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Thursday, December 8, 2011

There is NO sound representation at City Hall - we have dubious entities, doing a disservice to the people of San Francisco.

The City and County of San Francisco once did good by the people, following the dictates of Saint Francis Assisi, the compassionate Saint; San Franciscans were proud to stand tall and speak out.

What was more - by far we had sound Representation - in recent years - that has faded - and in its place we have rampant - corruption.

On an average the San Franciscan is well educated, more educated on issues, well versed and astute when it comes to comprehending fiscal matters, issues regarding planning and governing. Always bring new ideas to the table to better Quality of Life - issues.

The politics and the leadership of San Francisco stinks to high heaven - in recent years - more with folks like Carmen Chu from District 4 and Malia Cohen from District 10.

More so with the SF Board of Supervisors - there is NO sound representation at SF City Hall.

We have dubious entities pandering to Big Developers and Consultants and Supervisors Carmen Chu and Malia Cohen come to mind - and stand out as glaring examples.

These vermin should step down for many reasons - but the main one being they are not sincere, dishonesty to the core, do not represent the people; and are very selfish.

Malia Cohen must resign she does not even live in her district - that is District 10.

This nonsense has been going on for the longest time ever.

The City Attorney know this, the Director of Elections knows this, the Mayor of San Francisco knows this, the constituents of District 10 know this - but no one wants to speak to the TRUTH.

Malia Cohen benefited from the Choice Rank Voting - that got rid of better candidates such as Tony Kelly and brought in the rubbish.

 I have mentioned many times - San Franciscans are well educated and well mannered - so politicians the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Diane Fienstein, others dubious in nature like Willie L. Brown Jr. all try to take advantage of our patience but cannot.

In these dire economic times - the patience of the constituents of San Francisco has been exhausted. It has reached saturation point. These scum bags that do not do their work, do not represent - must go.

Carmen Chu's District 4 is rampant with prostitution.

Get any Chinese newspaper and for $40 you can get a quickie. Consult Carmen Chu and she will tell you what else is available on that aerobics menu.

Watch her at City Hall talk the mean talk, and hit that gavel with some fake authority.

She is the Chair of the Budget and Finance committee and does not have the best interests of all San Franciscans.

Malia Cohen has jumped recently from the frying pan to the fire. With a Masters in Public Administration, and touting here and there that she is educated - Malia Cohen is the dumbest person ever to enter City Hall and try to represent.

She bought a condominium at Executive Park for over $500,000 plus, with no money down - only to lose her condominium - in a fore-closure.

What is poignant about this sordid episode - is she worked at that time for the Federal Reserve Bank in Marketing, in San Francisco. A factor that reveals in detail to those that know something about education; how mundane and shallow was her understanding of a loan, real estate, her fiduciary experience - reveals more, how dumb she is to this very day.

Months have passed and she has done nothing - I repeat nothing for District 10.

She still hangs around at some events with the past District 10 Supervisor,  Sophie Maxwell - who also did nothing much for District 10.

It the interim all sorts of thugs, Big Greedy Developers, have their eyes set to ruin District 10.

Every Quality of Life issue - be it health, education, safety, homes and an increase in fore-closures, lack of transportation and more - have impacted District 10.

All we see - is this grinning jackass from District 10 - and at the last meeting I saw her - with some dark red lipstick - a picture from hell and sordid to the core.

Representation is not for the devil - and fake ass politicians that have never, ever told the truth. Lack accountability and more transparency.