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Monday, August 13, 2012


The San Francisco County Transportation Authority has FAILED San Franciscans and brought disgrace to San Francisco.

Constantly promising - smooth traffic on Market Street - and failing San Franciscans - each and every time. Failing to address other pertinent concerns - while doling out millions to entities that are not up to par. Jose Moscovich constantly running his mouth - spewing words and NOT backing his vain promises - with concrete actions.

People are fed up crossing the streets - Down Town - San Francisco - with constant gridlock - back to back traffic - it can take you one hour and sometimes two hours - just to drive one eight of a mile - to get to your destination - if you are stuck in traffic in Down Town, San Francisco.

It happens all the time - and those in charge of our transportation issues have failed miserably when it comes to Quality of Life issues. More in the last one year or so.

MUNI buses three, four, five - all lined up - and stalled.

People crossing the streets - when they are simply fed up after waiting for five, ten minutes - on one side of the street - waiting for traffic to move - and taking matters into their hands - putting their lives in danger.

Ambulances blaring their sirens - cannot get anywhere - people screaming and shouting - and at times fights erupt - and no one seems to care. Many times no authorities to be seen - and what it more - with the congestion - no Law Enforcement can come to anyone rescue.

The City is NOT paying attention to the is on going mess - getting worse every day in our fair City of San Francisco.

The Mayor's Office must be in deep sleep and some one must call in Jose Moscovich and order him to do something about this senseless traffic.

Work with the Metropolitan Transportation Agency and Ed Reiskin, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, work with the San Francisco Planning Department and John Rhaim, the impotent San Francisco Board of Supervisors and its President David Chiu - to serve those tax payers who pay a lot - and let very, very, very poor service.

The tourists are appalled at how we conduct ourselves - we call ourselves a "Transit First" City - and what we get every day on Market Street, on Van Ness, on 19th Avenue, on Geary Avenue, of Franklin, on Lombard - on the many other streets and our main Highways - is constant back to back traffic. Despicable.

In the meantime each and every time the San Francisco County Transportation Agency meets - they keep on spewing diatribe - that they will do this, that, and the other - and do nothing what so ever. New plans all the time - hardly even completing one - but furthering other despicable plans - for the future and stalling some in the pipeline forever.

The plan for the Bus Rapid Transit on Van Ness is a Joke.

An even bigger joke when Bus Rapid Transit is planned for Geary  Avenue.

The Third Street Light rail does not work on Third Street from 4th and King to middle of no where - Visitation Valley.

Now we have Stockton Street closed and Columbus Street too - all at the same time - while the Central Subway and other infrastructure changes are being made - so slowly - and without the proper logistics and meaningful out reach.

Small businesses, property owners, people who live in these areas where congestion, constant repairs and attention to the infrastructure is being done - moving utilities and hampering those that are adversely affected - this nonsense has been going for months. It is like a war zone and those affected are at their - wits end. They call me, they email me - I am not the Mayor.

In all the changes very little consideration is being given to the physically challenged, the Elders, the many folks that do not speak English and are simply confused with the lack of  - planning and very poor outreach.

In the mean time our City authorities have got their priorities all screwed up and what is more are shameless. Even the traffic in London at the Olympics - with millions of tourists and participants - moves better.

Three days in a row Friday, August 10, Saturday August 11, and Sunday, August 12, 2012 - heavy traffic and many pedestrians at the mercy of the traffic. Trying to cross the many intersections - and risking their lives - lack of Safety - with no Traffic Officers - anywhere to be found.

On Saturday, August 11, 2012 - one sole SF Police Officer - at 5th and Market at his wits end - and heavy traffic coming from all directions - moving towards the Ferry Building - on 5th and Market heading North - people making U turns illegally - just to get out of the traffic - having being stalled for thirty, forty minutes - I watched it all - in sheer disgust.

The idiots in charge must sit down and evaluate this mess.

There is utter pandemonium - so what happens to the many traffic violations - cars stuck in the middle of the cross way - and the traffic spot lights blinking - to register violations - when the cars cannot move - and there are no traffic personnel - in person to address the situation at hand?

Is this the way we want to treat the citizens and more the tourist that are coming to our fair City of San Francisco?

San Francisco has already made the worst list of Cities having bad roads and heavy traffic - chronic congestion.

You can state this to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority - the others who must do their job - and they hear you but look at you with  a blank - stare.

In the past six months - things have gone to the hogs.

Our City officials are busy with other mundane stuff - trying to gun down our elected Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi.

Trying to destroy the Natural Habitat at Beach Chalet, trying to adversely impact the Small Business on Columbus Street and Stockton Street without any meaningful - outreach.

Forcing our elders, women with small children, others that are physically challenged - to deal with ruckus on our streets - and imperial their lives. While the City authorities continually spew diatribe and must be ashamed of themselves.

It makes it worse when we have a Big Concert at the Golden Gate Park attracting thousands, a baseball game at AT&T Park with thousands more, a pre-season game at Candlestick Park - and the traffic so called gurus - pussyfooting around - and not to be found.

You tell them the truth - like when the Grand Jury - spelled out the details with MUNI - and everyone gets defensive.

Just do your job and do it well. We have too many inept, shallow, spineless so called City workers - making in access of $150,000 a year - and screwing around.

Our City population is about 805,000 and we have over 26,000 City Employees - some say 28,000 - with City heads of Department making in access of $250,000 per year - go figure.

Any great City must see that the traffic flows - and the congestion on Market Street in San Francisco has gotten from bad, to worse - to the worst ever. 

Here are some photographs at Third and Market - with people crossing - putting their lives in danger - while trying to fulfill their daily obligations: