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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Women's Suffrage and the fight to vote and for dignity.

It has been 100 years plus now that Women have been fighting for their dignity to vote, to own property, to be treated with respect. Fighting for the rights that men have - for equality and to be treated humanely. 

Along this journey that few want to read about, less educated themselves about - too many atrocities have been committed.

More women who belong to the colored race suffered and continue to suffer blatant - discrimination, today.

A short history of some key event 100 years plus ago:

Today, the Native American whose land we all live in - are kept on Reservations.

Her and His trust money stolen, and her and his land polluted by strip mining and other such blatant discrimination.

No Nation on Earth has been rude, sordid, evil towards any other indigenous people than here in the United States of America.

Known, to the better educated as the First People, the indigenous people of this land - Turtle Island.

For thousands of year the Six Nations the indigenous people of Turtle Island - practiced "democracy" - this surprised the Founding Fathers that wrote the United States constitution.

The Founding Fathers of America met the Iroquois and other Tribes and were stunned by their manners, learning much from them and incorporating deep values into our present Constitution.

Few know about that - and those that know pretend that whatever comes from the Whites - some how is better.

Women from the Six Nations controlled most everything.

The decision made in the Long Cabin  - where treaties were made and the voice of the women reigned - supreme.

However, when the Founding Fathers incorporated their language into the Constitution of the United States - women had no rights to vote and slaves, who were many then - were not considered human.

Today, after a long struggle women can vote, and Black women and men too.

Many Blacks are now in Congress and in the Senate. Women have run for the office of President and it is time a women becomes President of the United States of America. 

Native Americans are now in Congress and in the Senate and all that is good.

However, no Native American must live on any Reservation in conditions that are not humane. This nonsense must stop and President Barack Hussein Obama can mandate an Executive Order and should have a long time ago to improve the conditions on all Reservations.

All the tribes that live in the United States must be Federally Recognized. This is their land and they do not need to prove that they were first here.

They really do not have to prove who stole their land.

As long as this is not done - our Nation will suffer. That is how it is spoken by the Great Spirit that knows what is right and what is not. Aho.

With voting rights must come justice. Not just his way of doing things.

This present ninety nine are suffering.

The filthy rich one percent - deem it fit - to waste, cheat, lie, steal, bluff, and do as they please.

Their white collar crimes are plenty - and in proportion few of these vermin - who have committed the white collar crimes - have not been taken to task and must be sent to jail for long periods of time.

Women's Suffrage the right to vote has come a long way.

Today women are just making it - after having broken the class ceiling, the other barriers - there is no equity when it comes to women - not even when they work harder than men.

For equal type of work - women today in many field get less pay. This nonsense must stop.

This is the truth and if it is truth - the end result is that truth will prevail.

Kudos to all women who vote and take their vote seriously.

We need good women politicians - not corrupt ones - the corrupt ones undo what the best women politicians fought for. I know many of them personally and they know me.

Unfortunately, I know some corrupt politicians in San Francisco and will not name them - at this time and place.

There will be celebrations and exhibits all over California about the suffrage movement.

California played a important role - in winning women the right to vote and all Californians must be proud of this fact.

Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and more - all played an important role.

The women in order to show their power once aligned themselves with the Prohibition Party - and marched on the streets of San Francisco and Oakland and were treated with disrespect by the Law Enforcement and others.

Much like the SFOccupy and OaklandOccupy movements. History repeats itself.

Kudos, to those women who led the way to make our Universe a better place.

100 years plus - all women can now vote and exercise their right to all the benefits that men have.

In some cases women still have to fight - but the important fact to note - is that they have the right.

And most men must remember - that. Women have the right to fight for their rights.