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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


San Francisco is one of the richest cities in the world.

Yet, with a budget of over $7.9 BILLION - hundreds of poor, more Seniors continue to live on the streets of San Francisco. This is a crying - shame.

Our tourist come and wonder - what is wrong with this City - we continue to pretend all is well - when it is not. It is simply wrong to permit - innocent people - especially Senors to who have fallen on bad times - to sleep on the streets - facing - inclement, weather.

We have shelters - where the indigent are given a CHAIR to sit and sleep all night long. If this one act - does not cry to heaven for justice - I do not know what - else, does.

Where is our Mayor, Edwin Lee on this fact?. We need some action - now.

Millions of dollars are wasted by the City and County of San Francisco - on mundane stuff. 

You have City Managers - inept who are paid in access of $200,000 with benefits - and some as high as $275,000 with benefits.

The cap of on these salaries must be enforced at $150,000 with benefits. If it is too hot in the kitchen - take a hike.

The tax payers do not have to pay these folks who laugh all the way to the bank. Many of them corrupt and what is more - lazy.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors - once were given a salary of $40,000 with benefits.

Today, these inept folks have raised their own salaries to over $120,000 with benefits. All this nonsense must stop.

The on going Budget Town Hall charades are just that - folks spewing diatribe, making promises - and it is business as usual.

The ignorant falling in the trap - and this nonsense must stop - stopping wasting peoples' time and more disrespecting them.

Poor people line up - and the facilitators think they are doing the public a favor. Facilitators pandering to the corrupt - the every politicians who are NOT - doing their jobs.

You facilitators are not doing anyone a favor. Stop trying to fool - all the people - all the time. We know you all - you want the grants - tax payers money - to survive - get a good job. With handouts!

These facilitators and the minion that follow them - are being used - by the corrupt politicians.

No good will come to those - that help foster poverty, promise the poor and those that are hurting - and do nothing about the situation - at hand.

The sin against the POOR is the worst - and those that promise the poor - fail the poor - and mock the poor - will receive their justice - here on Earth. 

There is No hell and heaven that you all imagine - your hell is here on Earth.

I have seen many EVIL people - get their justice - live a "living hell" - and try to repent but it is too, too, too - late.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the many political whores that make up the SF Board of Supervisors - playing with FIRE. Pretending that they know something - while all the time - shafting the poor - cheating and stealing.

It is simply not right to SHAFT our seniors and this happens all the time. We waste money on hiring - crooks and very corrupt crooks from the East Bay. Some of them have made a hornet nest - at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - all working under the Assistant General Manager - for External Affairs.

The sin against the poor is the worst - and that is why I am stepping up again - to bring the injustice meted out to the POOR -  in the open.

Spell out the details - in the open - like what is happening in our dirty, filthy, unsanitary shelters - take this warning or forever hold your peace.

The Federal Government must do an audit - millions of dollars are wasted - money spent of shenanigans.

People appointed to help the indigent - making in access of $200,000 - while the indigents and poor - die on the streets of San Francisco.

Decent families penalized, our children and youth suffering, and so many decent families - so fed up - that over 45,000 decent families have left San Francisco.

Our population is about 805,000.

The Mayor Ed Lee wants Market Price Housing, he wants the Tech Companies to come to San Francisco and give them breaks, he has failed Families - thousands of decent families and children - who have left San Francisco.

Crime is on the increase and our Public Transportation System a mess. Our cameras on the MUNI do not work - and lies are told to the public - but, each and every day more crime is committed on MUNI - which is our Public Transportation system.

Our cameras on the MUNI buses do not work. Check it out for yourselves. There is an on going investigation with the Controller's Office - the Controller says he wants - more time to investigate. May be we should bring in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It has been two months now - since I gave the Controller - factual documentation - and the matter is still - pending.

How many cameras on our MUNI system work? 10% - 20% - 30% - given us the Empirical Data - you are wasting Federal and State money - you are fostering - abject - corruption. You must be ashamed of yourself - first Micheal Burns, then Nathanial Ford, and now - you know who.

Our youth are despondent - and come Summer Time - more youth will be vulnerable. At this rate - we will have killings and shootings and more.

We have been helping the youth and young adults for the last 35 years in San Francisco - without a whimper.

So, we know - when the LIARS say what they say - and do not deliver - who have to come behind them and clean up the mess.
We truly know - what happens at ground - zero.

The political whores that are the SF Board of Supervisors - do not believe in Public Comment - they think they know it all - well their time has already come - they will face the WRATH of the people of San Francisco.

Every single day the Quality of Life in our Fair City - the City and County of San Francisco - is compromised.

There is only so much bluffing you can do. There is only so much pandering - you can do.

Trying to get the Communist in China - to bring their tainted blood money to San Francisco - to do further damage.

We must have a holistic approach - and it starts with the individuals themselves - who do not know who they are - they are spiritually bankrupt.

Most of them pussyfooting around, Will sleep with anyone - take money and lie and amass wealth because they are - greedy.

Shallow, spineless, not educated on issues, no standards, will look you in the Eye and Lie.

That is why we constituents call them - "political whores".

The like of Scott Weiner, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, London Breed, Norman Yee - and the many more.

Small Business are hurting.

The Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) is raking in the million from Parking Fees - other fees and pandering with the money.

The MTA has stolen all the money from the TAXI Trust Fund - and the MTA and the officials at the MTA - are looked upon with disgust and are despicable.

The Mayor talks a good talk at the many drab Press Conferences - but he has nothing to show when it comes to:

 1. Thousands of youth - and truancy.

 2. Increase in thefts, house break ins, shootings and killings, 
     bodily harm to our Seniors - all available as Incident Reports
     but there is NO ONE - to address Quality of Life issues.

 3. Corruption in our City Department - Juliet Ellis is still there -
     at San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. What is the 
    Mayor trying to say - Juliet Ellis and her minions.

 4. Qualified San Francisco must be hired - not these crooks -
     from the East Bay - who pander and steal tax payers money.
    Move thousands of dollars and assist the non-profits that they
    used to work for - that is blatant conflict of interest.

5. San Francisco has a large Senior population. Most of them
    are disgusted. The Seniors are NOT treated  well - by MUNI. 
    The many Seniors who are Veterans - are shunned by our 
    City - unlike the SF Board of Supervisors and our Mayor -
    who have not served our Nation. Seniors are deprived of
    quality health services at by SF Health Department.      

6. Under this administration - more so - less Ethics, less Morals,
    less standards - time to clean up shop - and get rid of the chaff.

We receive money - Federal and State money - our local tax money - to provide the Seniors decent housing. Make it happen.

No one should be given a Chair and made to sit on it for hours on end. This is CRIME.

No one who is a Senior should sit on a hard chair for more than an hour.

Now, imagine the Seniors - sitting for hours on end.

 Who is looking the other way - and accepting this horrific crime - against of Seniors - at the many dirty and stinking shelters - in San Francisco?

Then there are the Single Mothers and children - we are a rich city and no one must be treated like animals.

The San Francisco Budget Town Meetings continue - with buffoons lying to the people.

Simple people, not educated on issues falling into the trap. Time to remove the "political whores" - from office - enough is enough.

In recent years - the once fair and great City and County of San Francisco - once boasted of standards - alas now the standards have been compromised,

Once we had stellar Quality of Life issues that we treasured  - our Quality of Life issues have been tarnished.

Corrupt politicians rule the roost - but not for long.

We are watching them - like a hawk. Aho.