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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Mayor Ed Lee has appointed Harlan Kelly as the next General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Harlan Kelly's wife is Naomi Kelly - who is the City's Administrator of the City and County of San Francisco.

As most of us know; both Harlan Kelly and Naomi backed Mayor Ed Lee in his quest to be Mayor - Mayor Ed Lee has backed his supporters - in this case these two - husband and wife team - will serve San Francisco well and have our total - support.

Both Harlan and Naomi are hard working people.

Very amiable - and an example in today's world - that if you strive with good values, fortitude, and sound leadership - work hard and be focused - one can succeed in life.

We must not forget Ed Harrington - who is the present General Manager and will be in place until September 21, 2012.

Ed Harrington has served the SF Public Utilities Commission very well. He will retire - and leaves behind good leadership in the hands of Harlan Kelly and the other Assistant General Managers.

Harlan Kelly worked hard and distinguished himself with his many engineering and logistical talents. He did well at the Department of Public Works - and led the team at SFPUC heading the $4.2 Billion - Water System Improvement Project.

Harlan Kelly also participated in all the deliberations - with the Sewer System Improvement Project which is an over $6 Billion dollar project that will start soon in a couple of months.

The brand new building at 525 Golden Gate is a unique and singular Platinum Leed Building - it just had its ribbon cutting - and stands as a symbol  for the future.

The City and County of San Francisco has already invested with our Regional partners - and will soon complete the Water System Improvement Project.

We must address some concerns - which, we should overcome in and around the Calavares - reservoir. Kudos to Julie Labonte who has led the WSIP project and done well.

The Sewer System Improvement Project - gives us all an opportunity to revamp and rehabilitate - but more to replace our digestors, our aging weirs, our aging over 80 years leaking pipes in the City - both clean water and sewer.

We look forward to Tommy Moala and Karen Kubick stepping up and doing well. Addressing the many concerns of the community - with Juliet Ellis, Tyrone Jue and others - doing sound outreach.

Mayor Ed Lee is fortunate to have two capable people in Naomi Kelly who is our first woman and Black City Administrator.

With Harlan Kelly as General Manager of one of the largest Utilities in California - this City is rest assured that it is in capable - hands.

Water is like Gold - and as the years go by we must address our resources both water and electricity with utmost - care. "Sustainability " - is the word - and only sound leadership can address these pertinent and life saving - resources.

They say it takes two to tango - and with Harlan and Naomi working hard to serve our City and County of San Francisco - we need first to be grateful that they have chosen to step up - now it is our turn to support them - by our actions.

When Naomi was chosen as City Administrator I was there to witness the ceremony. And I hope I will be there to see - the swearing in of my Brother - Harlan Kelly.

This loving couple have two sons - and both of them deserve our admiration - it takes a loving family to show San Francisco and decent San Franciscans - that many things can happen - with decent families as this City displayed and showed in years - past.

Our youth look forward to some proven opportunities.

We are already working with SFPUC under the leadership of Ed Harrington to save lives and make good things happen - on many SFPUC projects and there are more to come.

We are now grateful to God - that we have a Brother - who can see what needs to be done - and support us. Harlan fully understands the situation at ground zero and with him the City authorities - headed by Mayor Ed Lee.

On our part we will work hard - there can be no progress without very hard work. There are those that talk the talk but few that walk the walk.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Harlan as I have said so many times at all the public meetings - you have my support - work with us to serve the community.

God Bless - and on to the best - stuff - in the many years to come.

Some photographs from the past on Harlan Kelly and Naomi Kelly and the family - from my archives: