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Saturday, August 11, 2012


There is NO doubt the Blacks have played an important role in taking a stand, doing the spade work, and putting themselves on the front line - in the United States of America - throughout history.

Many others taking KUDOS - for what should be rightly - due to the BLACKS - who fought for the rights and the many benefits that comes with the package - that millions enjoy today - not only in the United States but all over the world.

Our Constitution is heavily influence by the Six Nations and the Iroquois Tribe - our Founding Fathers - saw in this system with women in charge - a sound system that help the Six Nations - for thousands of years.

The Native Americans and Black have a common destiny - that has been shared and acknowledged. Now it the time to unite - and bring forth what the prophets have revealed - those that have the genuine SPIRIT will succeed - those steeped in GREED - will fall on their face. Lies and fake promises is their forte.

Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) is my hero - a self made man - who educated himself - and influenced many through his speeches, his debates and his articles in The North Star.

A leading Abolitionist, Editor, and stellar Statesman. He debated President Abraham Lincoln and influenced the President to permit Blacks to fight in the Civil War. This great man fought tirelessly for equality for Black women, children and men. His writings are powerful to this day. He is as I said and will say again - my hero.

The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s pales when you compare what Frederick Douglass achieved during the time he lived.

We revere Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the the Civil Rights Movement - few know the many who initially did NOT support Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -jumped on the band wagon late to take credit for actions they had nothing to do with.

Today we revere Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - but we fail to follow the path he laid for us - pandering to others and turning our back on those that must be helped.

There can be NO genuine LOVE with sacrifice. So, if you just sit and talk and do not take a stand, do not fight for what is right - you are something but when it comes to RIGHT - you are nothing much.

The San Francisco Human Rights Committee - first started in the Bayview Hunters Point in the 1960s. Initially it was started so that Blacks could get jobs at the places where they bought their cars - in the restaurants where they spent their hard earned money.

The many protest on Van Ness where the car dealers took the money from Black who bought fancy cars - but did not permit Black salespersons - a few protests and inroads were made.

Similarly, with the Mel Drive ins and other places - where Black could eat and spent their money - but when it came to cooks, waiters - it was all White and no Blacks were given employment. A few protests - worth the salt and all that changed too.

Unlike other cities - San Francisco has always had the influence of Blacks from the early 1850s for sure and before that. Black women and men owned property and owned large businesses and more.

William Alexander Leidesdorff (1810-1848). Henry Wager Halleck (1815-1872) a United States Army Commanding General who built the 100 series building at the Presidio of San Francisco. Peter K. Cole (1831-1900) a teacher, letter writer, translator of English, French, and Spanish.

The San Francisco "Sentinel" edited by Robert Charles O'Hara Benjamin (1855-1900). Followed by the "Mirror of the Times", "Pacific Appeal", and the "Elevator" all championing Blacks in California.

In 1860 in the vestry of the what is now Bethel A.M.E. a school was started for Black children.

We all know of Mary Ellen Pleasant (1820-1904) - she was well known and moved with the movers and shakers of her time. Owned thousands of acres of land and some fancy properties in San Francisco. She used her influence to champion the cause of Black civil rights in California.

We have the Buffalo Soldiers - all Blacks - some 450 plus - who lie at the Presidio Cemetery. Engineers who built roads, patrolled the Federal Lands and wrote the first Standard Operating Procedures - how to manage our Federal Lands - now known as the National Parks - Sequoia National Park and so on.

Today, the Black Human Rights Leadership Council of San Francisco follows in the path of these great Black leaders - who contributed so much to San Francisco, California and the Nation.

In our recent past we have had documents like the "Unfinished Agenda" and the recent past " Out Migration" - both documents say a lot - more the "Unfinished Agenda" - but the San Francisco Human Rights Commission - has been all talk and no action. An empty vessel making a lot of sordid - noise.

Once twenty five percent of the population of San Francisco was Black -now it it spiraling down - and will soon reach four percent and soon be no more. Surprised!

Whites with intent are endorsing "gentrification" - the removal of Blacks and doing anything and everything to deny Blacks - opportunities.

Unfortunately; some Blacks that have had it good - have with intent worked against their own community - the Black community - the most significant block - Poverty Pimp Pastors - too many to name.

Other Blacks who have had it good - on the back of Civil Rights Leaders - but now have turned their backs on their own people. 

Today the San Francisco Human Rights Commission (SFHRC) is JOKE.

Daily endorsing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual issues and having the majority of seats on the SFHRC - listening to our protests and pleas - but doing nothing in particular. We are fed up voicing our pleas and these good for nothing buffoons - conducting themselves in oblivion.

The Black Human Rights Leadership Council of San Francisco - will take the lead - and take matters into their own hands and rightly so.

We are fed up with the City and County of San Francisco who has forgotten its history - turned its back on Blacks - and has embraced the most despicable characters in the Black community - to do injustice to Blacks and others that are decent citizens and constituents. One former Black Mayor must be noted.

If Frederick Douglass could do it - if Mary Ellen Pleasant could do it - if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could do it - what STOPS us from carrying that torch - and taking our community to a better place? We laid the foundation, we fought for what is Right, we have the BLESSINGS of the Native Americans - the First People - this is their land - what else do we want?

This is the clarion call - the time has come to take charge of our own destiny. All it takes a few good women, men, and children -
focused, with fortitude and determination.

We have a plan and it must remain in the circle. Much as a few Blacks brought about the many changes - this Nation enjoys today and has has spread all over the world.

Here are some photographs of the meeting held on August 9, 2012 a historic day - from this meeting will arise many new actions - bring about progress with purpose of mind.

Those that are steeped in sell out the community and not ready to sacrifice for the good of all decent children, women and men - step aside: