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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I had promised that I would attend the Community Meeting held at the Bayview Station located at 201 Williams Avenue in San Francisco and I did.

Even though the demographics of the Bayview Hunters Point, Dog Patch, Little Hollywood, Portola District, Visitation Valley has changed drastically - I was shocked beyond belief to see the same old folks - mostly grumpy - that complain and want some one else to do the work for them - attend this meeting.

Mostly commenting on trivial things - mundane and drab.

The time has come for all of us to take charge of our community.

Unfortunately the Bayview Hunters Point has become a cesspool and the adverse impacts - from the elements branching out to the other better areas within the jurisdiction of the Bayview Police Station - covering District 10 and 9 - has become problematic and chronic. 

The first item on the agenda - believe it or not - was the Metropolitan Transportation Agency - reaching out to the community - to install a couple of restrooms - each 9 ft by 10 ft - and costing about $100,000 each.

Suffice it to say that this item should have been given five minutes but was given more - with those who had time to while away their precious time - asking stupid questions - and prolonging the discussion - beyond what was necessary.

MTA is in dire straits - has failed the public - and keeps increasing our fare. I take Public Transportation regularly and know what I am talking about.

The MTA has failed the passengers and more the MTA drivers - so this moot ploy to install a few restrooms - comes too late - and could satisfy some - but, having said that - you get some inkling about MTA's priorities. The Project Manager of this project one Mr. Drew Howard.

The City Attorney's Office has for years - more than 8 years tried  addressing blight in the Bayview Hunters Point. One City Attorney Yvonne Mere prides that she loves the community and will soon be promoted - whatever that means - giving her another City Attorney to aide her in addressing blight and nuisance cases - taking this false pride - without having a holistic approach to the totality of the situation at hand.

The San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera might think he is doing some justice - by addressing blight and nuisance cases - but this must not be a targeted effort on a few - rather one that is part of addressing Quality of Life issues throughout the City.

The City Attorney's Office - inept as it is has failed to address the over 450 toxic hot spots that adversely impact thousands in District 10. The Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the on going Asbestos reading - that I get daily - but those that must enforce - have no idea and less are educated on environmental issues. 

San Francisco Barbara Garcia and Dr. Rajiv Bhatia could aid the City Attorney - giving him and his minions some better direction. And think of it - the District Supervisors Malia Cohen - want to place a Wellness Center at 3rd and Cargo Street - the most contaminated hot spot that one could imagine. As might have been expected - Malia Cohen was NOT present at this meeting - pussyfooting as usual and doing disservice to the community at large. 

The stench from the Raw Sewage Plant, the dangerous particulates from millions of vehicles that ply in District 10, the mercury, lead, PCBs, and other very dangerous elements in high levels are well documented by the San Francisco Health Department.

San Fancisco's Mayor Ed Lee and the City Administrator Naomi Kelly must look into this matter - and act on a war footing - address the Carbon Foot Print and find out how clean the Bayview is - fit or unfit for human to live in?

Not a word about such poisons that daily - slowly kill our babies, our women, and the general public that come in contact with such elements - at this Community Meeting - or course ignorant, inept, uneducated folks would not aspire to learn about such facts.

Our Public Housing be it at Potrero Hill, Middle Point and Kiska Road, Oakdale Public Housing, Sunnydale Public Housing, the Public Housing at Double Rock aka Alice Griffith - have long served their uses.

These units built by the Department of Defense - in the early 1950s and 1960s - were transferred to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - who is turn - offered them to the San Francisco Housing Authority - one of the most notorious and despicable entities in the Nation.

Truly speaking; no one should be living in the units in most of the these areas. The SF Housing Authority with intent - deferred maintenance - board up the units - encouraged tenants to live in filth and unhealthy conditions - fostering in fighting, and have created a situation that is uncalled for - and begs for justice. 

Every human right - that any decent human being should be afforded has been thrown to the wind. Human beings are forced because of poverty - to live as indigent folks feeling worthless, like zombies - in conditions that are worse than the slums of many third world countries.

