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Thursday, August 9, 2012


It is crying shame when a useless, inept, shallow, uneducated on issues - so called Representative - tries to fake and try to represent a large area like District 10 in San Francisco.

Malia Cohen still thinks she can pull the fast one - like she did - when she worked for Mayor Gavin Newsom in Room 200 at City Hall.

A closet lesbian - this woman has no feelings for families - less for our youth - and does not have the guts to knock on the doors - where crime - shootings and killings are rampant - at ground zero. To talk the victims and to find unique solutions. She does not have the capacity - less the IQ - to think outside the box.

She had the audacity to have a Press Conference in a remote part of District 10 - in the Industrial Area - in a Church that once operated in Daly City - that has little to do with Bayview Hunters Point and Sunnydale - the people of District 10 - and now has made its home in San Francisco - more in an Industrial Area.

Those gathered to discuss in the presence of the Mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee - have no influence what so ever - with say the Samoans who are very angry - with a pressing issue. The on going hot spots with over 40% unemployment. The very high rate of truancy - when these folks meet at the good for nothing - waste of time - so called Press Conferences - all they go is spew hot air.

The death of a Samoan youth - who was shot by a Black youth - for no reason what so ever. The Black youth challenged the Samoan youth to fight him - and when the Samoan youth walked away - the Black youth simply shot him.

The Black youth and the gun he used has been apprehended - however this situation is very delicate - and the Samoans are not going to listen to shallow, spineless, immoral folks - who say they can do something - but can in reality do nothing. I said NOTHING.

Behind the scene some of us have been trying to put a lid on the situation - but I can assure you none to the folks who surrounded Malia Cohen at this fake Press Conference - in the name of "Shop and Frisk" - but more to say that something was being done - about the on going shooting and killings.

These Black pastors and the other phony folks gathered at that Press Conference  - have no clue what is happening at ground zero. All these folks seek is vain glory - and pandering - to receive some money, some grants - all to exploit the community at large.
Shame on them - each and every one of them - that do not have the best interests - of San Franciscans.

All our hard work - all these years - keeping the peace - has been ruined by folks like Malia Cohen - who thinks she can do something - but she is totally - unfit. Always grinning and always acting like a buffoon. 

Not too long ago the Community Response Team was in operation at key points on San Bruno Avenue, Third Street and Sunnydale.

Some idiot decided to send them to monitor sites in Ingleside - the result - the good work that was done - in the areas I mentioned above - came to a grinding stall. Soon turf war started - increasing to gang tiffs - resulting in killings - and those in charge - look for support - and there was NO viable entity to come to the rescue.

Where we could have intervened and stopped killings - we could not. Where we could take measures to bring in mediators we could not. Where we could exercise the plan we had before - we were left holding the bag.

Once again it was time to attend funeral - once again the raw wounds opened - one again the hatred and the ill feelings that we had kept at bay. All because of poor leadership - and shallow, spineless, inept folks like Malia Cohen - who really does not belong to the community at large.

Once the killings started and the hate spreads - it is too, too late.

Of course Malia Cohen was pussy footing around - so were the Black Pastors - many do not have contact with the youth as many of us do on a daily basis.

These youth do not respect the Black Pastors - and if you mention Malia Cohen - they have choice words for her - which I cannot spell out in this article.

Some of us who met very early on -years ago - to imbibe the tenants of RAP and other entities that did good work - into the Community Response Network (CRN) model - have spent hundreds of hours - supporting the work of the CRN.

The problem is that while we were supporting the work of the CRN - the funding sources were doing everything to curtail their operation.

Throwing all sorts of monkey wrenches - making them jump hurdles - and have created the present mess. The main funding sources and those that receive the funds - are out of sync with what is really happening with the Community Response Network.

Once there was a plan - but the plan has been changed remote control. Idiots make the decision - tell the men and women to say little and take orders - and think they can control - "stressed out individuals" - while all the time these CRN workers are getting burned out. That is the situation right now.

The Mayor Ed Lee must meet with the CRN workers and not the management - and find out what the hell is happening. Who is behind the rampant changes - and why are we praising the CRN at meetings and forums - while all the time hampering their progress and throwing hurdles in the way.

The Mayor's Department of Children, Youth and Families with Maria Su - the San Francisco Health Department with Barbara Gracia - have NO clue about the real dynamics and change in demographics - the rapid flux that can trigger violent crime - and keep going - in areas where those that think they know how to deal with the "shot callers" - are far removed from understanding - the "opus operandi "- because they are ignorant and more clueless.

Law Enforcement resorts to moles and snitches telling them stuff - and the snitches love to spread rumors and give false information - some for protection and more for money. Such methods are primitive to say the least and despicable.

Then you have some Groups - also known as Community Based Organizations - who purport that they can do something - marching, having candle light vigils - and all that can just bring some people together - for a minute.

There is nothing substantial after that - just a little - "feel good moment" - and then the victims and others are left to fend for themselves - and face the inclement conditions - mostly in areas where folks irk out a living - in dire conditions - in Public Housing.

The Mayor and the Black Pastors should have met at Sunnydale in the open - and expressed all the sentiments - they expressed about being against " Stop and Frisk" - the current violence - the jobs that the Mayor and his supporters - purport to have given - and so on and so forth. Just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many others doing good work - but we do not go to the roof tops and say - we did this and we did that. We just to it. But some one must point to the nonsense that these Press Conference convey - utter nonsense - all talk and no action. Diatribe.

These Black pastors from outside - in this case - one former Daly City Pastor - the others who gather in an out post area - far from where the shootings and killings took place - have no idea what they are talking about.

The youth have watched the Press Conference on UTube and laugh at the nonchalant manner - is which the Mayor of San Francisco and those gathered around him - expressed themselves - they are far removed from - reality.

Malia Cohen is a joke - and she simply does not get it - she surrounds herself with other jokers.The likes of Scott Wiener and others - one worse than the other.

Malia Cohen must truly address Quality of Life issues and she has not.

I challenge her to address the Samoan family that lost their son, family members, others hundreds in number - who are waiting for some resolution, some restitution, some meaningful - solution.

The violence - sad to say this time will erupt when you least expect it - it will not be business as usual.

You cannot let things go down - look the other way for so long - play with the lives of decent people - and think that  you corrupt and spineless politicians - can get away with day light murder - no way.

You inept, spineless, shallow, immoral -politicians have crossed the line and now it is on you. You did not listen - when we showed you the way - and now you must face the consequences.

The Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black cannot come to your rescue.

The many Queer politicians like Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen - cannot do anything much - accept face the severe - consequences.

The Mayor must meet with the right people and not the lackeys who are always wanting money - and pandering to him.

Does the Mayor Ed Lee want to hear the truth - or wallow with the drab, spineless, inept, immoral folks that seem to hover around him -having no clue about what is really happening?

Why is Mayor Ed Lee swimming in the cesspool with such individuals not worth the salt?