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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Life is for the living - NOT - the living dead.

The general impression - those on our San Francisco Commission have of youth and young adults living in the Southeast Sector - is that they cannot produce. In other words - lazy. Yesterday - they got a glimpse for the work force - working under horrendous conditions - and doing well.

However, when it comes to manual work - working hard under the very hot sun, in the midst of poison ivy, rattle snakes, and uneven terrain - those that made this judgement - cannot find better workers - than those they deem - lazy and look upon with disdain.

For years the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been playing with FIRE.

On the $4.2 Water System Improvement Project - it has favored sell outs - who work as consultants - and using the pretext that the Water System Improvement Project was Regional - failed to help San Franciscans and helped others from other Regions. Often touting the Mandala Training Model as better than any found in San Francisco.

While is San Francisco we have an inept, spineless, immoral persons like Rhonda Simmons - wasting millions.

Inarticulate and we saw her in action - at the hearing with California Pacific Medical Center - stupid to the core and steeped with a fake mentality - saturated in her life style - that does not favor - fair play. She sits on the fence and sees which side is - green.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development is still holding to dirty, filthy, polluted rags imported by Jesse Blout, then Michael Cohen, and now Jennifer Matz - who has just returned after taking a long vacation.

The ilk of Bernie Madoff - we permit with intent such dubious entities to waste millions - while giving huge breaks to Twitter and other such entities - that deserve - none.

Our youth are fed up - and I am not talking about those youth that are spineless, inept, and listen to anyone - reminiscent of the Slave Plantation - yes masta - yes!

Caught up in this mess - our Polynesian youth - who failing to comprehend - the dynamics of  divide and rule - dividing the segments of the population and using para-military forces - to intimidate and foster gentrification and removal of hundreds and over time thousands - that is how the Bayview Hunters Point has been decimated.

Sell outs mostly Black and Black pastors - and we can name them but we will not - because even their congregation - have turned their backs - on them. 

As might be expected - thousands of Black young women and men cannot find jobs - and have resorted to selling drugs, prostitution, and doing whatever it takes to survive. All this; even under a Black Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. who I have called many time - a "thug Mayor".

Even recently he made a statement in private - that Blacks cannot survive in San Francisco unless they make money - and as much as $100,000 a month.

Yes, such jobs are available in San Francisco and over 50% of the San Francisco City work force makes over $150,000 a year with benefits - and the paradox is that of the 28,000 plus - over 60% live outside San Francisco.

It does not help that SF City Planning has aided and abetted a Rogue Academy of Art University to convert hundreds of rental units - to be used as Student Housing.

Taken over prime Commercial Space - using false pretext to lure foreign students - charging them exorbitant tuition - and other fees - and all that has now come under review by the forces that were asleep and have just awoken up.

Our City and County of San Francisco has failed our students, our youth - more youth of color - Hispanic, Polynesian, Asian, Black, poor White, Native American.

Those that make $200,000 a year plus - holding good jobs at City Hall and elsewhere running SF City Departments are having it good - while decent hard working San Franciscans - suffer.

No one want to hear the TRUTH - and yesterday the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission got a glimpse of the - reality at ground zero.

Stop pushing the button - if you plant a rotten seed - your will reap what you sow.

In the mean time life style is becoming a norm - with queer City employees and SF Supervisors - taunting the straights - that is what the "immoral" and "flaky" call us - but their time is here.

Our youth and young women and men will get the jobs - we can fight and we can win. The numbers are on our side - and unlike the "closeted ones" we do not hide under some one else's skirt. We have the balls, the tenacity, the fortitude - to bring about justice and we have on many levels - already.

Many City Department heads rest on their laurels - they make good money - think they can be "LAZY" - most of them are - and when it comes to your youth - helping them - quickly, they find excuses.

The current Civil Service System is antiquated and corrupt - and the SF Human Resources Department must be dismantled - now.

The City Unions are impotent - sometimes protesting but the leaders compromising, taking money under the table - and selling out the Union sisters and brothers - these nonsense must - stop.

