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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Believe me there are decent people on this Earth and there are those that are just into themselves.

Advocacy work is not easy - and often times just a handful of human beings - will make things difficult - for those that want to do good.

In recent months we have had protests to protect our children, defend our elders, inform the world about the GREEDY.

In this equation of hardship the burden has fallen on our women who have to take care of our children. Our children we must protect and give them the best. We cannot say we are warriors for justice, peace, and progress when we fail our women. More our women - who are on the front line as great mentors and leaders.

When anyone  takes on the Corporations you are taking on the system. Today the Judicial System is hand in glove with the Corporations.

The Judicial System has declared that the Corporations are persons! 

This one direct convoluted fact gives the Corporations leeway to do as they please on many  levels.

Used to be; that campaign money was capped and that permitted an equal footing ground for those that wanted to stand for office.

No more.

The Supreme Court in a convoluted manner has permitted Unions, large Corporations, Political Action Committees to give as much as they can - in the millions.

You do not see such blatant disregard in other developed Nations, when it comes to elections and campaign financing.

Here in America - you see it. It is in your face.

Recently; I read a statement from a woman - who has been on the front line - fighting the good fight. 

This woman has three children - and yet takes the time to fight for issues that are right. Most of the hard working, sincere advocates know her and what is more - respect her. I want to encourage her and will send her a personal - message.

Some men cannot stand her and the reason is simple they first cannot compete with her.

Second they are not as wise as she is.

Thirdly they do not have the patience.

Fourthly, they think they have the balls - but they are mistaken.

I could give you more reasons but these came to me quickly.

Women have always played a leading role in all of our battles - at home, in the home, outside the home, on the local level, the national level, and the international level.

We must remember for a long, long time - women were shut out. Much as minorities were shut out. Our struggle has been difficult but one where when we have worked together we have made progress.

The Civil Rights Movement points to this great factor and brought about sound progress on many areas.

The right to VOTE, upward mobility, education, homes, health, transportation and other critical areas that most of us know we won - but, over years have forgotten to reflect upon.

The doors was opened in the 50s and 60s for women to compete with men.

Today, even as we make rapid strides with our technology, education, information, political clout, and others factors that matter - many men still think that the smart, hard working women - have to play second fiddle.

I have always found it the best working with women.

The women I find and work with create less arguments and bring about consensus.

I often find listening to men for hours - beating around the bush. Then I ask them do you have a solution and they have none.

Mostly, when I provide a solution and offer them several paths to follow there is silence from the men.

The women will always say something positive - and in working with the plan - almost every time the women will work hard and deliver.

The recent protest to fight the Greedy Corporation has not been easy.

When the women have something to offer - some men will make it difficult for the women to bring about sound results without hurdles. 

I want to congratulate the many  women who protested and took us to a better place.

Some men may have deterred you a bit - but, there are many women and men who agree with you all and admire your fortitude, tenacity, compassion and good will. Time will tell.

Believe me; there are decent people on this Earth and there are those that argue for the sake of arguing, and create hurdles for the sake of creating hurdles.

When it is all said and done - most of us human beings - admire and remember those who in there silence and sacrifice delivered. Each and every time.

Many of us remember our Mothers and it is rarely that you hear a man - disown his Mother or speak ill of her.

Our women are mothers that have paid a heavy price and continue to pay a heavy price in today's very harsh - world.

Just imagine one in three children go to bed hungry.

Who do you think feel the pain more the men or the women - when they see the children suffering?

What if we include in this equation the single mothers who bear the load - while many men are incarcerated.

The men had the babies but they were not cautious when it came to their actions.

I having been observing the facts, studying the empirical data, and fighting the good fight - side by side with children, women and men.

Let us unite and make it better for our strong women to handle what they can handle best and take us all to a better place.