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Sunday, August 5, 2012


It is not right for a Super Power such as the United States to take years to resolve the on going situation where millions of people have been adversely impacted in Syria.

More Syrian Christians that form more than twenty five percent of the population of Syria with some other minorities.

For some strange reason the United States has not been very clear and told the citizens of the United States - that we have sided with the Sunnis, like rebel forces - and with help with countries like Saudi Arabia who favor the Sunnis and are against the Shiites have participated indirectly in the killing of innocent - Syrian Christians.

Right now - rebel forces bent of killing Christians - just because the have lived peacefully in Syrian for thousands of years - and now these extremists, more fanatics think - they can kill anyone they deem necessary. If you do not believe what these fanatics believe - "you must die".

When will the United States learn from all the suffering we caused Christians in Iraq who lived there for thousands of years and fled to Jordon and Syria for succor?

Only to be adversely impacted again - this time in Syria - to flee back to Iraq from whence they came - into the hands of the fanatical Sunnis and others in Iraq - who treat Christians who have contributed so much for thousands of years - with disdain.

Reports have been coming out from Syria convoluted and favor what sordid polices the United States purports to work at one particular time - in their failed international policy.

The Assad Family is dictatorial - so are the families in Saudi Arabia that are funneling millions of dollars.

We in the United States must no be caught in the middle - and we must have trained United States Officials - that can command respect - and you cannot do that if all you have done for years - is whore and pimp.

We, the United States were once friends of Syria whose regime favor the Shiites.

We once we very good friends of Iran who favor the Shiites. We fail to remember we were in bed with the Shah of Iran - and help create the present mess that is Iran. We know that - but we fail to refresh our memory - and see things as any sane person would.

We went to Iraq only to understand first hand too late we had to deal with the Shiites in Iraq a minority but still a force to reckon with.

That Sadam Hussein was Sunni and bribed folks to have his way. 

Christians lived peacefully during Sadam Hussein regime - but today they are slaughtered for their faith - and not a whimper from the United States - where there should have been a roar of a lion.

Do we remember well all the blood shed and suffering we created without cause - in the land of Abraham the Great.

The Father of many Nations - we so revere in the Bible we read as Christians. Iraq is modern day Babylon - and we went there and helped destroy so much - loot - and it is a shame that we say we aspire to Christian teaching and standards.

Where are our Christian Faith Leaders on this one?

On the road to Damascus - and we who read the Bible more the New Testament conjure images of Saint Paul - who later went to from place to place - ministering, teaching, and spreading Christianity. Well Damascus is in present day - Syria!

For thousands of years Saint Thomas spread Christianity to far of places. In India today - in the State of Kerala - we have millions who revere Saint Thomas - Orthodox Syrian Christians - who staunchly believe that Saint Thomas himself in flesh and blood - brought them the message of Christ.

As a Super Power the United States of American - we who are citizens and believe in our Founding Fathers - we must fully understand that Bombs, Killing, Deceiving, Lying, and those principles that are not sound - it is not becoming any Christian Nation.

Our Founding Fathers would NOT approve of the many action taken with the blessing of Congress - invading countries that have not attacked us - and trying to bring changes - and landing and bring the worse type of pandemonium and suffering on innocent people.

 We blew it big time in Iraq - looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction and finding - none. That one action - should have stopped us - we wasted trillions of dollars on that war.

We had no reason what so ever to bomb the living hell in Afghanistan - we did it - and history will remember us for our failed policy.

From the days of  the Crusaders we have gone to war for all the wrong reasons as Christians and imported that false way of behaving and mentality to America.

History has recorded Christians fighting for the sake of fighting - we calling Muslims infidels and the Muslims calling as the same and comparing Christians to - pigs. The worst insult you can utter and they do it to this day - those that are fanatics.

None of us remember America - Turtle Island belongs to the Native Americans. We in all our shame did the same to the Native Americans. Put them on Reservations.

Before that killed the men, raped the women, put the children in boarding schools, stole the land - all in the name of being - Christians - and our history records these sordid deeds - and no one worth the salt - has the guts to spell out the details - in fairness and justice.

I happen to know many Christians from Syria and I also happen to know many Syrians who are not Christians from Syria. They all are dear to me.

No one in their right mind - want people to live under a dictator - but for the longest time - we the United States had a good relation be it cloak and dagger - we know it - but we will not admit it.

It was the same with Egypt and today with the Muslim Brotherhood in charge- we are some what leery about Israel - but again we do not care about the millions of Christians who are suffering in Egypt.

Why does the United States with all of our so called Universities, the many powerful Churches, the many powerful drab, shallow, spineless think tanks - not have the guts to speak to the TRUTH.

We have an International Policy that must be flushed down the commode. Layperson leading the way and not listening to those trained - such as the military authorities - who have to take their orders from good for nothing - buffoons. 

Ethnic, religious, minority rights count - we give value to them here in the United States.

There would be a hue and cry - we such indiscriminate killing took place in Canada or in any neighboring country near by our borders.

When it comes to Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan - we seem to be delusional and impotent. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks a good talk - but has let our Nation down again and again.

President Barack Hussein Obama has failed Christians miserably in Iraq. He has in Pakistan for sure. He has in Afghanistan and knows it. This time around he must bear full responsibility for all the innocent Syrian Christians - women, children, and men in Syria under the dictatorial regimes of the Assad family and regime.

Are we in the United States going to offer the Sunnis or whoever will be our temporary ally for a minute - at the expense of shedding innocent blood - in the thousands soon to be millions - and think for a second that the blood of innocent Christians - that lives of innocent Christians dying daily - is NOT a crime - crying to heaven for JUSTICE?

Wake up America.

The killing of innocent Syrian Christians must stop.

We did not stop it in Iraq - no one spoke forcefully in Congress - and no one helped to bring the Christians back to America. We know this and we should be ashamed of ourselves. Read the words on the foot of the Statue of Liberty.

This time around the Syrian Christians in the United States have spoken loud and clear - and now I am joining their ranks in writing.

Let it be known - we with intent cannot shed innocent blood - and think for a second - that we do not have blood on our hands.

Killing anyone innocent is a crime.

In this case we knew it was coming - we looked the other way in Pakistan, in Iraq, we did the same in Afghanistan, but here in Syria - it is in the open - and we dare not speak to the TRUTH.

Time is not on our side.