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Sunday, August 26, 2012


The Southeast Sector of San Francisco - has seen a rapid change in its demographics.

The result has been that those loud mouth former leaders have no followers and what has truly, happened -  those now in the majority are sick and tired of the way - past leaders who do not control the current constituents - linger trying to control - a past that has divided the community at large.

Those taking a lead at current meetings and certain focused meetings - still use old, antiquated data - to spin and spew disinformation and misinformation. We see that again and again. This nonsense must STOP.

No one wants to live in any neighborhood - where constantly one has to live in fear. The Black on Black violence is what first started this pandemonium.

Much like we saw the killings and shooting in the Mission in the late 1980s and mid 1990s - among the Latinos.

Now this nonsense has plagued the Polynesians - and no one worth the salt - has the guts to come out with solutions.

The Black are divided - they shout a lot - especially the Poverty Pimp Pastors - who are not respected.

The Polynesians have deep roots in cultural system where the heads of the families the "Matia" - can exercise his influence.

The Polynesian pastors too - can exercise their influence.

This has not happened in San Francisco - and some one must take the lead.

There are a few in the Polynesian community who have been pandering to the City and the politicians - they still talk the talk - but they cannot walk the walk. The have with intent - divided the Polynesian community in the past - we need a change and we need it - now.

There is a narrow window of opportunity - that the Polynesian youth have to save themselves and their rich culture. I have been talking to some of the leaders that matter - and God willing - all will be taken care of - soon.

Recently, I met with Bevan Dufty who now is involved with the "homeless" situation but also with the side affects that "homelessness" brings about to our fair City of San Francisco.

When Bevan Dufty was a Supervisor - he heard me often times - take a strong position; when I defend those that needed help most.

He heard me but he did not feel me.

Recently, when he met me at my office - he brought that to my attention - and revealed to me the discrimination, the corruption, and the lack of commitment - agencies such as the San Francisco Housing Authority - the SF Housing Commission, folks like Amos Brown - continue to act - in a nonchalant manner. Bevan Dufty now feel my pain and he is ready to help us.

Bevan Dufty is committed to do something - and committed to do something by visiting folks and situations at ground zero - listening to people - and bringing about the required change. You can call his office: 415.554.6164. Call him with serious question about Public Housing that adversely impacts - Quality of Life issues.

Our Mayor Ed Lee has been pandering to the old guard - good for nothing folks like Amos Brown, those very corrupt who exercise their power backed by the corrupt MACHINE. That type of inter-action will bring Mayor Ed Lee - down.

Mayor Ed Lee is my friend - that is why I can call a spade a spade. 

I do not want to tell him the opposite of what I think about and his work. That is why to help him - I work round the clock and know one pays me - and no one can buy me.

It about time - that Mayor Ed Lee listens to those - at ground zero that truly care about our fair city - San Francisco.

The City named after Saint Francis of Assissi - a Saint who had compassion and did not known - corruption.

I see Swinerton has been bought by some Chinese Powers and has a lot of projects - all over the City. I am sure Willie L. Brown Jr. is behind this move  - with his side kick Rose Pak.

Webcor failed to utilize the money that backed them by a Japanese Company Obiyashi - and soon will go under. Only to be bought by another company - and tighten the belt - and survive or sink. We hope Webcor completes the SF General Hospital without any major - "Change Orders".

The Cahill's, the Nibbi's, Turner and Turner, and a host of other so called Prime - have projects and are making money.

However, we have no clout - when it comes to exercising the many laws that broken - local hire even with a "local hire ordinance" - is going nowhere where it was predicted.

The HOPESF is stalled and only when some one with true leadership stands tall - with time-lines and purpose of mind - can something - happen. We need the jobs but we need those who will work to be trained well - and the time is now.

The many UNIONS must be involved with TRAINING.

The many HOPESF sites can offer just the right type of HOPE - to our men and women who have nothing to do. City Build and the other Community Based Organizations - want the money for sure - but cannot offer CAREER jobs to those that want them.

We have over 3000 journey men and women - who have not worked in years. We must do something to bring them back to work.

We see before our eyes workers hired and paid under the table. We saw this recently - with the Willie L. Brown Jr. Academy on Silver and Revere - in the Bayview. There was a small protest and the result was two meager Full Time Positions were offered. Bread crumbs.

I assure you that will not happen with the Sewer System Improvement Project - a $6 Billion project that will take place mostly in the Bayview Hunters Point area; with the building and total replacedment of the Digestors.

The pumps, over 1200 miles of sewer pipes, state of the art equipment and material that will last another 80 years - if not more and all in the Southeast Sector for sure.

Upgrading the replacing the Wiers and other important infrastructure projects all over San Francisco - linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project.

August 28, 2012 there is a workshop at the SF Public Utilities Commission in Room 400 - those of you that care should come and witness the situation at hand - listen to the deliberations - and be educated on issues:

Our local leaders are asleep - and there is a lot of talk - but right now is the time to plan. There are some that can do it - and you all must step up.

We can put an end to this violence and turn things around. If we do not do that - the work that has to be done on time - will not take place.

The reason is simple - an environment will be created by forces that cannot be controlled - who will want something and if given nothing - more something that will sustain them - there will be - pandemonium.

The changed demographics make a vast difference - the best and changed element is we have constituents who want to work, many of them are educated, and the majority do have work - ethics.

We are working with a small group - and what we see is good.
We look forward to those companies that get work helping us - we will hold their feet - to the fire.