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Friday, August 31, 2012


Where are the leaders in the Bay Area when it comes to addressing sound college education - with bearable fees, tuition - and high standards to deliver sound - education.

For many years; those in charge of our education - have been taking a position - that they know better - when they know nothing at all. Calling themselves administrators - when the are more "corrupt" - and manipulators that need to be charged with crime. It is sad when these folks - with intent - fail to educated - and play hell with - minds and innocent - students.

Good educators do not put themselves first and the student and facility last.

That is what we are seeing first hand in most of our Public Colleges - the tax payers money is wasted - and those right at the top - making policy decisions as Board Members - need to be reined in - and in some cases take to court - and charged with crime - blatant negligence; when it come to delivering - quality education.

Again and again we see that the general state of affairs favors those that have money.

Foreign students from countries that have money - are cuddled and embraced - they have the money to burn - and College Administrators - favor such students - turn their backs on local student - more poor students who need - help.

Local students are left to fend for themselves and treated with disdain. Recent policies have shoved minorities out the door - and the few that remain - have a difficult time coping. We all know about the difficulties the minority college students are suffering from - but, no one worth the salt is doing anything.

I visit some of the students mostly the Public Colleges and Universities and what I see - I do not like.

Year after year - tuition fees are increased and with that comes large classes - with the professors forced to deal with more - and given less tools and needed support to deal - with the situation at hand.

Education is not like fast food - where you get something quickly that is not good for you.

The college students are stressed and more those that work two and three jobs - just to make it.

Some of the students with great sacrifice make it - but most cannot take it any more - and no one cares.

The rich of course - have it good - and linger two years in one class - at least those - that are many; that want to prolong - hanging around in college.

Wrangling - wading out the present state of the economy - where most college college students - cannot get a good career - job - anyway.

In recent years in San Francisco for example - some mention has been made about some "tech firms or companies" - doing good. We saw this during the "Dot.Com" era - they came quickly and as quickly as the came they vanished - vanished in oblivion.

These companies at the most favor a trend - and trends like some gourmet dishes - offer only so much to the palate and then you want to taste something else.

The trend -  that which was once favored - is relegated to the dumpster - the waste paper basket - cast away because there is only so much we can bear and stand. That is just human nature.

We saw a big deal made with some "social sites" such as Face Book - even Twitter - Google - sites,platforms and engines - we dabble with. 

These "engines" do permit us to use them as tools - but, human nature being what it is - we want something better and more interesting. Stuff comes and goes - and tomorrow promises more - and there will be creative minds that will deliver. 

Twenty five years ago the Internet did not play such a important role in education - in our institution of higher learning - today it does.

Twenty five years ago - you saw some lap tops being brought to the colleges - now every one mostly has access to one - to a Personal Computer or Desk Top - Ipad - even high end cell telephones that are capable of delivering and being able to task and deliver - in the palm of one's hand.

The information we get from using technology fails to consider the ability of any individual to discern - to filter - to comprehend and use the best that is there - information - little sound most - chaff.

Even with the professors - they come in various shades - the good ones and the not so good ones - the ones that can guide you and take you to a better place - and those that are just there - doing there thing - having no real interest in the future of the students.

There was a time if you went to Law College and passed - you got a good job - no more. There was a time - if you did well in Business School you did more than well - just ask those with such a degree - whiling away their time - trying to make ends - meet. It is the same with Engineering graduates - and the thousands with degrees in Art and so on.

The 2008 dire economic straits have driven graduates to do any job - just to survive.

I meet them every day and what they tell me is not pretty. In San Francisco many of those with a Master's Degree are doing other jobs - bringing a far wider understanding and skills to the job - but for sure not using their education and trained skills - in the right field.

The politicians have no clue what is happening.

While they desperately - try to fill their campaign coffers - lie to the constituents and pretend that they are serving the constituents - while all these despicable politicians do - in serve themselves.

The dire economic situation has impacted everyone - and those that suffer most are the middle class with children. No one really cares about them.

The middle class is what make any sound government and Democracy work - you remove the Middle Class - and you remove most everything.

We are all working hard to survive - daily figuring out - how we can deliver.

Some of us have the ability to create some new situations that affect lives - bring some little or more hope in the lives of others.

College student go to colleges and universities to learn and better themselves - not to suffer and spend years - trying to find a good job - ever pondering that "despair" - is what they have to witness daily at the end of the tunnel. That was NOT - what should have been happening - but it is.

The caliber of the students has changed drastically - the students are more cautious, slow to comprehend; why no one gives them opportunities, less trusting - and gone are the days when a college education - took you places. 

In today's world; the reality is the debts from college may ruin your day - more when the system demands you pay it - while the interest rates - sky rocket - and no one give you a break.

