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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The great divide in San Francisco - the filthy rich and the very, very poor.

There is a great divide in San Francisco - the filthy rich who have NO compassion, who are the suckers of society and the very, very poor - who are left to defend themselves and face the wrath of the filthy rich.

Gavin Newsom and before him Willie L. Brown Jr., started a campaign against poor people.

While some fake program were initiated with much fun fare - pretending to help poor people - a systematic approach was taken to harm the poor - as part of what is well known as - "gentrification".

Gentrification is not something unknown to San Franciscans.

The people living in Fillmore also known as the Western Addition know this.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency spear headed this blatant racism and it continues until today.

The parts of the City where there abounds Public Housing - are targeted for - gentrification.

With ploys like "gang injunction", targeting mostly poor youth who have no education - hundreds of youth - mostly Black, Latino, and Samoan - have been sent to jail.

Their future in peril these youth turn into adults - with scars that cannot be healed.

In the last ten years hundreds of girls too - mostly Black, Samoan, and Latino have been sent to jail.

Fewer Whites both both men and women are sent to jail for similar crimes or targeted as are minorities - if charged for crimes  the Whites are given lighter sentences.

The Judicial System is corrupt and you find that out only when you attend the adjudication process.

When some of the judges see me in the court - some one approaches me to ask me  - what I am doing.

Mostly, I tell them I am observing because I want to report on the process. Immediately, this information some how makes it to the Judge - and the entire process takes another form.

I cannot do this always - spending hours sitting on my ass - listening to cases before the many kinds of courts and justices.

I find it interesting - how one person can make a difference - and I know well - that if you can report and report well - you can change any course of action that is going hay wire.

The City and County of San Francisco does not have a system that works - where youth are given the responsibility and made to love San Francisco - as a City that knows how.

In recent years resources, program, opportunities are slim and scarce - the youth are left to the wind - and when the find themselves in trouble - the heavy hand of  justice - send our youth to be incarcerated.

The Three Strikes Law is used frequently - and we know this - but few of us care to do something about it - where it truly matters.

We have filled our jail with folks that should not be there for the many minor crimes - and now that we have a situation - where the jails are too full - the corrupt system - wants to release folks without much rehabilitation and put the burden on the local - jurisdiction that are ill equipped. 

The cliches are many about how wonderful San Francisco is - however, the current San Francisco Unified School District is a mess.

A good starting point to do some serious investigative reporting and send many of those in charge to jail - for a long, long time.

Those on the SF Board of Education - lack leadership and more than that the lack plain common sense.

The love to talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

The many youth mostly truants are growing in number in San Francisco - some 10,000 plus.

With that families who are poor, who have been evicted from the homes, from rental units be it private or from Public Housing.

Those so poor that they cannot afford to buy food and so they "crash" anywhere they can, sleep under bridges, in the Parks, anywhere and get NO valuable help, less compassion, and mostly no consideration.

Recently, others and I reported on the homeless - the City of San Francisco, for the longest time ever - pretended they were not there - just plain invisible.

Such an attitude stems from ignorance, arrogance, and plain lack of understanding and compassion. Our Social Department, the SF Housing Authority, those who pretend they know about our Neighborhoods, the Recreation and Park, other so called Community Based Organizations - have NOT stepped up and in not doing so - F A I L E D .

Our colleges and Universities have failed to study the many Sociological and Psychological issues that have bombarded contemporary society - more here in San Francisco with its diversity, poverty, lack of opportunities leading to crime and survival and so on.

In past years San Francisco has witnessed the immigration of the Irish, the Black, the Latinos from Central and South America, the Asian before and after Vietnam, and in some measure - the conditions and the situations were addressed.

Not so today.

For the longest time ever - our great City stood the test of time - and it did that because of - compassion.

The recent - past Mayors have failed San Francisco - pretending to rule San Francisco as some fiefdom - comparable to the days of feudalism.

We talk about the ONE percent the filthy rich and the NINETY NINE who are the majority and survive - pay check to pay check.

The great divide stems from those who can vote - but have failed to vote - and in failing to participate in the political process and in the daily operations of government - given some sense of security to the corrupt politician and to those that make drab policy - decisions.

When we the people who have the power - have failed to step up and monitor the sordid politicians, others who are heads of Departments - corruption takes root and once corruption sprouts - it is next to impossible to stem it out.

Not unless - lime cancer - the entire operations is wiped out - cleaned up and the contamination - eradicated. 

Today, we know we have the Judicial Branch of government - our government is so corrupt that the Legislative Branch of the government has bought the Judicial Branch and in many places the Executive Branch as well.

When the distinction between these different Branches fail - the TREE of fair play and justice - fails. And when justice fails - there is pandemonium. That is what we are seeing in San Francisco.

Never ever in San Francisco did we see families - sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

Never ever in San Francisco did we hear that the Food Banks do not have sufficient food to go around.

Never ever in San Francisco did we witness the nonchalant attitude towards our infants and children. Why?

Mostly the politicians are steeped in GREED - they think they are PROTECTED - but, the time has come to take them to task and remove them from office.

Even after a couple of months on being elected - if they do not represent.

Are inept, shallow, spineless, lie, steal, and are immoral.

The people united can never be divided.

In unity is strength but what is most important  - we the people must be educated on issues.

I often say we must fine tune our moral compass - it makes a great difference.

Armed with standards and sound education - one can stand ones ground - and defeat those that favor ploys and machinations.

We once had a Middle Class - it is fast eroding - and we can take back the territory - only if we do - RIGHT and shun GREED.