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Sunday, September 2, 2012


There is simply no why that San Francisco can continue to do business - pretending that "LOCAL HIRE" works when all sorts of folks - from as far as NEW YORK - come over here to San Francisco and have it - good.

Locals deprived of good jobs - and that is simply not fair.

The Chinese from China are having a good time - and the "thugs" raking in the millions. Notice "Swinerton" they are all over the place in San Francisco - the Chinese have bought them - lock, stock, and barrel.

The Primes from outside San Francisco and California - simple do not care - they have it good on the large City Contracts - be it the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Department of Public Works, the San Francisco Port Authority, the San Francisco Airport - the Primes have it good - and to hell with - the local hire ordinance - they say.

It is the same at TranBay with Supervisor Jane Kim - who has no clue what she is talking about - when she pretends to say that all the well. The same with Maria Ayerdi - she will tow any line that Willie L. Brown Jr. her mentor is attached to.

 It is despicable how these folks that work for the MACHINE operate. The only redeeming factor that brought these crooks to their knees - was the 2008 economic crash - woke them up - and they still are shaken up with all their plans thrown - asunder.

The John Stewart Company - after raking in millions from the State of California with Community Benefit Funds, the SF Mayor's Community Benefit Funds - is now announcing that those with "good credit" - may apply.

The paradox is that the John Stewart Company never has had good credit itself - and from the days when they operated the infamous " Geneva Towers" to today - operating housing for the indigent at Treasure Island - they are NOT to be trusted.

They have created a "Residential Selection Criteria" - asset verification and other machinations and ploys - that if someone of color had to exercise in a White neighborhood - there would be a hue and cry.

Why do we permit - such despicable - good for nothing Property Managers - to come into our community and control our destiny?

The John Stewart already controls the Northridge Properties - in in one clean scoop - will control housing from Middle Point to Kiska Road.

All the while - the people are asleep - with Tessy and others selling out the community.

There are hundreds of jobs but no enforcement - no enforcement what so ever on the job sites.

With the drastic changes and Certification and Compliance - now under the wings of the City Administrator - help from a Especial Project Manager - local hire could easily be enforced.

With jobs filled by local hire which easily could be done - where can we find the statistics linked to enforcement - on some website - that the public can easily access and evaluate? Time is running out - we will NOT just wait and observe. Notice we do not ask for any favors - not from the Mayor not from the City Administrator.

Cahill, Nibbi, Turner and Turner, the Turner Group lurking in the dark, others more despicable are all in fray - coming to San Francisco and screwing San Franciscans - royally.

There are folks talking a lot about jobs - but no action - no action what so ever.

We will NOT tolerate that with the Sewer System Improvement Project - we the people are monitoring and we the people - will take a stand.

Dwayne Jones, folks like Leamon Abrahms, others who say they are consultants but are just leeching on the community.

Outsiders - that have NO clue what they are doing - please be on the watch out. This is just a clarion call. This time around there is no - fooling around.

The mandates linked to "Local Hiring" must be enforced - now.

Right now is the time to put the "model" that will be used.

This time around - it will NOT be like the Water System Improvement Project - San Franciscans did not get the opportunities - and the Project Managers until today - are nonchalant. Consultants and they know who they are - laughing all the way to the bank.

The Sewer System Improvement Project is a $6 Billion plus project that must be first understood.

In understanding the "community benefits" - the main reason - most of it pertains to the community that has been adversely impacted for over 60 years plus.

By the community I mean those that have lived in Zip Codes 94134, 94124, and 94107 - closer to the "stinking digestors", they WEIRS that are in disrepair -  the spewing of "methane gas" and other contaminants and pollutants.

The few sellouts have had it good for a long time - some living a far off from San Francisco and daily pretending they have connection; with the community - when they do not have.

Before, they were tolerated - today is another day.

Over 1000 miles of sewage pipes will have to be addressed - every aspect and much of it technical - not for the faint of heart. What we lay down must hold good for at least 80 years - if not more.

Inferior work must not be a norm - anything shoddy must be totally ruled out - we just cannot screw with our Infrastructure - that is critical - we may have played hooky the last time around - but for sure NOT this time - around.

It is the same with the clean water pipes - more than 1200 miles and all over 80 years old. water leeching into the Watershed and needing urgent upgrade and sound maintenance and operation.

City Build and the other drab Community Based Organizations have no clue about sound infrastructure - and have been pussyfooting with Interns and other gimmicks - not worth the salt - having Workshops to hoodwink others - stop this nonsense.

Folks who have not passed the seven grade - cannot possibly participate in such "workshops" and contribute to society.

I am watching these buffoons and what I see - I do not like.

Let us address "workshops" and "intern education" - in a fair manner - with full transparency and accountability. A mind is a terrible thing to waste - someone said - and I say " enough is enough".

There is over $300 million set aside from a passed Bond Measure to repair our roads.

The water and sewer pipes mostly use the same roads that must be upgraded and asphalted.

No one is looking at the logistics, the standards, the guarantee that is required - if the work does not pass - very high standards - the City must recover the money. No SHODDY work this time - around.

Crooks have made millions - repairing roads in San Francisco - and built haciendas - large mansions - with through bred horses - and lot of mamasitas thrown in for good measure.

The same nonsense - tolerated - and beyond measure - our roads asphalted only to sink, bear deep pot holes - over looked and bringing disgrace to our fair City.

We have jobs with Pacific Gas and Electric hiring red necks and in utter defiance.

Others saying one thing and doing another - even some ignorant Black Folks pretending to fight for jobs - "mau mauing" - with no serious affect on anyone and bringing disgrace on themselves.

Job safety is critical and no one should employ anyone who does not have sound safety training.

This happens all the time - because no notice is given - months ahead to prepare, more to train, and most to have a Blue Print that is holistic - with most everything - well thought out.

The UNION want their money - initiation fees - many have no clue about the history of the community. Once UNIONS were powerful - not any more - today pandering to the politics - they rake in the money from UNION DUES - and fill campaign coffers for favors. This nonsense must S T O P .

Our City leaders at the very top and busy creating pandemonium. Soon the SF Board of Supervisors will come - from their vacation - to embark on trying to address the Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - fiasco.

Waste of money and time - this storm in a tea pot - this fiasco has ruined the fair name of our City and County of San Francisco.

The crooks - the Pacific Heights Mafia - have it good - eating, sleeping, screwing, and spending money as if there is no tomorrow. These skunks have no compassion and the poor who are suffering - least concerns these vermin.

It does not bother them - thousands sleeping in their vehicles, others sit on chairs as beds - and linger through each night - at the many so called shelters that cannot offer a decent bed.

A documentary must be made - how hundreds of folks are offered a chair to rest the whole night long. The world must see this. Surrounded by foul smell, noise, and turmoil that animals would not endure.  What is our Health Department doing about this? What is our District Attorney doing about this? What is our City Attorney doing about this? What is our Mayor doing about this? N O T H I N G .

Good for nothing when it comes to action.

Better still the heads of each City Department - must spend ONE single night - siting on the chair - all night long - and write his or her experience.

On the list as starters - some one like Trent Rhorer - could set the example, Barbara Garcia, Dennis Herrera,Tiffany Bohee, others who look the other way - because they have it good.

Gentrification in the Western Addition and the Bayview Hunters Point is a reality.

Amos Brown and his clowns - constantly attending Press Conferences - talking and spewing hot air - but that is the extent of their contribution to the mundane and useless.

The Mayor must listen to those that deliver - not those that talk and pander.

He must vett those that waste his time - and listen to those that are truly working. Too much time has passed and nothing much is happening - worth the salt.

People are hurting with foreclosures of many homes. Crime and more violence is on the increase - theft of stores and offices, home robberies, assaults, shootings and killings - and those in charge are spewing lies - and have no control of the situation.

If some of us can help create a viable path and bring about peace without the City messing with us - and giving us NO help - why cannot the City and County of San Francisco - with a budget of over $7.6 billion, yes BILLION - not put its best foot forward - and address Quality of Life issues?

The answer is simply - too many dumb folks - that all they want is money - for themselves - greedy to the core - and despicable.

That is a Billion dollar question that some of those panderers must answer - soon - or forever hold your - peace.

A few pertinent stats and there is more you can do with your own research about our Fair City and the opportunities available:,+CA