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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The export of GREED by America to Europe now has Europe strangled.

Today, Europe is scrambling to float its economy. The Euro is sinking and Germany and a few other international countries are backing Europe - more, because of selfish trade reasons.

While here at home in the United States Henry Paulson with his buddies from Goldman Sachs created a mess - linked to sub-prime loans, derivatives, and other ploys and machinations - all well steeped in GREED.

Why is not Henry Paulson lingering in jail? He would make a good side-kick for Bernie Madoff!

These thugs from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, not only brought the United States economy down - but exported GREED to Europe.

Nonchalant Europe fell for the trap and today is reeling, spiraling down a steep slope, and with Great Britian, Sweden, Hungry and the other countries that have their own currencies - refusing to bail out the EURO - Germany and France - will stand its ground - and eventually fall.

Here is the United States we keep printing money. 

We keep borrowing money from China. We keep creating fake ledgers that no one can see and more audit.

We have people exposed on 60 Minutes - a premier  television show in the United States - complete with testimony from the higher ups - who tells us that they "blew the whistle" - and those that mattered and could adjudicate heard the pleas, the statement, the facts, the empirical data - but did nothing about it.

What favors the dollar is that it is a form of currency against which all other currencies are compared.

In today's world it is shallow, but it has a hard core centralized backing - and many countries for lack of another currency - for now back it up.

Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and a few other countries are all sinking.

Young, energetic people from Portugal are moving to Angola, Mozambique, and Brazil.

Those from Spain have had it and are moving where ever they can make a living, it is the same with Germany - young professionals moving to Denmark, Sweden, and doing well for themselves.

The Irish will survive with the luck of the Irish.

History repeats itself and in more than one form reveals the GREED, money laundering, cheating and lying that has initiated wars before.

History has recorded the culprits in plays, in reality how one segment of the population - love to make money - for the sake of making money.

They will sell their mothers for a dime - just to make money.

It is a shame that the United States does not have checks and balances.

Here in the United States - even though the common citizen bailed out the rich banks the likes of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, and the larger financial institution like J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs - today, the ninety nine percent, the common citizen is hurting.

Why is it that the common tax payer has to bail out the filthy rich who are more crooked and corrupt?

We have a list of these vermin and today they are Scott free - and this must not be the case.

These bankters must be sent to jail - and sent to jail for a long, long time.

In previous years - drastic measures were taken against money lenders and their ilk.

Some of them had to live in ghettos and could not mix with the populace. This was because money lending and loaning was taboo. Only those that were dirty, that defiled themselves - dealt with money, with loaning, that which was mundane.

Gain interest from money was forbidden. Today, it has become a norm. Greed has become a virtue for most - the more one hoards, the bigger your mansion, the better they think they project their fake - image.

History has recorded it - but mankind has given them a chance - and every chance you give to some that have GREED in their DNA - the closer we are to another sordid, tragedy.

WE all are witnesses of the after affects of GREED - the down fall of economies and the utter devastation of any norm - so vital in any so called civilized way of living.

Here is San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world - we have over 500 families sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

San Francisco has a population of about 816,000 and we do have over 30,000 homes vacant. No one can afford them.

We have over  10,000 public housing units boarded up. We have a very large Amory in the Mission District rented out to the Porno Industry - while former Mayor Gavin Newsom was Mayor - which at one time for years - provide solace and warmth to the indigent who were exposed to the elements.

We have San Francisco Board of Supervisors totally out of touch with reality.

Many of them fighting with their own human demons - while most of the constituents of San Francisco are straight - many of the Representatives are not.

We have one more interested in passing laws dealing with dogs, naked folks, and other mundane issues.

Others pretending to be straight while dealing with their demons - and faking it every single day.

Morals are important - and those that lack spirituality are empty - and those that are empty - really are a liability to society.

We have two SF Supervisors - that do not live in the District they Represent.

A fundamental rule mandates you live in your district and that you serve our constituents as best you can. This two do not and have not.

Such sordid actions pile up and soon anything goes. 

This is happening with the politicians. Congress in the United States has less then nine percent approval rating. What a crying shame.

The bankters who imported GREED all over the world, including EUROPE are not respected.

While the ninety nine suffer and some tried to represent - there is no sane, uniform way to represent and protest. 

White Crime is committed in any organized way, quietly, it is sordid but its affects terrorize and hurt millions. And some how people are orkay with White Crime. Why?

Our world wants everything done orderly. Soon, there will be an orderly "farting contests" that most idiots will approve.

In the mean time the banksters, other crooks are siphoning billions of dollars - making trillion of dollars in hedge funds and other such ploys and machinations - from a distance it looks like a circus of clowns having a gala time.

All over the world young people have to bear the burden of so called adults who have made a fool of themselves and foster materialism, greed, lying, cheating, and have made other sordid actions their religion. 

The world's largest financial institutions are corrupt - on more than one level. There is not doubt about it.

Here is America the U.S. Treasury is a joke, the clown is the U.S. Federal Bank a private bank mistaken as a Federal entity. Few know the history of the Federal Reserve Bank and how it was taken over during the Christmas holiday - but a group of folks likened to the Mafia in 1930.

One percent of the rich in America control over ninety percent of the equity. What does that tell you?

The people united will never be defeated.

The various protests all over the world - cannot be projected as well organized and without turmoil. Something will give - and that something will give - soon.

When Jesus came he went into the temple and saw folks selling and bartering and making the temple like a den of thieves. He got angry and toppled the tables - time to topple the entities that are abusing their power.

It is the same all over the world where the banksters rake in the millions - they are the "thieves" and soon the people will take care of them.

I cannot spell it out - but all I can say - is that history will repeat itself.

After all it is the same people, a certain segment of the population that puts money before all other higher, decent, values.