such as asthma.

Flooding an entire area - with mosquitoes - and bringing home to thousands; in the neighborhood - the possibility of a deadly disease - the West Nile virus.

The person who holds an important position - is inept, uneducated on issues, lies, and has moved thousands of dollars to her former non-profit Green For All - and is the Assistant General Manager - her name is - Juliet Ellis.

Juliet Ellis also sits on the Board of Green For All -more, as President of this sordid -organization. This organization as well as the SFPU Commissioners - must examine the blatant ethical malpractices - exercised by Juliet Ellis.

Juliet Ellis; has enjoyed getting a high salary - over $200,000 plus benefits and it a misfit. A total misfit - waste of tax payers money - never mind if she think she has contacts at the White House. I have too and have served this Nation.

Juliet Ellis purports she is in charge of quality outreach - has no clue about the pertinent factors, less the history of the community - more the Bayview Hunters Point community.

Juliet Ellis tackles problems by pitying one party against the other - and a few parties will take her to court - so that the SF Public Utilities Commissioners - wake up. This is your clarion - call. 

Right now Juliet Elllis is being investigated by the San Francisco City Attorney linked to some unethical practices and she must be fired.

Juliet Ellis  and those in her inner circle who espouse and condone - to the illegal activities - Juliet Ellis, has been involved with - for some years now.

Again and again this woman has been divisive in her many sordid actions linked to projects at the Southeast Commission Facility situated at 1800 Oakdale. 

The lies she tells - and the deplorable actions - are now reaping - the ire of the community is growning.

The General Manager Harlan Kelly inherited this appointment - made by the then SFPU Commissioners and the then General Manager Ed Harrington.

We all know it was a bad one - and we must never, ever permit - any other SFPU Commissioner to jump over and get a position - at the SFPUC  - a salaried position in the future. A person who has no experience and want to pander to all - using her fake charm and lack of experience. 

The end result - a sordid result - and when you add corruption - devilish to say the least. Diabolic!

All these many years - the Southeast Sector - has not received any meaningful outreach. This disdain and utter disrespect for the community will not be tolerated any more.

By now; the SF Public Utilities Commission should have figured out to divert as least half of the 80% raw sewage to the Oceanside Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - that now goes to the Phleps Raw Sewage Plant - in the Bayview.

Of course Juliet Ellis and her minions - would not comprehend - how to do address this issue. Most of them are there for their salaries. They bring no expertise, have no history, and the advocates are riled up against the SF Public Utilities Commission - for making these hires. Good for nothing - worthless, inept, shallow, and a disgrace to decency. 

It is disgrace to San Francisco - that all these years - the City and County of San Francisco has tolerated the corruption and very poor leadership stemming from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - first at 1155 Market Street and now at 525 Golden Gate Avenue.

One of the reasons - appointments made to appointments linked to certain people are factors like who you know, life style - and some very incompetent - managers - lend up in high managerial positions.

One of them for sure Juliet Ellis.

For years raw sewage has been running on the streets of San Francisco and more in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Two people know this more than others Greg Breswell and Yoseph Ashur - who have a good idea of what is really happening with the infrastructure in our City and County of San Francisco.

And there are others too many to mention - and I am in touch with them. However, I cannot be doing the spade work for the incompetent SF Public Utilities Commission.

Recently Juliet Ellis conducted a survey linked to the need for those that wanted Green Energy - whatever that means to SFPUC. 

he survey conducted was meaningless - and if only those in the other areas - and not those that have the facilities and industries that adversely impact the constituents - living in the area - such as Bayview Hunters Point.

Linked to sewage, garbage, the many concrete and aggregate, the many industries linked to chrome plating, and other businesses that produce contamination - and found in the Southeast Sector of City; that are NOT on the radar of the SFPUC - something is totally and fundamentally - wrong.

More with a mentality that comes from a person like Juliet Ellis who has no clue about outreach, less about marketing, even less about Quality of Life issues.

She is a transplant from the East Bay - and that is where is and the others she has brought along with her - belong.

Over $8 billion dollars in the next 15 years will be spent in the Southeast Sector and we need a person who has some background in engineering, City Planning, Land Use, Traffic Management, Pollution, Contamination.

A sound idea of our watershed, Climate Change, communication with the constituents - none of which Juliet Ellis has. She smiles, she uses her fake charm and tried it on me - several times - until I told her what I told her, some - and she did not pay heed to.

I am good friends with the General Manager - Harlan Kelly - but I am not one to pander. I am good friends with Naomi Kelly - but I do not pander. I am very good friends with the Mayor Ed Lee - and will not pander.

A long time ago - I said because of the corruption - Juliet Ellis must go - this cancer must go - the dark cloud hovering over our fair City of San Francisco. 

The Main Media has exposed her, many SF Public Utilities Commission workers - do  not approve of her mentality and attitude. What else is there to say?

The entire Department dealing with External Affair must be revamped - the chaff removed - and some guidance must be in place to deal with the Sewer System Improvement Project.

The lack of attention to Quality of Life issues in the Southeast Sector.

Some practical - model to divert some of the raw sewage - even if it 20% to the Oceanside.

A thorough study about the adverse impacts to our Bay - as a result of the toxic contaminants flushed in to the Bay. Contaminated salts, dog pooh, cat pooh, mercury, lead, and a host of other very toxic elements - all of which Juliet Ellis is not aware of.

She brags she has installed some fountains at the schools. Beware of such fountain - where rats and other foul animals like the fountains at the source. Then children - go to the fountain - unknowingly. Fountains unlike former times are place prone to diseases. Also areas where one can trigger calamities - of course Juliet Ellis would not know that.

Our clean water is pristine at the source - Hetch Hetchy. The confluence is a treasured by the First People as Sacred. A few miles after it leaves the source - it is polluted by other source of water - that is when it is treated - and the various treatments - changes the quality of the water.

Chlorimine and other such treatments do not agree with all - I do not drink tap water.

I have to choose a certain bottle water. I am not into - monkey say - monkey to as most do at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

We have hundreds of miles of drinking water in the City and County of San Francisco - leaking - there are areas - where the water is muddy - sometimes - foul smelling.

Juliet Ellis is not aware of these factors and portends that most things are rosy - which is her rabid imagination.

Like diverting thousands of dollars of tax payers money - to some unsavory non-profits in the East Bay - favoring her friends.

We need a sound and tested Outreach at the SF Public Utilities Commission - and that only can come by revamping the area where the Assistant General Manager of External Affairs - works.

Juliet Ellis - has shown very poor standing, unethical, immoral, and lacks - any standards.

The corrupt; Assistant General Manager is Juliet Ellis - and she must go.

Why is this corrupt woman - Juliet Ellis - smiling?: