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Thursday, August 16, 2012


The only two times Official Misconduct were exercised and those found guilty sent to jail - was way back in 1932 when a Public Defender Frank Egan killed someone - he was sent to jail for 25 years.

In recent times when Ed Jew - was sent to jail for not living in his district and accepting bribes. Ed Jew did not want to appear before the Ethics Commission.

Official Misconduct and the relation to one's office - is a fact that needs to be proved - and in the case of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - they talk a lot about it - that is the Mayor's attorney - but no one has yet made the connection and proved it - in very clear terms.

The Main Press had ganged up against this innocent man. Writing about stuff that is not true and fabricating a lot - in the process.

The family squabble in the Mirkarimi family - did take place but no where has his wife stated in the long cross examination and testimony that she was continually - abused by Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Some Queer feminists - that continue to occupy seats - at every hearing - aided by the Mayor's Office - continue to spread disinformation - and when allowed to speak during Public Comment - spread misinformation.

The high rate of domestic violence - within the Queer population - has got nothing to do with this case - and Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - must be kept out of such shenanigans. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is NO - batterer as the Queer feminists - purport.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has been denied his wages for over 7 months and his wife and only son adversely affected. The majority of decent San Franciscans - do not approve of such an action - totally unheard of in San Francisco.

This action on the part of the City and County of San Francisco - is uncalled for - and unheard of - but as of now is a fact - and it is simply wrong to adversely impact Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's wife and young son.

Our fair city of San Francisco - has gone out it way to punish Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - who has served our City well in many capacities. Behind the scene the very corrupt Democratic Machine - corrupt to the core - and decent San Franciscans are fed up with the crooks - who roam the halls of City Hall - daily - doing the - devil's work.

At today's hearing before the Ethics Commission - held at 9 am - August 16, 2012 - at City Hall in Room 263 - those attorneys representing the Mayor did a poor very job. 

The reason is simple - they have no case - and so they have resorted to fabrication and while doing that - brought disgrace to San Francisco. In proving some point - they went far left - and this was seen by all again and again.

The Ethics Commission itself while pretending to exercise some power given to them - are threading on some ground that makes their decision making - totally flawed.

No one Commission can mandate that his or her individual decision - be upheld. At the end of every session - a consensus must be agreed upon by all Commissioners present - and in this case - it makes the process convoluted. 

The proceeding became even more despicable - when a woman purporting to know Ross Mirkarimi - made some crazy statements. Those giving public comment - are not sworn in - so they can say anything - and "perjury" - if not factored in.

Turns out that this woman who was spewing nonsense - does not even know - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. This highlight of the day - went unnoticed and if some dares to reveal the identity of this woman - such an action - completely does injustice to this long, and tedious, case that is unnecessary - to say the least - and invites such corruption.

Those giving Public Comment are not sworn as I said. Secondly while Public Comment is taken - it does not form part of the case and hence no statement or statements can be taken and adjudicated upon.

The case goes before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - but four SF Board of Supervisors have been charged by the SF Ethics Commission - itself - for Official Misconduct. So, I suppose these SF BOS must recuse themselves.

Among those charged with official misconduct Supervisors Malia Cohen, David Chiu, and Scott Wiener - involved with the Park Merced Case brought about by Pastor Gavin. Pastor Gavin herself has been targeted and evicted from the Park Merced rental housing complex - recently.

This charade has reached a climax and the buffoonery is too much to digest and endure.

The many ploys and machinations - have now reached a point when folks are paid to come and speak at public comment - making statements that are fabricated and most of them deliberate - plain - lies.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarmi must get his job back. The sooner the better.

At 3:30 pm the Ethics Commission convened again and agreed on two charges of misconduct. These two charges with dubious narrow adjudications - will go before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - voted 4-1.

This has NOT happened before - and with most of the SF Board of Supervisors favoring Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - the likely outcome as it stands now - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - will get back his job and happily reunite with his wife and young son.

Here are some photographs from today session which began at 9 am and adjourned at 6:15 pm.