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Monday, August 6, 2012


The only way to STOP the violence is to give youth and adults in the community OPPORTUNITIES.

Get rid of the SELL OUTS - those that take money to promise to do something - and do - nothing at all. This has been going on for years - we know who the SELL OUTS - and we have tolerated them - no more.

The recent killings have traumatized a lot of people. This is but the tip of the iceberg - and do not believe the trash you hear from folks who purport to be experts - they are not. The community has reached saturation point - and what gives - gives.

Billions of dollars are going to flow through the Southeast Sector - with new buildings already approved by San Francisco Planning, the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) which is over $6 Billion over 10 years - and a host of other  projects that will impact all San Franciscans.

If 30,000 homes are going to be built over five years - then you need transportation. You need childcare and you need health services. You need churches and you need good recreation facilities. You need Fire Stations and other Safety measure in place - to preserve and maintain - Quality of Life issues.

For some strange reason - as we have seen the past - any business or project that comes to the Southeast Sector -  is conducted in a clandestine manner.

We saw this when the Third Street Light Rail was built - from 4th and King to the middle of no where Visitation Valley.

At that time BDI was the conduit to funnel money to "thugs" and others that did nothing and stopped "youth" and others - getting good jobs. Folks came from far and wide - we all saw it - but none of us chose to do - anything. The "thugs"  pocketed the money.

It was comical to watch local youth - holding STOP signs - stopping traffic - to permit some one to cross from point A to B. What a joke. That Third Street Light Rail was a $700 million project. All the youth got was minimum wage - in other words - bread crumbs.

Paradoxically, over 80% of the businesses on Third Street folded - the reason the construction adversely impacted the businesses. It took four years to complete the shoddy work - and all that for nothing. To Third Street Light Rail is always never on time - and it is unsafe to travel. Graffiti, loud noise, and a host of problems - assaults, pick pocketing, and so on. Folks smoking weed and there is no one to do anything about the situation at hand.

When the rails were changed on Market Street - the businesses were compensated by the Department of Transportation - not so when the Third Street Light Rail was built. Different strokes for different folks. Those of you cognizant of the fact - know what I am talking about.

The construction on Third Street linked to the Third Street Light Rail is inferior and you can witness the cracks in the concrete - the shoddy work was done in a hurry - and some contractors made a lot of money.

Before the Light Rail was built - there was a lot of planning done - tons of promises made to the public at large.

None of the promises materialized. That is always the case - when the people are not educated on issues - and sell outs lead the discussion. These sell outs that I have named are still around - and they still think they can fool us this time around. Not this time.

Some of us have been busy handling our business and putting folks to work.  We are giving them good UNION jobs - and most of them are happy. Of course - if you want the JOBS - you have to be drug free and you have to work very hard.

The Sewer System Improvement Project will bring a lot of jobs. So far the Primes are all busy - trying to figure out - how to capture the market and have it their way. The convoluted way - well they can create their own cesspool - and drown in it. We have a better plan - and for sure this time - we will be in the cockpit.

AECOM who has won the SSIP contract - has hired some sell outs that use to work for the Mayor's Office of Community Development, the old SF Redevelopment Agency - enticed some to come back from New York to sing the blues to us.

We are monitoring those that use to operate Communities of Opportunity, and others that have come to build their next - and fleece the people of San Francisco. Time will tell.

The Project Labor Agreement favors the Laborers' Union and some of us are signatories to Local Union 261.

We need to impress upon the Laborers' Union to initiate Training Programs - for our YOUTH - through the Primes that have won the contracts.

If you do not give us JOBS - we will shut the operations.

It is a simple as that - and you have months to make up your mind - do not say - you did not know. This is your clarion call.

The Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) some $4.2 Billion passed us like a whirl wind - and few folks from San Francisco got good jobs.

There was no concerted effort to first concact the movers of the Project Labor Agreement - and it was not helpful that the UNIONS - did little if NO - outreach.

This time around AECOM and others are mandated to do outreach - but, are feeling their way around - trying to do less and keep the money. They have a lots of money - in the millions to do right - and if they chose to do wrong - it is on them.

Blacks built Washington DC - the Capitol and more. Some folks known about such projects - but many that are ignorant - know only what they hear - and the gossip spread by the Main Media.

There will be changes at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - with Ed Harrington leaving end of September if not December. Ed Harrington has promised to leave a legacy - do right by the people.

That hour has arrived and we must join forces - to plan well and accommodate - those willing to work hard - and make the community feel proud of their - hard work.

The sell outs that have done damage before - the time has come for you all SELL OUTS to step down and fade into oblivion.

We have had sufficient of you all - the likes of Willie B. Kennedy, Doris Vincent, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell, Malia C ohen, Rhonda Simmons, Dwayne Jones, Toye Moses, Linda Richardson - others too sordid to name - despicable to the core.

The youth are fed up with you all - that I have named above - fade away into oblivion - the sooner the better.

There is only one way to make things happen - this is the clarion call - we must take our community back and take it to a better place.

Many think that it cannot be done - it can be done - we must do it and do it right. No one else can do it - you cannot do it by force - and those who think they can do it by force - will repent.

Soon programs will be set in palace with the community in charge - we do not want outsiders who divide the community.

For one thing the "youth" fully understand who has been on their side and who has not. Once you taste hunger for months and years, people who promise and give you nothing.

People who disrespect you - you know who is on your side and who is not. Let us leave it at that.

If you want to speak from both sides of your mouth - as the sell outs do - it is best you keep to yourself and do not STOP the good that is going to come about - very soon. Some is already in place.

We are planting a good seed, we have taken time to choose the seeds - the future is ours - and we will NOT permit - the sell outs - to ruin our plan this time.

Believe you me - this will NOT - happen.