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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big Developers fleece San Franciscans while politicians fill their campaign coffers.

Big developers in San Francisco mostly outsiders fleece San Franciscans while politicians fill their campaign coffers - and adverse impact Quality of Life issues.

We have billions of dollars of big development going on in San Francisco - with little benefit going to local San Franciscans.

There is much talk about jobs - but no career jobs - they hire you - keep you for a few weeks - and sending you packing away. This nonsense cannot and will not go on forever. Some one must pay.

Corrupt politicians working with nefarious entities to make huge amounts of money, with dubious change orders on the current projects, little transparency and no real accountability.

One has just to witness the deliberations at the Joint Transbay Power meetings. What a farce!

The Tranbay Project is a $4 billion project where work has been carved out to very corrupt project developers - who have paid huge sums of money to consultants - all linked to the movers and shakers who rake in millions.

All of the current prime contractors pay a huge sum to the consultants - who then prep the way for the prime contractors to get their choice jobs. Sub contractors then have to pay to get their share of the jobs - and the corruption gets even - deeper.

If any investigative reporter delves into the base line projections, the many change orders - the sordid story emitting from the investigations is horrendous. 

This cover up cannot go forever - it will blow in the face of the Joint Transbay Project Directors - very soon.

The $4 billion dollar conceptual project is so large that in the present economic times - it begs the question - where is the money truly coming from?

This huge project is meant to cater to the all modes of transportation. While people talk about the future and making transportation connection easier - what is transpiring before our eyes is a picture of confusion - bordering on pandemonium.

There is NO money in real terms for the high speed rail. In its entirety the entire "high speed rail" will cost billions - as much as $20 billion. Where is the money going to come from?

So you build this state of art building and spend $4 billion more when all come to fruition - as you will see.

At the end there will be no "high speed rail" to tout that this Grand Central Station of the West - caters to something plausible? Who is fooling whom?

A large park on the second level of this state of art complex - begs the question - does it really meet the requirements of the best use of Open Space?

Big businesses have left San Francisco because business per se get no incentives. Small and big business get a lot of static, pay all sorts of taxes, and get little if nothing in return.

Sleek personalities all hand picked - keep the information about the Transbay Project  tightly to themselves.

It is next to impossible to contact the key figures to get any real time - information. Drab, shallow, misinformation is posted on the web and real conversation on the telephone - or one to one - is kept to the minimum.

We must now resort to the Freedom of Information Act and other tools to get the true information - and that will take place in due course.

The present information points to a can of worms - we are waiting for the right time to make the right move.

All telephone calls go to a consulting company - the receptionist is quick to tell you - to leave your name and number and no one calls you back.

We have seen such jackasses before - back Big Developers like Lennar - who is now dead. The same bodes for this project that is all about filling the pockets of the corrupt at the expense of the tax payers - local, State and Federal.

Former employees who worked for the City and County of San Francisco - left SF City jobs -to work for the Transbay Project. All of them do the bidding of very corrupt people - the likes of Willie L. Brown Jr., and others who have a track record of corruption.

You see them all at the few opening ceremonies - the Union behind them - the corrupt cutting ribbons, all decked out with hard hats and spades - hurting the Earth and doing injustice to the First People.

WEBCOR a major developers - is playing an important part filling the campaign coffers of corrupt politicians - Webcor is a "Prime Contractor" - working on the SF Public Utilities Commission building, the SF General Hospital Seismic project, the Transbay Project, several other project at Mission Bay and all over the City and County of San Francisco.

Who really is behind WEBCOR and why is WEBCOR every where?

Any other prime that has connections with WEBCOR is dubious in nature - the simple fact being that WEBCOR has not paid truckers, has not done right by the workers - and has NOT followed the Local Hire Ordinance - as it ought to considering the many projects it has and the millions it will rake in.

In the next ten years over $12 billion of projects will flow through San Francisco - with little impact as far as good jobs are concerned going to San Franciscans.

No one ever attends the meetings held on the second Tuesday of the month linked to the Joint Transbay Powers and the $4 billion project that is the Transbay. Why?

At the last meeting an over 300% change order was made - with one Director asking some moot question and the others going with the flow.

The corruption at the Board of Directors of the Joint Transbay Project stinks to high heaven.

No one can FOOL all the people all the time.

At the next Joint Tranbay Project meeting - you will see - some focused Public Comment.

It is simply amazing how millions of dollars have gone into the pocket of corrupt - consultant who then funnel it to very, very, very corrupt politicians.

The politicians in San Francisco now have the Judicial System in their pockets.

Much the same how the Zionist control the Judicial System in Washington DC. Some of the key Zionists make their abode in San Francisco. If I know them you know them.

This land all of it belongs to the Ohlone and was stolen. I am talking about San Francisco and the Bay Area.

There were no Whites here 300 years ago for sure.

Some strangers came and stole the land - all of it. 

They killed, raped, destroyed and took what they wanted.

No mention is made anywhere in all the deliberations - linked to the $4 billion project - linked to the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco.

This monster concrete jungle is another addition to the ever increasing Carbon Foot Print that the pale faces talk about, say they want to do something about - but in their ignorance an arrogance contribute to the detriment of the environment.

Big developers also know as Prime Contractors - fleece hard working, tax paying San Franciscans while corrupt consultants and corrupt politicians fill their campaign coffers - to adversely impact hard working, tax paying, innocent San Franciscans.

Sadly the Union and Labor Council in San Francisco who signed " fast tracked " - Project Labor Agreement (PLA) with the Joint Transbay Project entity - failed to take a holistic view - and prompted by corrupt politicians - fast tracked and sold out the community at large in the Bay Area.

Where is the leadership?

Watch the Joint Transbay Project meetings - it is a farce!