Thank God - President Barack Hussein Obama - himself a starving student at one time - understands this plight - and has set the interest rates at a level that is - some what decent - for now.

Student loans take a heavy toll on the decent student - that is trained and educated to pay back - what is owed to others.

Some other students have given up - on their studies - having spent their student loans - on other extra curricula - activities. The stress of paying student loans on time - has ruined many a college and university - student's life.

As far as general education is concerned - we. as a Nation are 24th or 25th in the world. We call ourselves a Super Power - but you would not know that - seeing the Political Buffoons - parading their talents - like novice clowns - spewing diatribe and lying through their teeth. Running our economy to the ground. Daily we borrow millions from China and daily we pay them millions.  Our debt is every growing in the TRILLIONS.

Our Judicial System on the highest level - has adjudicated that "Corporations" are persons.

With one scoop - permitting the "thugs" to throw in millions - with corrupt -"political action committees" - set, to ruin most any stable form of operation.

Local and State government - our National government - the repercussions are wide - and trickle down to almost anything - adversely impact the core foundation and decency - ethics and moral, transparency and accountability - and that includes our  failing and very poor educational system.

The better countries who do well producing well educated students. These countries invest in pay their teacher well and bring in and hiring the best minds.

These countries that favor sound education - invest in the students - while permitting the student to learn and imbibe those qualities that will make them - good citizens - well educated students - that can and will contribute their talents and education to society at home and the world.

There is a lot of information out there. A lot of it - is chaff.

The ability to discern - is given to those that are smart, talented, ethical and educated.

When anyone has the ability to discern, to filter, to evaluate, to analyze, to dissect, to choose the best information and use it for the good of society - that is sound education - and the affects of putting in in practice - makes a difference - a huge difference. 

In today digital world we do have the tools - and we can compete - but we also need the "human component".

We are after all human not robots - and sensitivity, compassion, understanding, communication, personal relationships, sacrifice and love and more - make us all better persons.

One can learn some and be a misfit - that is not what higher education is all about.

We must contribute - we must socialize, and with sound education, sports, music, art, other social activities - we become rounded and contribute to society.

Unfortunately - the factors that govern the current poor economic growth - invades the better norms and principles - cast aside sound foundation - and have ushered a host of corrupt and very despicable actions - that have nothing to do with sound education.

When heads and boards of Universities and Colleges fall prey to the mundane - worship their salaries and perks - and turn their backs on sound education and adversely impact with intent vulnerable students - something; has gone astray - something is amiss -  rotten, to the core of education.

We see it - everywhere - in the best of colleges and universities - and that is not what it should be.

The mind is a powerful tool - much as is the soul - much as our unique - body that has evolved all these thousands of years. 

We know that we must take care of our body - eat and exercise well.

Our mind is powerful - and most people before they die - use but about 8% of that grey matter - so say the experts that study our human brains.

What we all forget is our soul - that spirit that makes the greatest of human beings - women and men and children who have contributed so much - and honored their generation and so many other generation to come. Left a legacy - a good one - no one remembers the sell outs, the corrupt, those that prey on others - those that sit on the fence - and there are many - and do nothing at all.

When you are educated - you as a human being can be decent, courageous enough - to face life.

Create opportunities - contribute to society - tackle the difficult situations and  bring about the best change in life.

We are a Super Power with a DEBT that is a disgrace.

The politics and the policies have destroyed the middle class.

Sound education; given opportunities - increases the growth of the Middle Class - this class is evaporating before our eyes.

Now in these the United States of America - some 900 entities control 90% of what others should have had - these 900 are filthy rich. We have a population of about 311 million.

We see this in Europe - on the verge of a major turmoil - and soon it will spread - here to the United States - our debt is in the trillions - and increasing every - second.

Today - most people are surviving - while politicians are playing with our lives.

Today - you can trust a "skunk" but not a politician.

Especially; not the ones that spew diatribe - hot air from both sides of their mouth.

Wall Street has failed Main Street.

The 2008 fiscal fiasco - has not brought drastic changes to Wall Street - even today - Hedge Fund, Sub-Prime Loans, Fake Transfer of money in the millions, cooking books and ledgers, all sorts of ploys and machinations are going on.

Algorithms and complicated equations that would baffle Einstein and those of his caliber - faking us with flakes that vanish before your eyes - while dealing with proven norms that adverse affect our lives.

Our Universities and Colleges have been affected by a viral disease that is spreading so fast - that there is no immediate remedy, no sound principles in place to put a stop to the nonsense - the every moral soul of our Institution of Learning - have been compromised - by Greed and those that are GREEDY - at the helm of affairs.