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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


If you are a man lead by example. If you are a man of God - the burden of proof is higher.

There are Black Pastors today in San Francisco - that serenade as DEVELOPERS - quicker than a blink of the eye - they purport as a group having done no good - that they can STOP - crime.

The truth is they are LIARS - and the wrath of God has already fallen on most of them.

The Black Churches are empty - you have the very old and the babies.

The youth are not attending the Churches - and those that have fallen away from the Church - will not listen to the Black Pastors.

It is simply beyond the Pastors to pretend they can stop crime - they could not before and they will never in the future. Not as long as they have no - humility.

There use to be a time when pastors were respected - but the ones we have now strolling at City Hall - asking for favors are pathetic.

Recently I saw some of them with the Mayor addressing Stop and Frisk - a big storm in a tiny tea cup.

Thank God in San Francisco we have astute advocates - who do not trust the Black Pastors - we have known the Black Pastors for a long time.

Always on the take and not worthy of the collar they wear. These are the same - shameless ones who took money from Lennar - these are the same ones that now want to be developers.

None of these Pastors have set down and tried to help the youth find jobs, helped them with scholarships - all they want is money - and if they could pass the hat - ten, fifteen times - to collect money they would.

I have been watching the Black pastors who will rally to a cause - only after some great event happens - for all the wrong - reasons.

We were the first to come to the aid of Oscar Grant - and then long after we laid the foundation - comes the famous one who purports to represent the NAACP - and has done nothing - for Blacks and less for people of color.

The Constitution gives us citizens many rights.

So, any one who may try to usurp our rights - can try doing so - but thank God we do have the right today to take these folks that fail to understand the difference between freedom and license to Court.

Where, given the opportunity we will win - hands down.

Abuse of FREEDOM is license.

The Black pastors do not understand this - but the time has come for them to understand - and in humility stick to what they must do - serve the people as servants.

Do not say: " we are now DEVELOPERS ". If you say so - you serve mammon and in doing so you serve the - devil.

The recent changes in the California Prisons - have forced the State of California  - Correctional Department to release many prisoners. More those who have not committed serious crime.

As part of this process - known as realignment - our Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - invested a lot of time - and would have now been doing his work.

You may have noticed the Black pastors who now purport to have awoken from their slumber - are spewing diatribe - that they can stop the crime.

They cannot as men of god - they have betrayed God by serving mammon.  No one worth the salt respects them.

Not a word from these Black pastors in support of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. Why? The all take their orders from the devil himself - a past Mayor of San Francisco.

These Black pastors - and good arm chair critics - but when it comes to understanding - realignment - putting in place model operations to serve those prisoner released - they have nothing to show - but hot air.

Those who are in gangs are not stupid - not as stupid as the one who purport that they can stop all crime and the present situation - which borders on pandemonium.

Can the Black pastors for example approach the Samoans to stop crime. I doubt very much.

Can the Black pastors try to do the same with the Latinos - I doubt very much.

The demographics have changed radically - and the Black pastors - can only hear the echo of their loud noises - that they are famous for. Simply empty vessels - simply impotent.

Most of them live in the past - the talk a lot about the Civil Rights days - but they have let down those that went before them - true Civil Rights leaders are rocking in their graves.

The Black pastors should go the shelters and witness the mess they have created.

There was a time they could have done good - but they chose with intent to wallow in money - worship mammon. They may not believe it - because the false pride they have is overwhelming - and they are intoxicated with lust and greed.

Our youth more Black youth are confused - none of these Black pastors come close to any leader - the caliber of Frederick Douglass  - Dr Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks - they all purport to be leaders - but when these Black pastors - look behind them - all they see it their own shadow.

When they look in the mirror - they do not see - light.

Our youth confide in me - and have for many years - over 35 years and more.

What the Black youth go through is not easy - but I have seen these Black pastors - belittle our youth - act pompous.

They did not say a word - when Lennar poisoned our children and women - our men and those frail and weak. These Black pastors took money from Lennar a Rogue Developer - and in taking money - they proved once and for all that they betrayed the community.

Today they are at City Hall - patrolling the halls - looking for a moment to see the Mayor - always demanding for favors - much like the vultures who seek any prey - more when they are starving.

Men of God do not do so. Thank God the women pastors have not joined these good for nothing - shallow, inept, and lacking - fortitude - Black men pastors.

Spirituality and hoarding money does not go hand in hand.

Jesus went into the temple and saw that the merchants made the temple into a market  place - and He got angry and tossed the tables and all that they sold -  remind them to treat the temple with reverence and to pay great respect to God.

People are angry that the Black pastors talk too much, holler too much, dance too much to a tune that is out of sync with contemporary times.

Look after the sheep and stop being on Commissions where you sell your soul - and being on the SF Housing Authority and treating people and more Black people with disdain.

Your time has come - and God has brought you to down - you stumble, you stutter, you crawl - but still you have learned nothing. Nothing at all.

To the youth I say do right - there are others that love you and will stand with you.

Think well of those that do good to you - and to those that have forsaken you - leave them to the demons that have taken over their lives.

You go forth and shed light - by your actions - your good actions count - not all the hollering - the mundane - it will not do anyone - any good.