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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It is not easy to stem the abject corruption going on in many of our San Francisco City Departments. 

Again and again when decent employees do the right thing - they are targeted - and in some Departments and offices - more Enterprise Departments - the situation has grown from bad to worse.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has decided now to foster in your face corruption.

Even when there is clear evidence, empirical data - of wrong doing - one Assistant General Manager is still lingering, hovering, making waves, plotting and using others in her circle to - create divisiveness - where once there was some law and order.

When we see a cancer - a spreading cancer - spreading like wild fire -  we must do whatever it takes to get rid of the cancer.

Right now that cancer is spreading like the wildest fire - in some areas at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - and even though something can be done about it - someone who can call the shots - has chosen with intent - to shove the stinking rubbish - under the rug.

In years past the Enterprise Departments be it the San Francisco Airport, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the San Francisco Port Authority, the San Francisco, Department of the Environment - have been targeted to move City Employees - who have the backing of very corrupt - politicians and others who do the spade work for the crooks - City Head of Departments - the many that linger - here, there and everywhere - doing the devil's work.

The truth be spoken in the last five years - the corruption has taken a turn for the worse.

We see folks using tax payers' money as if it was their own.

We have other Departments like the San Francisco Human Resources - playing hell with hard working City employees - but favoring the corrupt - the crooks that belong to Management - more upper Management.

San Francisco has a population of about 805,000. We have about 28,000 City Employees. For every 28 constituents of San Francisco - we have one City Employee.

Many of them do not work hard - and over 30% of them must be let go. If you ask anyone - if annually these employees are evaluated - the answer is NO.

The situation is all the more worse - when over 25% of these employees come under what is called  Upper Management - where they make over $200,000 plus with benefits.

Many make over $275,000 with benefits - and we must eradicate these folks and let them go - the longer they linger - the more damage they cause.

It is just a matter of time - what is now happening to San Jose and other cities like Vallejo - will hit San Francisco - hard - linked to our pension system.

The pension of these mostly lazy city employees - who will stand in line to receive - huge pensions - 80% of their pay checks - that they receive now.

It does not help that these San Francisco City employees do not live in San Francisco - work here for the sake of they pay checks - and do not truly contribute to the workings and betterment of our Great City - the City and County of San Francisco.

We have a budget of $7.9 Billion - yes BILLION.

Our City's Mayor - Ed Lee has a chance to leave a legacy - that is if he stems the corruption that is in his face - but, he too looks the other way. Why?

We have corrupt people who are playing with the lives of decent people - they must go.

The Main Media has exposed them - and they are still lingering - in the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

A gang of five has set shop - so that they can mess with the community linked to the Southeast Sector.

Make drastic changes to the Southeast Facility Commission. 

Take over business that someone else has invested in - favoring a "thug"  Community Based Organization - that does not have a sound track record.

Making deals with those that are NOT respected in the community. Folks that have had deep connection with Communities of Opportunity - a defunct organization noted for its corruption.

Others - who are "thugs" working for Platinum Consultants on the Federal Bureau of Investigation watch list - who are scoping for opportunities - and now want to control the projects linked with the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) in toto.

We have a SF Public Utilities Commission mid-level management who have no clue about the history of the Southeast Sector and more Bayview Hunters Point. Who hired these inept, shallow, spineless - individuals who think Power Point presentation can hoodwink the public at large. You are sadly mistaken.

You would think some one would investigate the Cumulative Adverse Impacts in the Southeast Sector - where over 90% of the industries are - most of them spewing contaminants in the air.

The Concrete and the Aggregate companies, the chrome plating companies, the companies that deal with other rubbish.

On top of that you have the SF Public Utilities Commission that has been a VERY BAD neighbor - spewing Methane Gas - in the air. One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tone of Carbon Dioxide.

The SF Public Utilities Weirs are no long capable of holding large amounts of secondary effluents - and the SF Public Utilities Commission has just constructed another Main Force - by Executive Park with NO meaningful dialog with the community.

This new Main Force will impact those that continue to wind surf and no one has informed many of the contamination and utter pollution and contamination of our Bay.

If you ask the SF Public Utilities Commission - they say their sludge is good, their secondary effluents treated - that they do not spew Methane Gas - not too much at least - without blinking an eye.

The matter of fact is that they do - and what is more cannot be trusted.

Three of their six digestors do not work - and this is a peril to the residential communities that live near by.

Some years ago a Proposition was passed to fix both the Clean and the Waste Water operations and facilities.

The SF Public Utilities Commission chose to go against the wishes of the people and opted to deal only with the Clean Water operations and related amenities.

The SF Public Utilities Commission called the program and gave it a fancy name - the Water System Improvement Project - WSIP.

The shameless SF Public Utilities Commission - that does not want to listen to the constituents be it from Lake Merced, the many areas where continuously there is flooding near Folsom near the Mission, other areas.

The many spewing of contaminants all over the Southeast Sector - the other facilities that the astute constituents bring to the attention of these good for nothing - so called City employees and Management - who are arrogant and what is more ignorant - not educated on issues.

Well - all we can do is tolerate your nonsense for only so much and for  a limited time.

At the rate you all are going - without a viable and sustainable Blue Print - you all are doomed to drown - in the cesspool of your own making.

We keep telling you - giving you plans for free - and you keep thinking that you know what is the best for us.

When in fact you do not - with your nonchalant - attitude that is pathetic to say the least. Aho.