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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Our youth are intimidated - intimidated about the future - often times they will ask me to have a one on one with them - to talk about what worries and disturbs them most.

I listen and listen - and what I discern - is that they fear about their future -because they lack a plan - a blue print - some path that will take them to a better - place.

If this issue about fear of the future was the concern of only a few of the youth feeling that way - it would not concern me some;  but, when the number is high - meaning the majority of the youth - it must concern all of us that value our youth - and the general state of affairs in our neighborhoods, our town, our cities, our State and our Nation.

Often time the youth see me at some public forum on watch me on SFGOVTV - and think that if I can do it - they can do it. They ask me how I do it - well, you have to make an attempt - you make mistakes - but, never ever repeat a mistake. Also, make sure you do your homework - and put your best foot - forward.

Never mind if very few avenues are available to our youth - to address public forum - speak to Representative at all levels, and what is more challenging achieve something in their lives - to prove that they can do it. Adults should work with the youth - to make opportunities and brings joy and hope - where there is abject darkness and some qualified - sadness.

It does not help when the State of California is broke - yes, the once 5th largest economic in the world - is broke.

Private entities who have had it good must step up - a concerted effort must be made using the "social network" - and the digital technology - to bring about change and holistically affect the youth and those concerned with the welfare of the youth in San Francisco and the adjoining - areas.

It does not help when trained teachers the younger ones because the do not have "tenure"  - in our Public School system - are dismissed - when funding is an issue.

Teachers that do not meet the mark - allowed to teach - and offer inferior teaching to their students. Not all of the teachers - but, many who do not live up to par.

It does not help that the School Management of our San Francisco Unified School District and the drab SFU School District Board - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Again and again they have failed - and more those who represent City Hall and the Mayor - pretending to do something - but spewing diatribe - all the time.

Our Public School have the Wellness Centers - but, truly speaking not all is well at the Wellness Centers.

When is comes to mental problems - anger management, acute stress, lack of food and proper nourishment, killings and violence, bullying and intimidation, turf issues - and a host of other real problems - that the so called - experts have no clue about.

No one teaches one such elements in the Universities and the institutions of learning - the management in most schools are afraid to invite those that know - more about the issues that I have mentioned above. More importantly how to deal with them - and interact with the students affected and others who want to know about the prevailing - pandemonium.

Suicides are on the increase among the youth. We have to pay especial attention to queer youth. Not a word about this issue - no one in the San Francisco Health Department is addressing this problem - on a war footing - staring us in the face.

As teenagers most of us had a period of time in our life - when we could not handle certain issues.

Lucky for us some one stepped up and helped us. When I was young - I loved challenges - to this day - I love challenges.

When corrupt forces are challenged they do not like it - and cowards who do not have the balls to take a stand - love to criticize those that confront the corrupt. But, they are the first to enjoy the fruits of those that confront, explain, and open doors to opportunities - to those that are quiet by nature and need some little help to - open doors.

Mayor Ed Lee is confused - he has chosen to take the safe path - and listen to those who part of the MACHINE - who are useless.

It is time to put the leaders of the youth moment in charge and back them up. What the youth want to happen; as part of  their own vision and all they need is the opportunity - without any encumbrances.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.
Come on Mayor Ed Lee - I know you can do it - you are the Mayor - take the lead now and do a good job of it. 

I am friends with many youth - who feel free to talk to me - and their small issues and BIG issues; matter to these youth.

When I talk to them - together we walk the issues - and discuss how we can take steps to - take control of the issues. Have back up plans - and in the worst case - talk to experts who can and will help them. Most of all we establish Point of Contracts - and it always - works.

Our San Francisco Health Department for all the talk - have left our youth to fend for themselves.

It is time the San Francisco Youth Commission - call for hearing - and discuss the issues about youth - in a meaningful manner - with time lines and objectives to deal with the critical issues - that are adversely not only the youth - but parents, family, friends, and the community in general.

There are the living and the living dead.

If you have it good - you must pause and give some back - remember when you were young - you had someone a teacher, a coach, some one nice in our neighborhood - some one touched you and helped make you - something. Time to give back.

If you help someone in their youth - they will remember you for a long, long time.

You never know they may beat your highest expectation and be someone - some great - someone that will make you - proud. Share you blessings.

I get this all the time - they remember a time when I kept the youth together - in the many sports activities that I held. The many entertainment shows that I fostered. The many other extra curricula activities that I challenged youth and adults - to delve into - to bring their better, creative side to the fore.

In San Francisco our SF Police Department is lacking - choosing para-military methods to deal with those youth that are not - "thugs". You hurt some youth when they are innocent - and you create a monster. I deal with such youth all the time - adversely impacted by those that have no compassion.

In school we have conditions - more in Public School - adversely impacting so many youth.

The School Administrators - conduct themselves superficially - and when confronted with the truth - shut themselves and enter a zone from which they will not come down to reality. Learn to take the youth and others to a better place.

Now to the youth.

You must not give up - and you must remember that are thousands that love you.

We all were young once - and we all remember those that helped us - we want to give our best and if we the adults have faulted - forgive us - but do not give up.

Stand tall and make it happen. Good stuff happens - but it takes some one to make it happen - it could be you - and it should be you. The youth.