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Friday, August 24, 2012


It is always amazing how the dumb "think" they have an answer - when in fact they are the problem.

The main problem in the Bayview Hunters Point - is the current unqualified - District 10 Supervisor - a closet Lesbian - who has no business representing District 10 what so ever.

Now; if Law Enforcement however high in the rank think for a second - that an immoral person like Malia Cohen will bring them kudos - then they can try to solve the current problem and they will fail. I repeat they will be an abject - failure.

I requested the Mayor Ed Lee two weeks ago to see me in person. He is busy as usual - doing what he does best - while violence, killings and shootings are on the increase. And - they will be on the increase - if  - " we the people" - do not do something about it.

Do not tell anyone - worth any salt - that the Poverty Pimp Pastors - mostly Black can do anything.

For sure not Amos Brown the President of the NAACP. Or the other good for nothing - so called  Representatives - who gather at Press Conferences - and talk a lot and each time they talk - they put their dirty foot in their filthy - mouths.

We need to revamp the Community Response Network and make it independent - of the corrupt Mayor's Office of Children, Youth, and Families.

For sure keep the Community Response Network - far away from the San Francisco Health Department.

Much like we said they should be - when way back when - we met the original thinkers and advocates - and laid down what it should be - Mitch Salazar, John Torres, John Nauer, Francisco Da Costa, Rannon Ross - I am just naming a few.

Then came the fakes - the likes like Diane from the DCYF - who has no clue what she is talking about. Maria Su who was not there when we proposed what would make a model - work. Why do we always have the worst idiots ruin our plan? Why?

At hat time we mandated 3 if not 6 Representative for sure to address the concerns of the Polynesian Community. This community has a culture and we addressed properly with respect - all will be in place. They have a system - unlike other cultures. But idiots would not comprehend that.

We, the chosen few participated early on and decided that the Polynesian community - should have their own Representatives - for some strange reason - the others be it a person like Jacob Moody, another strange Judas - be it Thomas thinks - otherwise.

I had a straight talk with Bevan Dufty - and told him to take this message straight to the Mayor, Ed Lee - have three Samoan Representatives linked to the Community Response Network -  now.

We have the names - Bevan Dufty has the names - and all the killing and shooting will S T O P .

Let us bring the total of Community Response Network to 12 in the Bayview Hunters Point - fund the required Full Time Employment (FTEs) - and see if my plan works.

Three FTEs filled by Samoans or qualified Polynesians - we have their names - and as I said we can take control of our own destiny.

Mr. Jacob Moody knows me - but you can leave him a message - try again and again - and if he does not return your call - then something is amiss.

For too long have the San Francisco Bayview Foundation had it good - time for a detail - audit.

A change in their models - and do not waste our hard earned tax money. Let me be very clear on this - right now - once and for all.
You may change your name - and this is fine - but there must be full accountability and transparency. And it is NOT fine to side with Lennar - a Rogue Developer - who has harmed our children and community in and around Parcel A - at Hunters Point - in the Bayview.

More; the San Francisco Police Department - and the many rednecks - who have no clue what they are doing - harassing folks and using para-military tactics - always blaming parolees - but not doing their job.

If we did not go after elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - we would have had - the realignment and many "Restorative Programs" in place - we now a aged interim-Sheriff - that is a joke. Others in the know - but know nothing - how to address the many parolees - who are having a field day.

Not all of them - who I deem SF Police Officers; do not do their job - but the few trouble makers -and they are more than a few - in the Bayview Hunters Point - time they all join the Police Force in San Jose or Oakland. Good riddance of very bad - rubbish.

Just reading the weekly incident reports is pathetic - they permit the same crimes to take place again again.

The incident reports get from bad to worse - and slowly but surely - the Quality of Life has eroded. It is now becoming a health and safety problem - and the SF District Attorney and other Law Enforcement are playing with the lives of the constituents.

Crime - killings and sordid violence crimes have increased - with more deaths - but these idiots - find ways of saying that all is under control - when it is NOT.

Comparing to this and that - Nationwide statistics - and announcing that violent crime has gone down - in general - it has not. Some of us worked hard to keep crime down - providing opportunities - good training and jobs - these folks who only talk about crime in general - and make vague statements - have not helped at all. Crime has NOT - gone down.

Our youth are fed up with the harassment and keep reporting to me the way the San Francisco Police Department behaves. The Black Pastors must be recruited to give orientation on the streets - rather than the rhetoric we hear at Press Conferences - which means nothing and then broadcast on SFGOV TV. Jokers all.

The Chief of Police is my friend - and he has promised me a long time ago - to visit me - but, I guess he has more time for the "silly Press Conferences" and less time - for Common Sense Plain Talk - Man to Man on topics and issues - that must be dealt with now - on a war footing.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way. 

Sorry to say - the San Francisco Police Department has failed - miserably in the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

 I could name - names of decent citizens who agree with me - but, I will say what I have state in writing for now - and can reveal at at another time - time permitting -  the other intricate details - that is my subjective opinion.

At the last Bayview Police - Town Hall meeting I spoke and told the Captain that we have put a lid on the violence. We did this with fortitude - and I addressed the Captain of the Bayview Station and I told him on his behalf - looking him in the eye , on the behalf of the Police Chief , on the behalf of decent constituents - who are totally and utterly fed up with the on going fiasco, fear - and pandemonium..

In his recent weekly letter stating the incident and the other reports - the Bayview Captain mentions Malia Cohen - who is an abject, disgrace to the human race - the grinning jack ass - who has ruined whatever little decency - the Bayview Hunters Point and the surrounding area once had.

Thank God the boundaries of District 9 have changed and this warrants the change of the total Police Districts that are 10 - while the Supervisors Districts are 11 - some idiots must have it different - but this must change.

Talk is cheap - and as long as one single life is lost - those in charge must be responsible. They must be fully - responsible.

 So far - the way things are going on - it looks like - when it comes to Black, Latinos, Samoans - life is expandable.

You can talk to me in diplomatic terms - and nothing seems to happen. So you have to shaft them straight - with no lubrication - then - perhaps the message goes - home.

In the last 40 years - the Quality of Life of our constituents in the Southeast has been - totally, compromised.

More with spineless, immoral folks, less prone to genuine leadership - first came Sophina Maxwell and now this most despicable of them all - Malia Cohen.

I bet you right now she is pussyfooting somewhere - unaware of what is happening to the community at large and less San Franciscans. She works for the MACHINE - and her immoral ways must be exposed.

Literally having some down there fun - while people are suffering - and more with killings and shootings. Go Figure.

Unity among the Samoan Community is paramount to any change - in the present  - increasing violence and killings. This is your final clarion - call. For too long have some who purport to lead - failed the Samoan and in general the Polynesian - community.

More Samoans have laid down their live for our Nation - in the many recent wars - and the Polynesian in general and the Samoans in particular in San Francisco - deserve more and focused help when it comes to housing, health, education, transportation, anger management, childcare and so on.

It is now left to the younger more educated, more concerned, adult Samoan women and men - to take charge - and do better. Some of you know me - I have been in the trenches for too long - it is a new day - and surrounding us the facts of life - and it is not too - pretty.