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Sunday, August 19, 2012


The world knows that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is one of the worst contaminated and polluted sites on this Earth. No wonder it deserved the honor of being placed - where all the worst contaminated sites have their honor roll - the Superfund Site.

We just got news that Treasure Island is polluted - more with Radiological Elements - in high levels - that have adversely impacted children, mothers, fathers - others - innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The United States Navy in the early 1950s until the late 1970s - was famous for burying low level and high level atomic waste. Often the large ships know as Carriers would dock at Treasure Island - and often the sailors - would be given the orders - "jettison" that stuff - and that is what they did.

Dumped the stuff in the Ocean, the Bay, and often time had the audacity to bury - very contaminated material on land. The U.S. Navy did that on all their naval bases - but more on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Treasure Island.

The United States Navy dumped thousands of barrels filled with low level atomic waste by the Farallones Island. What a crying shame - and most of us do not know this. The Farallones Island - famous as a Sanctuary today for unique sea creatures - but the U.S. Navy had the audacity to go and dump low level atomic waste - thousands of barrels - when they thought they could do anything and everything as they  - pleased.

Today the area come under the jurisdiction of the Golden Gate Nation Recreation Area and on a clear day you can see the islands off Ocean Beach by the Cliff House.   

Treasure Island is an artificial island that was created by man. It is sinking a couple of inches every single year. The infrastructure is in peril - it was before and it will be in the future.

Treasure Island has a link with Potrero Hill - the hills at Portrero which once abounded - were demolished and the earth moved to Treasure Island.

Few know about this - but, the many indigents who live at Treasure Island must know about this fact.

Folks who once lived in Public Housing at Hunters Point and the surrounding area - at Potrero Hill - and now live at Treasure Island - on sub-standard housing and what is more surrounded by the worst contamination and pollution. More radiological in nature. The John Stewart company taking the rent - from the sub-standard housing - and treating those that must be respected with disrespect.

It is always amazing to see the conceptual plans - that the Big Developers lay out for the lay person - tall slim buildings - spikes in the air - with weak foundation - pretending to help those that may live in them - but, all the time jeopardizing - quality of life issues - health - and existence of all life.

Missing in this equation - the Precautionary Principle - respected all over the world - and accepted by San Francisco and an ordinance that must be - respected.

Simply put if there is any cause to be concerned about any singular issue that will adversely impact any life - not only human life - we must pause, study, evaluate, analyze and then proceed - if all is well.

On Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Treasure Island - our City and County of San Francisco - Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Willie L. Brown Jr., Sophie Maxwell, Willie B. Kennedy, Doris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt, Aurealious Walker, Calvin Jones, Linda Richardson - all want homes to be built on these contaminated sites. They can live there - but do not tell us - what is best for the people.

The SF District Attorney's Office has a section that can and should deal with serious environmental issues and has NOT.

The SF Health Department has an environmental section with Barbara Garcia and Rajiv Bhatia in charge - and these two have done nothing but talk and look the other way.

The Environmental Protection Agency a Federal entity has NOT done anything much and must take a stand - the man in charge Jared Blumenfeld.

Even the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a section that deals with serious Environmental Issues - and has NOT stepped forward - time to send some folks to jail for a long - long time.

Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, other inept, shallow, spineless politicians - want their campaign coffers filled - by sordid consultants such as the Platinum Group - this nonsense must stop. More Big Developers who have no conscience - the want the land never mind if it is contaminated and polluted.

The audacity of some groups to bus our children to play soccer - in the hundreds - in very close proximity of sites that register high levels of radioactive elements on Treasure Island. Where is your conscience? Wake up and do not adversely impact the innocent.

These vermin want to do the same at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where the U.S. Navy and some sell outs who recently had a forum say most everything is fine. These shameless folks - should be ashamed of themselves.

As to the community - they are fast asleep - some slumber - and more the living dead. When will the community at large learn to be educated on issues and take a stand?