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Monday, August 20, 2012


The sell outs have been many and for a long time they took money - to turn their back on the community - they have BLOOD on their hands.

Today; the well is dry and they have no where to go - except try to look at us with their blood shot- - eyes.

Daily they look in the mirror and some of them have repented - others continue to represent, wrongly - cheating and lying - and in doing so - get deeper in the cesspool - of their own - creation.

The Bayview has over 450 toxic hot spots outside the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the responsibility of the City and County of San Francisco and more the City Administrator - and nothing is being done about it. These sites need to be cleaned - now.

We truly think it is fine for our families to live - closer to these toxic hot spots - and that all will be fine.

When our women deliver - still born babies - the reports go to these City Officials - but they do not do anything about it. It is business as usual - and this nonsense must - stop.

For sure Barbara Garcia from the San Francisco Health Department - Rajiv Bhatia from the City Environmental Department - attached to the SF Health Department - have the empirical data - but have nothing about it. They have not lifted a finger to help the constituents - that have been adversely - impacted.

Bottom line those folks that are indigent; others who are poor; still others who cannot defend themselves - are expandable - in the eyes of the crooks, the corrupt, those that have no - conscience.

We the people have stated this before and we will again. The United States Navy is about to meet the community on August 22, 2012 at 6 pm at the Bayview Opera House - and discuss their "dirty plan".  " We do not believe in capping any parcel". " Remove your filthy - take it out - out the gate - and send it to where it really belongs - those especial - holding sites - certified to accept - the worst type of contamination".

We all know that there is only one way to deal with Parcel E2.

The entire contents - from Parcel E2 - that are polluted must be removed; contained, and shipped away to a legal dump site.

In the past the U.S. Navy has not been sincere - and we do not expect them to be truthful and sincere - but, we do under the laws of the land and the Human Rights laws - laid down by the United Nations - do the right thing. So far they have been dragging their legs.

It does not help us a bit - when the local sell outs - go along - further use to go along with the now "dead" SF Redevelopment Agency - and now want to use their influence - when they have none - to turn their back on the community - and pretend they represent when they do not - and fake it - that they have some - little abject - clout.

The many innocent children exposed to toxic dust, contaminants, dangerous particulates, other radioactive elements - are suffering and have been suffering for years.

Tumors, cancer, and a host of respiratory diseases - so many to mention - and they - the sell outs think - we do not know - who they are - even though we have named them - many times. Their time has come.

The United States should abate and mitigate - remove the contents from Parcel E2 and take it out the gate. This is the Clarion Call - remove the mess you have created.

You can easily - move the contents by train - and stopped wasting millions trucking it to places - and further in the past - you ought not to have dumped that toxic soil from the other parcels - in the millions of tons - on sites that should not have accepted - contaminated soil.

When will the United States learn to do it right - the first time around?

Do you know - you are the "laughing stock" of the world - at most of your bases - you have with intent "polluted" - you have "contaminated" - you have -"jettisoned".

The Bayview Hunters Point have the advocates that have followed the nefarious practices of the United States Navy.

We have a Constitution that prompt us to do right, the United Nations, Human Rights that further prompts us to do right - we have on our book the Precautionary Principle - we shout, we plead, we speak up to do - right.

We will NOT give up - and we the few - will not be bought.

Finally with God on our side - we do not fear - evil.