It is simply egregious that we have a large segment of the SF City employees - making over $175,000 when they retire.

Milking the Pension System - and right now having a gay time - and an even more gay time - when they retire.

Most of them double dipping - and while they are now working - those fostering para-militarism - harming our Society.

No one is talking about this - blatant, on going festering wound - that is a thorn in the side - and hinders Community Policing and more adversely impacts sound and true - Community Policing.

Add to the mix - the blatant Queer Representation - and you have the right recipe - for abject - disaster.

The reason some of us went to the SF Public Utilities Commission - was - because they have the money - and are constantly bragging their "bonds" are of a high quality and return. The fact of the matter is that be be true - but their mission statement endorses - "diversity" - and the SFPUC has failed to attain - reasonable goals - failed to make reasonable accommodation - when it comes to our young women and men.

We could have been very rude - we were polite - and if those who are closeted and have the closeted minds - do not want to deliver - we can and I will lead the charge.

There are two critical and pertinent factors that make this easy - the masses and God. Of course those that are " closet minded" do not want to hear about God and morality. More do they feel intimidated dealing with "straight folks" - who are their deadly enemies - always running away from them and of course - reality.

It does not help that AECOM has hired Susan Leal, Leamons Abrahms, Dwayne Jones - others that are been failures - and now these dubious entities - are clawing their way into our system - daily spread a viral mentality - dividing the population - using ploys like - "interns" - who know little, are educated poorly - with no full transparency and accountability. Making deals and promising the "corrupt" - while working against us who have been in the trenches for years.

Put these fake interns to work - where our youth and young women and men have gone - and they will not last - one single day.

Our young women and men have survived the "gulag" - and  have done well. Taken insults and looked upon with disdain and have come out better - understanding the "dog eat dog" mentality - and how "humility" trumps most - factors.

City Department heads - and I know most of them - are there to fulfill the wishes of corrupt politicians - these Department heads have not stepped up to help our youth and young men and women - giving them opportunities - CAREER jobs.

Three hundred millions - 5% of the $6 Billion has been set aside as Community Benefit for all San Franciscans. $150 million has been doled out to AECOM for outreach - and they have done very poor outreach - reached out to outsiders like Abrahms Leamons - a Willie L. Brown  Jr. - lackey - from New York.

It is the same with Susan Leal - she once was a SF Treasurer, a Supervisor, ran a failed mayoral race - was given the post of General Manager of SFPUC - and now is pussyfooting with AECOM - and has the ability to favor - the ones she favored and still working - for SFPUC. This is called - conflict of interest.

The many consultants hired the likes of Al Williams have been having a gala time - milking the system - smiling and doing - nothing much. I have been monitoring him - does not live in San Francisco any more. And there are others - one worse than the other.

Our youth need real jobs and they will work hard.

The present violence is related to jobs and opportunities.

The Black pastors who rally with Malia Cohen and folks like that - are not respected by the youth - cannot do anything much. They will listen to those that have their better interests - and not to the impotent and closet minded - who cannot truly comprehend the dynamics of - straight folks.

Others like Scott Wiener who has the audacity to attend the meeting in the Bayview standing tall and saying and doing nothing.

This is not for you Scott Wiener - to interfere in our business - it is not like the trip you took with Malia Cohen to Israel - those issues and politics are completely -different.

I want you Scott Wiener to walk the streets in Visitation Valley with Malia Cohen and the Streets at Middle Point and in some other areas - and see what you get. You can flash your SF Police Badge - Malia Cohen - and that grin - that you are famous for - and see what you get.

Time is running out - the para-military operations will fail - there is NO community policing really - and for all the talk, fake Press Conferences - Amos Brown and the others - have never helped the community - they have stood on the side line and asked for money - always favors for themselves.

The ready workers - young men and women need an opportunity - a lasting one - even if it means three months, six months to take them to the next level.

Temporarily some lid has been put on the violence but not for long. You can help us or forever hold your peace.