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Saturday, August 18, 2012


It is no secret that Treasure Island is one of the most contaminated man made islands - under the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco. It lies within the jurisdiction of District Six.

Willie L. Brown Jr., Nancy Pelosi, folks that favor any type of development the likes of Linda Richardson who is attached to Treasure Island Development Agency (TIDA) - care less - if radioactive elements in high doses - affect human beings and the many children that are bused to Treasure Island to play - soccer for example - are adversely affected.

All the above care is money, greed, and to hell with Quality of Life issues.

The City and County of San Francisco favors the Precautionary Principle - but no one is paying attention. Simple stated if - there is any doubt about any adverse affects to any life - including animals, birds, fish etc - everything must stop and mitigation done to bring about progress. No one cares - because greed has taken over and those in charge are - intoxicated. 

The United States Navy has been concealing information - much the same as it does on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. 90% of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is landfill - poor landfill - and is very contaminated. In fact for years the official name was Treasure Island and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard annex.

Much of what happened at Treasure Island happened at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Hunters Point was declared a Superfund Site - one the worst of the worst site - are put on this list. Plans are afoot to cap Hunters Point - and no one in their right mind - should live there not on - nor in the vicinity.

The better State Regulatory Agencies are simply pissed off with the United States Navy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and some other local agencies like the San Francisco Health Department - who want to paint a rosy picture - and lure Big Development at Treasure Island - are for development - and do not care about health issues.

Treasure Island is sinking, its infrastructure poor, and those that manage Treasure Island today - despicable.

Indigents are housed at Treasure Islands in despicable housing - managed by the John Stewart Company. There are many toxic hot spots - and most of them have very high levels readings linked to radioactive elements. Thousands exposed not only by Radioactive Elements - but lead, mercury, PCBs and a host of other toxic elements.

The many residents have already been exposed but no one cares. The radioactive elements are not visible - so innocent people are constantly bombarded - and no one really is paying attention. No one is allowed to dig and plant - but children play in the toxic area - exposed to contamination and our SF Health Department is full aware of this situation - both Rajiv Bhatia and Barbara Gracia.

Fun events are advertised - flea markets - and much has been made about the America's Cup - but, anyone with some sense - must stay away from Treasure Island.

As if everything is perfect - tall buildings are planned - and no one in their right mind is thinking about climate change, the very close proximity to the Bay - prospective Tsunami - that could wipe any structures away - with ease.

Many of us have known about Treasure Island - the nefarious jettison orders given - there are people alive today that know about the severe contamination and more.

 Big Developers, the Successor to the Redevelopment Agency and one Tiffany Bohee, the SF Mayor's Office of Development and one Jennifer Matz - are all goo goo ga ga - to build tall buildings - in the middle of Chernobyl.

The SF City with intent has exposed thousands of people - and now that the Main Press has awoken from its slumber - more because of one investigative report by Matt Smith from The Bay Citizen everyone is a buzz and rightly so.

Most U.S. Navy operations in the early 1950s to 1970s - were actions that were taken lightly - and given an order - most U.S. lower Navy employees - did what they were told - dumped anything and everything in the Bay or buried stuff on land.

It is only in late 1980s that certain regulations - brought forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - were put in place - and it took two years plus to enforce them. Even today the EPA is an entity that is NOT to be trusted.

The SF City of San Francisco is corrupt as we just witnessed with the nonchalant decision taken by the SF Ethics Commission. We have SF Board of Supervisors - the likes of Jane Kim - who have no clue - what so ever about what really is happening at Treasure Island.

Some of us once warned her about Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - gave her a tour - nothing happened. She is working for the Democratic Machine - and what really matters to her - is how her campaign coffers are filled.

Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer - the Pacific Heights Mafia - could not care less. Barbara Boxer talks a good talk - as she points fingers at others - sitting on some drab Environmental Committee - but when it comes to reality and people lives - she does not care at all. 

She does care a lot about Israel and signing a new treaty with the United States to protect the Zionists who have harmed and continue to harm the neighboring Arabs - preventing them from progressing and keeping the Arabs - in subjection.

Such are the ways of the Zionists - selfish to the core - who continue to exploit the United States and decent citizens - while pandering to a country that has brought us nothing but headaches and trouble.

The Managers who run Treasure Island are corrupt - and have failed to pay fair wages to the employees working at Treasure Island - this was brought to my attention by Laborers' Union 261.

All sorts of corruption of the highest order is going on at Treasure Island - and has been - from the time Willie L. Brown Jr., had one of his girl friend manage the Island - booking double engagements and frolicking all over the place.

Yerba Buena the other side of the artificial island sits on solid ground - once known as Goat Island - the U.S. Coast Guard has reserved this choice area for its - operations.

The City of San Francisco has got itself in deep trouble - both at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Treasure Island - trying to fast track abatement, mitigation, and through clean up of very contaminated hot spots.

Preferring - to build high rise buildings, use high density buildings, and Infrastructure Financing Development (IFDs) to substitute for the demise of the SF Redevelopment Agency and make quick - money. Ain't going to happen.

Nothing good will come at Treasure Island.

There is Karma - so watch out those of you - who permit harm to be done to the innocent. The many who visit and  attend functions - are invited to recreate and their health and welfare exposed to harm.

More the thousands who have been serious harmed - more our children who are bused to Treasure Island and exposed to radioactive elements in very high doses.

The article by Matt Smith in The Bay Citizen: