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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The very corrupt San Francisco "Democratic Machine" in San Francisco and who is watching the "inherent" attacks on "FREEDOM"; as many of us know it fully and - comprehend it - "we the people"?

There is genuine "freedom" and then there is "license".

License as you may not know - is abuse of - "freedom".

We saw this recently - with the witch hunt and abuse of "freedom" - in the elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's case - brought about by some corrupt, evil, and disgraceful - forces.

We must rid off these evil forces - before San Francisco - wallows the cesspool of the worst order.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi wife and son - did not have to be put - through hell. The Sheriff should not have to endure all these many months without being paid - and put thorough - hell.

As you can plainly see - the devils who rule the Democratic Machine - saw to it - that those - so called "liberals" - any one that can stand their ground - as did Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - will be sent packing - and the means used - will be down right diabolical - if it comes to that.

This is a clarion call to those that will fight for genuine freedom - and we already have San Francisco Board of Supervisors - who are inept, spineless, and very corrupt. Many pandering to the Democratic Machine - devils and immoral.

Just remember for starters - four of our SF BOS are charged with - "official misconduct" - not one, not two, not three, but four.

Four of the eleven that sit in Room 250 - trying to do the people work and failing - most of the time - because their heart in NOT in the right place.

It does not help that two of the four charged are despicable - the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen who must be removed from office. A closet lesbian who does not understand her community at all.  Over 10 constituents have been shot and killed and the woman is no where to be found. 

Her side kick Scott Wiener from District 8 - who is very corrupt and initiates legislation that favors the filthy rich - every opportunity he gets. Has disdain for those that must be helped - well known - and that includes indigent Queer - folks. The man is queer himself - but one of those that thinks and acts - snotty.

San Francisco has the Sunshine Task Force - and it has been stalled - Why? 

Because Scott Wiener - with intent - chose not to appoint - to shut out - Bruce Wolfe - a sound candidate and one who is physically challenged.

Filling a seat and reserving it for one that is physically challenged is mandatory -  a requirement - which is a must on the Sunshine Task Force - if there is no seat filled that meets this requirement -there is NO - Sunshine Task Force.

For years some of us have worked with the Sunshine Task Force - deliberated - and made sure some of those that try to avoid being ethical, deliberately abuse the Brown Act, fail to abide by ordinances and regulations - are taken to the Sunshine Task Force - where the Sunshine Task Force - can adjudicate these types of cases and more - and forward them to the Ethics Commission.

It has been over a month - you go on the SFGOV website - and it says - the Sunshine Task Force meeting is cancelled.

While it is not sitting as a Task Force - while it is stalled - EVIL people are doing the devil's work. Who made this happen ?

Scott Wiener and those that back him.

The paradox is that Ross Mirkarimi had a lot of do with the Sunshine Task Force and its establishment - and also with the Ethics Commission - that body one step up - that receives hundreds of cases adjudicated by the Sunshine Task Force and sent to the San Francisco Ethics Commission - for its review, evaluation, analysis, and final - deliberation and adjudication.

Ross Mirkarimi worked on the above two entities so that good could happen - few fully realize - what a blow this has been to anyone that stands for "fair play" and "justice" - and you can imagine - what a blow to Ross Mirkarimi - who has contributed so much to our City and County of San Francisco.

As a SF Board of Supervisor he passed the largest amount of legislation - on environmental and others pertinent issues - some of the legislation impacting our Nation and the world.

The San Francisco Ethics Commission in San Francisco is a JOKE.

It was not suppose to be a JOKE - but it has become one - and behind the scenes - the Democratic Machine has used it - as an evil tool - to adjudicate cases - favor some that are corrupt and toss the majority of cases - in the waste paper basket.

We the people have been insulted by the SF Ethics Commission and we the people - must take action - and do this on a War Footing - rid the unethical who are tooling with our - freedom.

It is always interesting to watch the White Man Adjudication System - how they analyse the play on "words" - etymology.

It is always interesting when the devils are losing their case - how they pretend to represent the people.

Suddenly you hear more and more  - "we the people".

"We the People" - cannot and should not be used lightly.

Suddenly the "I" becomes "We" - and we the people know that corrupt, diabolical, unethical persons - have no right - using the phrase "we the people".

More when these unethical people - are far away from being ethical, moral, having proven standards, pander to the wicked; diabolical to the core - and yet sit to adjudicate.

Some where along the line in San Francisco we have permitted shallow, spineless, unethical folks - to represent.

The run for the Supervisors Race using Rank Choice Voting and win. They are on Commissions - some being rotated - from one Commission to the other - all with a hidden agenda - doing the devil's work.

Others want to run for Supervisor of a District and have failed themselves - if you have failed yourself - morally, you are unethical, if you have no spine - why the hell do you want to represent?

We the people are those that represent. And when any candidate - does chose to represent - they must first realize that - "we the people come first".

Our constitution starts with the words - "we the people" - unlike any other universal document - and goes on to spell the details.

In the course of over 200 years plus - our Constitution has stood its ground - and while some pertinent amendments have been made - it is still given the higest respect - all over the world.

What happened last Thursday, August 16, 2012 in room 263 at City Hall was disgraceful.

Now some sordid individuals are replaying the case - on SFGOV TV - again and again - thinking that they won the case.

You have not seen anything yet - you will; as I said  - when I wrote my first article on the case - fall on your face - and may I add - "with utter disgrace ".

San Francisco first and foremost is a compassionate City.

That is why we embrace everyone.

Try going to any other City and bring such charges and see what happens to you all.

The many who came to lie and ganged up on a man that has already admitted to making a mistake - a small mistake grabbing his wife's arm - he is NOT a batterer.

He is not a man that continuously tortures and harms his wife - he loves his wife and he loves his son. Ross Mirkarimi does.

The folks - most of them who have life style issues - live in the closet - have been given a chance to live freely and express themselves in San Francisco.

These spineless, wicked folks, most of them having serious personal life style issues - have gone over board.

This will NOT bore well for you all - who lied and tried to blow this case - beyond anything that it is not - crossing the line in utter disgrace.

Bringing disgrace to our fair City - the City and County of San Francisco named after Saint Francis of Assisi. 

Look out for the next Sunshine Task Force meeting - study it a bit - and attend the next meeting in force - when that HAPPENS:

Every time I look at the website - I go to "MEETINGS" - only to find out it is cancelled. Can we find out why? Can we shed light - where there is abject - darkness?:

More about the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force - "we the people":