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Friday, August 17, 2012


We have four San Francisco - Board of Supervisors - who right now have been indicted - for Official Misconduct. Those in the know - at City Hall know, who they are - but most involved in the mundane world we live in - have no clue - what so ever.

These four Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, David Chiu, and Eric Mar - were all indicted by the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

The same dubious entity that on August 16, 2012 - had the audacity to indict Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - an elected official who received more votes than Mayor Ed Lee - in the last Mayoral elections.

In the history of San Francisco - a City and County that knows how - proud of our democratic history - we as a City of compassion name after Saint Francis Assisi - have cast a die - in the opposite direction.

Help set the foundation - to bring a City official under false pretext and other dubious miscarriage of law - and just like that - bring abject disgrace to those principles that we as San Franciscans - once revered, cared, and exercised as sacrosanct.

At the first public meeting linked to the hearing of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - I addressed the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

I reminded this useless body that the San Francisco Grand Jury had indicted them. Hundreds of valid cases sent to them by the Sunshine Task Force - have been cast aside and thrown in the waste paper basket.

Today, as a result of ploys and machination initiated by Supervisor Scott Wiener - preventing Bruce Wolfe - from being appointed to the one mandatory seat - reserved for the Physically Challenged - the Sunshine Task Force has not met for months.

What is wrong with this picture - and why is Supervisor Scott Wiener not removed from office? Why is it that no one is protesting and why does our fair City - tolerate such - nonsense.

Paradoxically, the SF Ethics Commission indicted four SF Board of Supervisors - Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, David Chiu, and Eric Mar - in a complaint brought about by Pastor Gavin - linked to the Park Merced - rental homes that a greedy developer - desires to tear down.

Thousands of rental units - if torn down - that will affect thousands of hard working mostly senior and physically challenged - San Franciscans; students from by near by SF State College and others.

By law the four SF Board of Supervisors must recuse themselves.

Whatever the valid number of SF Board of Supervisors mandated to decide the outcome of the Sheriff Ross Mirkarim case - if the four stay out of the proceedings; by recusing themselves - the entire process is stalled and the case nullified.

The SF Courts have failed San Francisco - and we can name cases - but it would not do any good. Now, the same virus as if  by osmosis - has leap-frogged invaded City Hall - all because - we all have NOT been vigilant.

The Democratic Machine is EVIL - and while few have taken them on - the time has come in San Francisco - to set norms - and rid this City of those that have decided to target people - innocent people - in this case an innocent family - and ruin them.

We have a judge a former SF Board of Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval - who was targeted - and but for the help of a few of us - who helped spare the day when Gerardo would lose his home and his family destroyed. Few paid attention to this case - but it hovers over San Francisco - and tags that cloud of - injustice.

We had another Supervisor - Tony Hall - who met the same fate. A triple play by Mayor Gavin Newsom elevating Ann-Marie Conroy to Director of Emergency Service - giving Tony Hall a job as Manager of Treasure Island - and permitting Sean Elsbernd to be a Supervisor of District 7.

When Tony Hall spilled the beans - the Machine - brought him before the Ethics Commission, framed him and nearly destroyed his life and family. Some of us stood by him - and rightly so.

Room 263 on Thursday, August 16, 2012 was filled by cronies bent on removing and casting stones - at a innocent family.

The family of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - that has contributed so much to our City and County of San Francisco. Our City has lost all decency and when that happens - the worst type of confusion, turmoil, and pandemonium will prevail.

In the past there was a Public Defender - Frank Egan in 1932 he killed another person and was sent to jail and indicted by the Ethics Commission. In recent years a SF Supervisor from District 4 - who always voted against the grain - was indicted for not living in his District and for taking bribes. He decided NOT to go before the Ethics Commission. Today he lingers in one of the Federal prisons.

The famous Mozzola case was over turned by the Courts - it took seven years - by the Ethics Commission was proven wrong.

Mayor Ed Lee pressed by the Democratic Machine - charged the elected Sheriff with 6 counts. The Ethics Commission acting in a nonchalant manner - indicted Sheriff Ross Mirkarim on two measly - counts.

When the vote was taken - 4 in favor and one against. The one against was the vote of the Chair of the Ethics Commission that did the most adjudication.

This fact sends a signal to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - when they return from their vacation to deal with this chronic headache - if they decide wrong - the will have BLOOD on their hands.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi belonged to the Green Party - and it goes to show how the Democrats in San Francisco - treat those that join their party.

Today Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - still belongs to the Democratic Party - and he would do well to declare himself - Independent and send the first - salvo.

This City has seen nothing yet - this case will bring the City of San Francisco - to its knees - and this City of San Francisco will fall on its face.

Those behind this case will be disgraced - and it will take this City a long time to heal.

Never mind that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi will keep his job.