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Monday, August 27, 2012


The Department of Defense in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - left thousands of housing units built in the 1950s and 1960s - large rooms for families - with good plumbing, front and back yards.

Laundry mat rooms - and the basic amenities that those who lived in the past - in these many units - enjoyed and were grateful - for all those many years in the past.

At that time the Housing Inspector did their job and there was continued on time - maintenance of the units and facilities - done by the United States Navy - whose personnel lived in these - housing.

At Portrero Hill, Hunterview, Kiska Road, Oakdale, Sunnydale - people lived and were content. Then the Housing and Urban Development took over after the Department of Defense handed over the very good housing.

The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - made the biggest mistake of the century - and handed the housing to the inept, very corrupt, and spineless - San Francisco Housing Authority.

Alvarez who was brought here from some where -has failed and has not done much.

Nor has the corrupt and unethical - SF Housing Authority Commission - headed by Amos Brown - a good for nothing loud mouth.

When Willie L.Brown Jr. - a thug Mayor was in charge - one Black woman and her children - were locked in their Public Housing Unit - at Hunters Point - and the house set on fire.

This incident is well known - it sent chills to those that did not go 
with the flow and subscribe to corruption. In this particular case - the voting booth - and the rigged elections - during that period - had something to do with this sordid - crime and act.

This case went to court and it took years to resolve the case.

The court clearly saw that injustice was done to the woman and her innocent children - it took years to bring justice to this case. Even today the blood of this Black woman and her children - cry to heaven for justice.

The SF Housing Authority for all its talk - is inept and has run down the SF Public Housing - with intent.

Using deferred maintenance. It is only now that some one like Bevan Dufty who has seen the worst at Public Housing - the false promises - for himself - raw sewage contaminating the living areas - other despicable conditions - that most everyone know - but those at City Hall who can do something - look the other way.

One of the worst Public Housing areas to live Alice Griffith named after some White Woman - better known as Double Rock - where crime is rampant - and children born still - because of the toxicity in the air - and its closeness to the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard which is contaminated - more with radiological elements.

The True Hope Church - sits on landfill - on contaminated land - surrounded dangerous particulates, thousands of tons from the near by landfill area - spewing Methane Gas into the air. One ton of Methane gas - equals to 22 tons Carbon Dioxide.

Some time ago Public Housing at Sunnydale was painted on the outside - inside the entrails of the units - are deplorable - in many units raw sewage fouling the units.

This is a health issue -our San Francisco Health Department knows about it but does nothing.

First it was the Director Mitch Katz and now - supposedly decent to some - Barbara Garcia. The Health Department must send a crew in cognito and see was the hell is happening.

On Caroll Street on the out skirts of Double Rock - raw sewage has been continually flowing for years.

Some one has been covering the raw sewage with wood chips - the Eucalyptus chips - naturally scented  - neutralize the nasty smell - but not for - most of the time.

The hopes were high at one time years ago - that HOPESF would build homes - where now Public Housing units are falling apart.

The plan has taken forever - with Bridge Housing Developers, Mercy Housing and others waiting in the line - to rake in millions but failing to make any concrete investments - with sound goals and reachable time lines.

The John Stewart has built some homes and the selling price is over $800,000 per unit. No one in their right mind will live in Chernobyl - surrounded by the worst - contamination and pollution. 800 units were torn down to build - 1200 plus high density units - and the work has been going on for years - and no concrete opportunities given to the local - community.

We the people attended the many Town Hall meetings - to be introduced, given fancy and fake presentations - bluffed and hoodwinked.

No more. We the people must hold the feet of the crooks including City Officials and more SF Housing Authority to the fire. This is your clarion call.

Amos Brown and Henry A. Alvarez must step down - and where may I know is Millard Larkin? Where is Dwayne Jones on this issue? Where is Sulu Palega who purports to represent the Samoans all these many years?

Where are those who once pandered to Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and Gavin Newsom - and are now - starring and looking wide eyed - with nothing to offer to the community that is hurting.

Never mind that the deplorable conditions in Public Housing - foster crime - killings and shooting and no one cares what happens to indigent folks - and those that want to survive and give their children some hope. 

In the end it is all about the children - and there seems to be no hope for them - at least - not at this time - not in the last 15 years.

Who will step up - and bring about some change. The name HOPESF - has been repeated with nausea so many times - no one is paying - attention.

Can Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi hold her 25 years in office - at Double Rock with the MACHINE in attendance - that would be nice.

Let her see what she has done - the sordid record and legacy she has left - for those that can discern - to evaluate and adjudicate - during the past 25 years in Congress. 

Her husband Paul Pelosi raking in millions in Samoa - at the tuna and fruit packing factories - paying the workers deplorable - wages.  Go figure.

The pretty nonchalant picture painted by HOPESF:

On another note - Seniors in San Francisco - in the thousands are living pay check to pay check. The City knows this and has its priorities all mixed up: