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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Who is really addressing the concerns of our Polynesian Sisters and Brothers in San Francisco?

It is time for our Polynesian Sisters and Brothers to send a clear message to City Hall and to those entities that think they can use corrupt conduits - to bluff the Polynesians - promise them some grants - and take them for a ride.

Most people in San Francisco make not be aware that given the small population of American Samoa and the Polynesians here in the United States - Tongans, Samoans, others from the Islands - more Polynesians have died for these the United States - that any other State in the United States - in all of Nation's wars.

I first made contact with my Sisters and Brothers from Polynesia - when I worked for Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

Today as before the Polynesians are dear to my heart - and when I can - I lend a small helping hand - I do what I can - and I do it willingly.

In San Francisco's Public Housing the Polynesian have been living for many years - doing what they can to contribute to their Churches and serving our City and County of San Francisco in many capacities. Doing what they do best - sharing love and helping one another.

Over the years - I have been fortunate to associate and build lasting friendships - the Polynesians are a friendly people and one that will adhere to you - and stick by you - in all your endeavors - our journey in life has been an enlightening journey.

Some years ago we had a group of Samoan Football players playing for Balboa High School - I have found memories attending those games and treasure the moments I spent with the young men and cheering women - friends and family.

The many Polynesian events we held at Balboa High School - music, dancing - a rich culture from all of the islands.

We formed an entity called All Islanders Gathering As One (AIGA1) - had a number of retreats, worked on some political campaigns, met regularly until we all got side tracked - because there was too much to do - and very little time for meetings.

However, that run was a long run and a good run. Much like a marathon - we learned a lot from each other - and we shared what was doing on in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

We reached out to many communities - went to East Palo Alto and helped our fellow Polynesian Community - when they had killings and shootings - and brought about PEACE.

Now for some reason - that same diabolical situation has reached our very door - and our Polynesian Brothers are being targeted and the City and County of San Francisco - talks a good talk but cannot do anything much.

The District 10 Supervisor - know for her grin - does not have the guts to visit the victims - and at ground zero - she is consider inept and a lackey.

Community meetings are held with NO Polynesian present - yet, the talk will be about the violence against Polynesians.

What is happening to our City - do we NOT have the ability to communicate? Do we not have the decency to understand that diversity is important - and that talk is cheap - but actions count more?

Some years ago we had an inordinate number of Polynesians incarcerated in the Juvenile System - and suffice to say in the Adult system. This City has not reached out to the Polynesian Community - not here at home and less in the jails far from home.

Some of us make trips to the prisons - to visit the incarcerated men and women.

Chowchilla some 160 miles from San Francisco for example - a State Women's Prison - that has a large Polynesian community.

We have not got help from our so called Representatives in Sacramento - they too talk a good talk but have not reached out to our Sisters and Brothers - that are incarcerated.

The Realignment Program is a joke - with our Sisters and Brothers housed in programs - that are run by private entities who are paid - more to carry out the same type of fake rehabilitation - that we find in our FAILED  - prison systems all over California.

Our City and County of San Francisco has NO incentive to give jobs to our Sisters and Brothers from all communities - no incentive what so ever - as part of the Realignment Program.

Big Developers keep doing as they please - the John Stewart Company a Rogue Property Management Company - has hired red necks -  will not hire Polynesians - journey men and other skilled - right where Huntersview is located - in our back yard. Why because the John Stewart Company encourages - blatant - discrimination.

Again and again in Public Housing - the SF Police Department - are encouraging small Police Stations - that favor gentrification - and the removal of Polynesians more Samoans from Public Housing. Where is our City and County of this one?

It is the same with the Black community. The community has been decimated and the community is fed up - there is heighten tension - and it has reached saturation point. Where is Mayor Ed Lee on this one? He has turned to the Poverty Pimp Pastors - who themselves need - sound salvation - worshiping mammon.

For the first time in many years - we see hundreds of Polynesians in the Tenderloin - why?

Living in Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) Hotels - infested with bugs - filthy - with shared kitchens and restrooms. Others sleep on the streets and this is a crying shame.

Once Blacks and Samoans had a good relationship - no more. The present violence - more killing and shootings - has created bad blood. More in places like Double Rock aka Alice Griffith.

The Polynesians are a loving people, they are very spiritual - but it seems that some one has decided to cross the line the irk the Polynesians.

When it comes to taking a stand - the Polynesians will and can - but is our City prepared for an eventuality - where things can run amok - and no one - not even the best police presence - will be able to stand their ground.

We reached that point when Big O was killed by the SF Police Department in the Mission. We had to rally fast - hold a Pow Wow - and bring about peace. We attended the Police Commission meetings - and saw the SF Police Commissioners tremble.

Do those that are playing with fire - want another one of those incidents that are beyond the control - where the City that knows how - falls flat on its face in disgrace?

The City has failed to install meaningful Community Policing Practices.

Has failed in its mission - trying to use old tactics - the old contacts who are on the take - to try to pacify the Polynesians.

Such tactics are stale - and the time has come to meet the Polynesians face to face - may be dance the Haka - and make peace on their terms.