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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Our City and Count of San Francisco can do better - having failed since 2004 with models like City Build that waste millions of dollars. Other similar Community Based Organizations like Young Community Developers and more.

Rhonda Simmons must go - we have permitted her to dabble with dubious training methods - and the sooner we take charge of our destiny the better. She is in charge of the Mayor Office of Work Force. She and her minions.

This is a UNION city - so it does not make sense that City Build and other dubious Community Based Organizations - that have nothing to do with the UNIONS - receive millions of dollars - for so called training models - and churn out young women and men - who fall by the way side.

The many Primes aka Big Developers - have NO interest what so ever training our youth, mentoring our youth, having their best interest in mind.

What these entities - the likes of Nibbi, Cahill, Swinerton, Turner and Turner, Webcor - have in mind - is the Almighty Dollar.

Young women and men graduate from City Build and then turn bitter - they feel that after all the weeks of training - and the grand promises made to them - they have been let down. It happens again and again.

There may be at the most 3% of success - but that is just because - the few that have made it - have been lucky - having the right folks at the right time - offer them some hope and have chosen to give them an opportunity to first work, nurture them - and permit them to blossom.

This Summer private and governmental agencies offered our youth 5000 jobs.

After Summer these youth are back to the normal grind - and daily routine.

Going to school and back to a world - where the little they earned - is all they have saved - that is IF they have saved - anything at all.

The UNIONS who are signatory to the many Project Labor Agreements - linked to millions and in the case of the Sewer System Improvement Project - BILLIONS of dollars.

The UNIONS must step up and offer training - quality training - offering CAREER jobs to those that want to live in San Francisco - as decent citizens, constituents, contributing their very best to this great City and County of San Francisco.

The Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) is in our back yard - San Franciscans will paid for the Bond Measure - and we must NOT permit vultures from outside - to come into our living rooms and rearrange our furniture.

I have met the Mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee in person and explained to him about our community and quality of life issues - including jobs.

I have met Ed Harrington in person - the Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

I have met the Police Chief - Greg Suhr and he has read all my articles - pushing for CAREER jobs and Quality of Life issues.

I have met hundreds of others worth their salt - and the UNION leaders including the the leaders of the Laborers' Union 261 - Ramon and Oscar and others.

The leaders of the Carpenters' Union and the leaders of the other UNIONS - to many to mention - many of them sitting on the side lines doing nothing - pandering to the political forces.

This is a UNION City and those of us that know something about history - must not forget that UNION members died - shed their blood - shot in cold blood by the San Francisco Police Department - by the Embarcadero.

Longshoremen who fought for their rights - and died so that UNION wages and rights - remained in place.

In course of time other UNION members - took upon the noble task to win opportunities and good paying jobs. I have been in the Union and I have fought the good fight - and do so until today. Sisters and Brothers united - no one - I repeat no one - can stomp on our rights that we have won - human rights that the world admires.

Today it is a crying shame - UNION leaders are quick to collect dues but slow as ever to offer opportunities.

Have in place; a plan to address continuity of jobs - so that San Franciscans - can have good job and continue to contribute the best they have - making our fair City shine with constituents - who in the past - as they should today -  put their best foot forward.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has FAILED to offer CAREER jobs with the Water System Improvement Project.
Failed miserably.

Susan Leal who was once a Manager of the SFPUC and fired from that position. Is now working for AECOM as a consultant - and with her Leamons Abrams - who has just flown in from New York. AECOM is the Prime chosen to address the upgrade and "design built" - of the Sewer System Improvement Project.

We must hold AECOM responsible - never mind if they are back by corrupt forces like Platinum. We know how that works - and can bring in the Federal Bureau of Investigation - at a moment's notice.

The Sewer System Improvement Project is a $6 billion project - with Primes already prepared - having been doled the many projects.

Contractors more vultures - ready to make money - with NO consideration what so ever - about the youth in training, the young women and men wanting to work - and NO ONE - worth the salt - caring and less concerned - about giving opportunities and offering CAREER jobs. Less concerned about Quality of Life  issues.

This BUFFOONERY has been going on for the longest time ever.

It does not help that Platinum Consultants and one Dwayne Jones - has been creating havoc - offering Interns who are NOT from San Francisco - some orientation NOT worth the salt.

It does not help the Citizens Advisory Committee - to the SFPUC - has not once - addressed about training and opportunities for our citizens and more our youth.

The SFPUC takes the short cut - offering idiots - jobs as consultants - on training linked to jobs, paying consultants in the thousands to present "conceptual designs" and models.

In the Interim for example - with the Habitat Restoration Projects - opportunities can be given to our youth.

We have presented models that can be fully sustainable - with the SFPUC participating - the Labor Project Agreement intact - with all things being equal - our youth saved.

 I am talking lives - and the SFPUC meeting its agreements - that are lagging behind.

Native plants are now the talk of the town. We did this at the Presidio a long time ago - back in 1999 - when I worked there - facilitating the Presidio Nursery and having Native Plants ready to go.

Much before Crissy Field was prepared complete with the Lagoon and the Shellmound that I saved - single handed. 

We gave a detail plan to the SFPUC - as detailed as we could - and we have been waiting and waiting - while our youth are dying. Can we put a price on one single LIFE?

Our Mayor talks the talk - surrounded by Poverty Pimp Pastors - they can offer nothing, much.

What is despicable - no one respects them. Pastors must be humble and serve - and not pose as Developers? They do.
The sheep are scattered and the shepherds fast asleep - go to their churches - and there is no one to be found.

The SF Police Department far from building TRUST - is still operating on antiquated tactics - more para-military and just like the lack of success in Iraq and Afghanistan - here in our own back yard - the SF Police Officers - try their best - only to be shunned and look at with disdain.

The Community Based Organizations - who hold candlelight vigils, beg for money more grants - say their organizations can heal - and only address the tip of the problem.

The main problem adversely impacting the community are opportunities. Good jobs and sound Case Management - that is lacking. 

Superficial programs - that just put a lid on the problem - is temporary - we saw this lately with the Black on Black violence and the on going hatred between the Samoans and the Blacks.

The Samoan were decent and respectful not to take the violence to another level - and this was because a few of us - impressed that we would do all in our power to offer jobs and bring about some change. We cannot do this without the cooperation from the City and County of San Francisco.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

We cannot offer jobs - only for the jobs to be temporary - two weeks and three weeks. We need good jobs for least three to six months - to bring about some permanent changes - changes for the better.

Enough said.

I will be addressing the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission today in Room 400 at 1:30 pm - complete with laid off workers present to testify.

Let the workers say what they feel about the situation at hand.

We have a long way to go to heal our community - and we do have a plan - but if the City does not want to help us - it is on you all.

Never mind - how you think about yourself - in the end - what matters is that - " we the people will prevail ".

God Bless America. God Bless Those That Can Take A Stand And Prevail.