Raw sewage flows freely on Caroll Street at Alice Griffith - and has for years and no cares. The plumbing in most Public Housing has long served its use - and no on cares about leaks and toilet and sinks that do not work. You have to enter some of these units - to understand fully - the conditions indigent folks are forced to live in. Mice and other nasty pests all over the place.

The City Attorney and the District Attorney must enforce the nuisance laws on itself first - but chooses with disdain to fault other lay persons - which it should if warranted - but take a look in the mirror - City of San Francisco with your partner San Francisco Housing Authority - and look at you filthy mugs for once. You all need a CLOREX make over!

There are several Community Policing Models floating around. No one wants to encourage the COMMUNITY taking charge of their lives. In fact there in a plan to foster - "gentrification" - siding with Big Development - to get rid of folks that need help - and give them a chance to live in a better environment.

The many Environmental Funding entities that pride themselves which grants to organization world wide - cannot bother to take a drive and see the environmental injustices in their own back yard - the Southeast Sector. The San Francisco Foundation, the Goldman Environmental Foundation and so on.

Our Universities be it the University of San Francisco a Jesuit Institution, the San Francisco State University, the Golden Gate University, the Stanford  University, the many other institutions of learning - must visit the Southeast Sector - study and report about the despicable living conditions and the operations of the para military law enforcement.

The United States of America and its citizens have rights - the Constitution of the United States is acknowledged world wide. Again and again - here at home - para militarism has been used to shoot and kill first and then ask questions.

Snitches are used from the community - mostly ignorant folks - that think they are doing right - when they playing into the hands of folks - that sincerely do not have their better interests.

We once had thriving communities - where most everyone spoke to another and knew each other well. Thriving churches, places to meet, recreational facilities, sporting meets, fairs, and so on.

Containers of arms and ammunition were dumped one container by the old PG&E plant and another by the Golf Course at Sunnydale - in early 2000 - no one talks about this.

In the 1980s crack cocaine was introduced to decimate the community - no one wants to talk about this. As far as I know there is no ammunition and gun factory in the Bayview or Sunnydale - no crack cocaine manufacturing on a large scale. So who do you think is behind all these nefarious activities?

There is a God that watches all - and those behind these ploys and machinations - will be dealt - in fact those that worked at the Shipyard unknowingly were exposed to the worst radiological elements - those that conducted their "defensive tactics" - ran a lab full of feral movement and contamination - who was fooling whom?

The community that is ignorant is a community that is prone to being taken for a ride. Unfortunately, we still have buffoons - who will sell the community and not take pride in the community - we call them SELL OUTS.

We must provide opportunities and give our youth good CAREER JOBS. The Police Officers and Fire Persons have good jobs - all of them make over $100,000 with benefits. With the training given each cost us over $250,000 easy over just 5 years.
A good 30% of them make over $175,000 plus and live away from San Francisco - in far off places like racist - Napa and Marin County and Fairfield and further.

We have indigent folks in San Francisco living in Public Housing on less than $10,000 and the City and County knows this - and has chosen to look the other way.

We have young men and women struggling all their lives. If you are Black you are a target - each and every day - never mind if you are middle class or not. White folks do not think like that - all they think is that they are superior and want it all.

You Blacks who are selling out our community think twice before committing the acts you participate in. More the Poverty Pimp Pastors - all Black and always begging for money and looking for grants.

If you serve God you would not be serving mammon - but most of you do so and should be ashamed of yourself.

Gentrification is in full swing - and soon that will be NO Black left. Already Asians, Latinos, others are in the majority. Some one with intent - is playing one against the other - and the dumb fools - do not even know it.

Wake up and DO something for your community and STOP selling out - and making a FOOL of yourself. 

Be educated on issues and take your community to a better place.

Here are some of the photographs of the Community Meeting held at the Bayview Station - August 6, 2012: