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Saturday, November 24, 2012


California well known the world over - as the 9th richest economy in the world; but, not too long ago - California reigned as the 5th largest economy in the world. So,what is happening - C A L I F O R N I A .

California's agriculture has played a key role in the economy of our State of California.

Missing in the equation - is the role of the farmers mostly migrant, others indigent who are used like a "dirty rag" - and looked down in disdain - by rich corporations involved in farming and agriculture.

Farm organizer - Caesar Chavez; others too many to mention - have fought to bring some solace to the farm workers. However; discrimination and greed have taken the front seat - and the back breaking work of the average - "farm worker" - taken a back seat into the pits of hell. When it comes to giving the farmers what they deserve - respect, justice, fair wages - all hell breaks lose.

Seeing is believing - many of these hard working workers living in housing - worse then third world countries. Children sleeping on the floor - with no heating and exposed to all sorts of adverse impacts. Prone to all kinds of skin and other diseases - bathing and drinking contaminated water and you can imagine the rest.

What shocked me was the contaminated water - that thousands are forced to bathe with, wash their clothes, and because they have no money to buy - "bottle water" - drink contaminated water - and expose their well being - to cancer and other very chronic diseases.

Skin diseases galore, respiratory diseases, immune deficiencies, and the list goes on. People come before their State Representatives and testify - but, not a dent is made.

Our Governor Jerry Brown Jr. a Jesuit educated individual must step up and shed light where there is darkness.

He must rein in the State Regulatory agencies that are mandated to do their work and force them to drink the - "contaminated water " - for a couple of years.

Have them sign a waiver - and if they do not - let them go - let them work elsewhere. For too long, have too many suffered at the hands of these ruthless, immoral, unethical - so called Regulatory Officials who are having a hey day - raking in thousands every years.

It is totally unbecoming for these State of California Regulatory Agencies linked to our State's Water System and the Watershed - to send notices to those that they are supposed to protect - the farmer workers; babies and children, others drinking the - "contaminated water" - prone to diseases and ill health.

The notices clearly state the water is contaminated - year after year as the testimony revealed these notice continue to be sent - three, four, five, six years.

Some how these Regulatory Agencies feel besides themselves if is fine for others to consume contaminated drinking water - and advice only if one consumes a lot of it - one will be adversely - affected. Well, as I said - it is time to give these vermin - a dose of their own medication. Let them drink the water for year or two - and if they refuse - let them go.

A young State Assembly person whose name is Luis Alejo a Democrat from the 28th Assembly District - which consists of San Benito County, the Salinas Valley North, North Monterey County, South Santa Clara County and the City of Watsonville.

A son of migrant and farm workers; he fully understands the plight of those that are suffering. What is more - he is determined to bring light where they is justice - go give them hell Assembly person Luis Alejo.

Luis Alejo; has educated himself with the best education from Harvard University with a Master's of Education degree.

Received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Davis, School of Law.

Two bachelors degrees in political science and Chicano studies from University of California - Berkeley.

Luis Alejo - has been a teacher, worked as a legal aid, represented those that need help most - in short he walks the walk and can hold his ground - and it is this aspect that led me to study - this man who represents his constituency well.

A previously Jesse M. Unruh Fellow for the California State Assembly at the State Capital in Sacramento - now, Assembly person Luis Alejo worked for Manny Diaz who represented San Jose.

Today Assembly person Luis Alejo - sits on five standing committees - two joint committees, and six select committees. Most notably he is the Chair person of the Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials.

I Francisco Da Costa - am the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy and have been since 1998. Since the year 2000 I have established my self in San Francisco at 4909 Third Street - Regulatory Agencies local, State and Federal know me - for what I stand and what I can attain - when it comes to addressing Quality of Life issues.

There are many State Regulatory Agencies who have been asleep at the wheel - and this on going issue - clean drinking water has not been addressed as it ought to be addressed.

State Regulatory agencies continue their ploys and machinations - with convoluted models how best to regulate drinking waters without proven standards; dragging their legs, giving lip service, lying, making false promises and bluffing - which is  is mind boggling.

We are talking about private wells, many found incorporated areas - many having one of two wells that service thousands who can fall prey to serious contamination and die. Other; smaller towns that cannot afford expensive Water Treatment Plants and less Sewage Plants and other essential amenities.

We are talking about nitrates, lead, Superfund areas, other contamination from our War Efforts - but mostly fertilizer products that have adversely impacted the Watershed, our California streams and rivers.

It must be noted that the people of California own all the water in the State of California. This is state in law and must be exercised as our right.

Water rights provide the right to reasonable and beneficial use of water, not ownership of the water. Public interests are thus involved at every level of water management in California.

It is prohibited to waste, unreasonable use, unreasonable method of use, unreasonable method of diversion of water.

Rights to use water are subject to the State of California's obligation under the Public Trust Doctrine as Trustee of certain resources for Californians.

Again, as you may imagine I find it difficult to understand how farmers more corporations - use and waste vast amounts of water - still use large amounts of fertilizers laden with Nitrates and pollute our watershed.

Flushed down our streams, rivers, into our Bay and flowing to the Pacific Ocean - the adverse impacts of Nitrates - compounded with Methane Gas - one ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Lead, mercury from many of our Mercury Mines, dangerous particulates and more - adversely impact our Quality of Life.

I recently watched the proceedings before the State of California - Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials and must commend the Chair, Luis A. Alejo - Democrat from the 28th Assembly District for his diligence and fortitude.

The many constituents from far off places who came to Sacramento - who gave testimony linked to the contaminated drinking water, the nonchalant manner in which Regulatory Agencies conduct themselves.

It is time to have one or two Regulatory Agencies - with goals and objectives laid out - and time lines that trigger results. If it too hot in the kitchen - get out and fade into oblivion.

As part of the future hearings before this committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials - the Regulatory Agencies and their representatives - will listen to the testimony of the constituents, first.

Then only be permitted to give their drab presentations - at the end of the hearing - this was clearly stated by Assembly person Luis Alejo from District 28..

This land - all of it belongs to the Native Americans in California as is - all over our Nation - once called Turtle Island. The immigrant population; more indigenous are closer to the Native Americans.The same cannot be said of the strangers who are greedy and have polluted the land.

Those greedy and out to make money; any way they can and have contaminated our Earth - that is left to us - Homo Sapiens - to look after and leave our Earth - in a better shape for future - generations. The greedy know this but do not do anything about it - their day has come. Climate change, the Ozone level, other signs of the times - that those blinded by greed - cannot see and less fathom.

Many California governors have failed us - falling prey to filthy rich farmers - more Corporations - who could care less to protect our Earth and less about our immigrants.

These Corporations; use farm workers like a - "dirty rag". Deprive hard working immigrants and farm workers - decent living quarters, less clean drinking water, and treat human beings that deserve fair play, justice and respect - as second class citizens with blatant - discrimination of the worst kind.

In San Francisco the crooked strangers; using their Congressional power - took over the water resources in the Yosemite Area; the land of the Miwoks and Piutes and others - and created the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.

At the many San Francisco Public Utilities Commission meetings - I watch and hear drab presentations - shallow and with immoral folks purporting to do something but failing - about how pristine the Hetch Hetchy water is - and related issues.

Who is fooling - whom?

Rich folks from San Francisco 200 miles away - used their Congressional power to steal the land and dam the near by rivers in and around Yosemite Federal Lands - to create the Hetch Hetchy dam and reservoir.

At the source; the confluence the water is pristine more Sacred - damned and kept pristine with the granite walls - that the Creator created and which the Native Americans of the area; to this very day - acknowledge as a gift from the Great Spirit.

Every time I go to visit the Native Americans they present with a bottle of Sacred Water - gathered near the confluence. Of course the blind - would not pay attention to this - ever.

As this water comes down to San Francisco - it is polluted - yes contaminated so that when it reaches a hundred or more miles from San Francisco - it is contaminated with water from other streams and rivers - water added to be treated to be stored in large - reservoirs. 

Our reservoirs hold the water - we say it is treated - with chloromine and other diabolical chemicals that the evolved human species - now has to ingest - foreign to one's system - while those in authority - purport it is safe but in reality it is NOT.

Those is authority lies - saying and bluffing all the time - why foul what is natural and good. Those are the ways of the strangers - who came to Turtle Island - lacking spirituality and saturated with greed and evil.

These are the same evil people who cut down the Redwood trees in the thousands. Killed the buffalo for their skins and left thousands of skinned Buffalo to rot. Only the evil ones could commit such atrocities. Many of us - do not want to speak out - because we think we must keep quiet and allow the devil to rule.

We permit those evil to the core to play with the lives of those that are innocent, decent, and not educated on issues.

When we who know protest - then all hell breaks lose.

We have many - who have to filter their water - to take a bath. Others believe what they hear; fall prey to the contamination and slowly die a slow - death. Chemicals.

It is time that Assembly person Luis A. Alejo have a hearing at the State Building in San Francisco on matters pertaining Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials.

The many environmentalist who are decent can reveal to him and other that matter; what is not known to most and to Sacramento.

We need a champion like Assembly Luis A. Alejo - as those we have sent to Sacramento are asleep at the wheel - impotent, spineless, inept, shallow and immoral.

Others pander - taking junkets to China - always thinking about High Speed Rail and how to make money. Working with Lennar a Rogue Developer and always seeking ways to fill their campaign coffers.

Even, as their term expires - always wallowing in the cesspool of greed - these so called Representatives - cannot and will not leave a -  sound legacy. They sooner they leave their office - the better - in fact they must resign.

It is time we stand shoulder to shoulder with those constituents Citizens and non citizens - all decent human beings - impacted by discrimination and lack of access to clean, drinking water and other amenities that represent the best side of Quality of Life issues.

Everyone who lives in the small and large communities; rural and urban California - must be treated right - as laid down by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The 30 articles spell it out - and should shame our Representatives - who swear by our State of California Constitution, our United States Constitution, care less to know about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - and yet purport to - Represent.

Here in California the least we can do - we must protect and afford decent, standard, and readily available resources such as clean drinking water - to our babies, our women and men.

Our elders, those mentally and physically challenged; our indigent immigrants, others who are poor - providing clean drinking water - it is the least we can do - in the year 2012.

We have too many that talk the talk - mostly the Regulatory Agencies, the appointments made by the State Governors, the power struggle to make money; stay in place and shaft the constituents.

Governor Jerry Brown Jr. must rein in the crooks - and clip their wings.

Put them on a diet drinking contaminated water from the jurisdiction they control for a period of two years or more.

Suddenly, you will notice - every jurisdiction will have clean drinking water.

Where there is a will there is a way - and our day has come - we need to stand united and bring down the - crooks - give them a taste of their own sordid - medication. Aho.

State Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials - a hearing held recently about drinking water and contamination - all over California more in unincorporated areas - with State Regulatory Officials looking the other way: