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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hundreds of children, single mothers live without shelter, no proper meals, and irk out a living to survive.

Just the other day hundreds of mothers, mostly single mothers, innocent children, advocates and men without jobs gathered on the steps of San Francisco's City Hall - to protest.

Most of them cannot afford to rent, less rent a home, and what is pathetic cannot find any shelter worth the salt. None of them have had a decent meal in months and some in years.

After having endured a lot on the streets of San Francisco, crashing in cars, forcing themselves to tolerate hardships in noisy shelters.

Exposing and enduring themselves to dirty conditions and bed bugs, treated like dirty rags - these innocent children, these mothers, the fathers, the hard working advocates threw their hands up - and wanted to meet the Mayor - Mayor Ed Lee.

The Mayor did not show up.

He sent his aide - to pacify the innocent children, the mothers, the advocates - and make some drab excuse - and that is totally uncalled for.

We do have vacant buildings that we should accommodate our poor.

We have over 35,000 homes in the City that are vacant. We have a population of 816,000. The City employs over 33,000 City Employees, over half making over $100.000 with benefits.

The Mayor and many other make over $250,000 with benefits and really do not care for the poor and those that we must defend - our children.

We have other housing - with over 12,000 units that are boarded up and daily the condition of these units lie empty. If someone wants me to show them the units I will.

Thousands of rental units have been taken over by the Academy University of Arts and converted to doms for their students.  This dubious institution has billions - and they have not paid their dues to this City - and owe this City and County of San Francisco - billions. 

Once we had places like the Armory that housed the indigent, those that were left out to face the elements.

This is now the place where Phonographic Films are shot, S&M and such projects that tickle the G points and fascinate our politicians, the likes of Gavin Newsom and the other perverts that say they represent but they do not.

We have one District Supervisor from District 10 - where the children in her district crash - that means they have no place to go. They have no shelter, they have no food - it has been over nine months since she has been elected and she lives outside her district!

The women in her district that have fallen on bad times - will do anything - and prostitution is rampant - they do it to survive.

The woman Supervisor does not do anything much accept grin - the paradox is she DOES NOT LIVE IN HER DISTRICT.

What is really happening to our City. We got rid of Ed Jew when we found something of this nature. Why not this incompetent person - shallow, drab, and not worth the salt.

Where is the justice? Or do we want to challenge her to have a block party where she lives and bring out this fact out in the open? Silliman Street in the Portola District that is District 9.

And to add fuel to fire we have another Supervisor a male that does not live in his district and pretends that he represents.

Our innocent children need help - San Francisco is a filthy rich city - one of the richest in the world.

We have a $6.8 billion dollar budget. We need but a few millions to serve those that do not have a roof - we need this to serve mostly our innocent - children.

Our foundations invite people and give them thousands of dollars for doing things that are mundane.

Right here in our City - those that need help - get stale bread crumbs and more abusive.

The banks - Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, the other financial institutions Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase - the Big Developers, the Big Property Managers are all found in San Francisco.

The continue making large sums of money and give nothing back to the poor. Time to run them out of our City - I can name them - one is the John Stewart Company the other the Shoresteins. 

Our Mayor and our Supervisors must reach out and do something.

Let them face the elements - bring their asses to the street and spend a couple of hours - in the cold, with the wind blowing, and have children by their side and witness reality.

It is a shame that San Francisco has become what it has become - with the the filthy rich getting rich and the poor - having nothing. Nothing at all.

Where is Nancy Pelosi on this?

Where is Diane Feinstein on this?

Where is Willie L.Brown Jr. on this?

Where are the others that talk too much on this - and they say they represent?

We cannot permit our children to suffer.

We cannot allow our children to go to school and after school spend time sleeping on the streets on San Francisco.

We cannot say our City in named after Saint Francis Assisi and not follow in his foot steps.

Wake up San Francisco and do something - and if you politicians cannot do something - then, get out of the way.